Dadonequus Discord Part 263

Oct 20th, 2016
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  1. >You both walk through the entrance hall to the cutie mark room.
  2. >as you both do, another thing crosses your mind.
  3. >Big Mac and Spike. Those get togethers Twilight mentioned. Does that happen in the show? You remember hoofball. Maybe that's it, they just play some sports or some shit or just go and watch it. Odd though, such an odd pairing.
  4. >Starlight gulps as she approaches the next set of doors "Are you sure this is a good idea?"
  5. >No
  6. "Yes, Twilight already knows. So, this will be pretty easy."
  7. >"Ok Anon..." Starlight looks forward, mustering as much courage as she could "I trust you"
  8. >Atleast someone that isn't a villain does...
  9. >You both push open the sets of doors. Only to see Spike, he was looking through some sort of book. You also noticed that the arcade machine now had a purple barrier around it. Probably to prevent Spike from overdoing it
  10. >He doesn't even notice the two of you come in.
  11. >Starlight looks at him while she whispers to you "That's Twilight's assistant right?"
  12. >You whisper
  13. "Yeah, wanna say hi?"
  14. >"I..Don't know. I just want to get this over with." Starlight was pretty nervous
  15. "It could be a good warm up. By now, Twilight probably has mentioned you aren't such a bad pony. Just consider it practice."
  16. >Starlight's breathing slowly began to become harder "I well...he's a baby dragon right? Babys are usually good natured. I-I guess I could. But do you think it'll really help?"
  17. "Trust me, if you can handle Spike. Then the rest with Twilight will be a cakewalk"
  18. >"...ok...but you go say hi first. And I'll just follow your lead. I don't want to screw up."
  19. >...wut?
  20. "Screw up? All you have to say is "Hi" "
  21. >"Anon, that's a pretty big order to fill. You can't just go up to somepony and say hi. Thats where everything goes wrong."
  22. >You almost laughed at that
  23. "Are you serious?"
  24. >"Yes. There's so much that goes into it that it's just. And. erm. stuff. and. tons of things."
  25. >Was that even a sentence?
  27. "Come on Starlight, I'll be right here. Tell you what. If it goes sour. I'll calm him down and we'll go see my Aunt Fluttershy instead. She is super understanding and nice. And since I'm her nephew, it'll go super smooth. Like butter."
  28. >"Fluttershy..." Starlight sighs hearing that name and looks down "I remember her. She tricked me pretty good. She seemed so genuinely interested in my cause. Er...not that was a good cause or anything. Eheh"
  29. >You give Starlight a gentle pat on the side
  30. "She sorta was, just not to that extreme. I think she kinda liked you. Either way, My aunt won't have a spat if I am with you. It'll go smoothly."
  31. >Starlight stops for a moment to think. Fluttershy did seem soft and understanding. She even thought about sabotaging this to go see her first. But then she thought that sabotage might ruin her chances with the princess of friendship herself. "O-ok fine, I'll give it a shot"
  32. >yes! PROGRESS.
  33. >Progress
  34. >Progress?
  35. >She was just standing there...
  36. "Starlight? Aren't you going to go over and talk to him?"
  37. >"What? No, I thought you were going to say hi first to warm him up for me"
  38. >Dammit...
  39. "Starlight, come on. He's cool. Just, go and say hi. Let the friendship flow through you"
  40. >"..that sounds kinda lame"
  41. >....dammit
  42. >But then Spike looks up finally at the both of you. "Anon? Hi and...wait...who is she?" Spike points at her. "Is that Starlight Glimmer?"
  44. >Starlight just froze. Oh geez, you couldn't quite nail what was wrong with her. But maybe she was still working on any negativity she still had to brave things out from before. Because now, she's wimpier than ever before. Those nightmares, you should have asked exactly what they were. Maybe you could have figured out what they meant.
  45. >too late now, ANON! TO ACTION!
  46. "Yep!"
  47. >You step forward, forcing a smile
  48. "Heya Spike, you wanna meet her? She's fun on a bun and all kinds of nice"
  49. >holy fuck, that was terrible. Why did you say that?!
  50. >Starlight was grinning big, nervously, she was stunned. Trying to play off your words.
  51. >Spike just found it weird. But, he had special instructions from Twilight to be as courteous as possible when you both arrived. "Cool!" Spike put down the book he was looking through and walked up to Starlight and held out his claws "Nice to meet you Starlight, I'm Spike. Twilight's faithful and number one assistant."
  52. >Starlight gulped, and stepped back still smiling.
  53. >" something wrong?" Spike was really confused now
  54. "No, just..."
  55. >You look to Starlight, then move to her backside to stop her from stepping back. Putting your face right under her butt. Huh...this was kinda lewd.
  56. "Starlight! come on! it's super easy, and don't say you screwed up yet. Because you haven't. Just say hi"
  57. >But Starlight remained stunned. How could she have trouble with this?! It's just fucking Spike. He's literal baby tier.
  58. >"Uhm..well" Spike pulls away his claw and instead does some flexing "If you're stunned that you're standing in front of the hero of the Crystal Empire. Then I guess that's ok too. But there's no reason to be scared. I ain't gonna bite you. I just wanna be friends. So come on" He extends his claw again "what do ya say? Can't start a friendship without a hi"
  60. >Starlight, unable to move back due to your pushing. But strong enough to keep from moving forward. Looks down at Spike's claws. First she winces, then she closes her eyes, turns away, and brings her hoof close. Spike gently grabs it and gives it a shake. "See? That wasn't so hard, huh?" Spike couldn't believe this was the same Starlight Glimmer that beat Twilight. She seemed so helpless and meek.
  61. >You stop and look over. Smiling as you see that she finally made first contact.
  62. >Starlight opens her eyes slowly, and looks down at the fact she was shaking hooves with Spike. "Am I really doing it? Are...are we friends now?"
  63. >"Uhhhh...sure?" Spike would take it. He was asked too. And he felt bad that she seemed so scared of him "Ok, why not. You're Starlight and I'm Spike. Now with the hellos out of the way...erm..So.." Spike nervously rubs the back of his head "What's up with the both of you? Besides the whole apology thing you got going"
  64. >You answer first. Both curious in that book and to lead on for Starlight.
  65. "Not much, just helping my good friend Starlight out. Ehehehe...erm. So uh, what's with the book Spike? I would have thought you'd be with Twilight right now"
  66. >"Oh that? It's a book on dogs" Spike says nonchalantly "Was trying to find a picture of this specific one"
  67. > book?...DOG BOOK?! DOOOOG BOOOOOOK!??!?!
  68. "......uh-hhh...Why are you looking at a dog book...exactly?"
  69. >"Oh, Twilight is kinda skeptical about it. But I swear I saw a small dog, or maybe it was a puppy...well, whatever it was. I saw it looking through Twilight's mail. I know I did. I couldn't get a good look at it, but I thought if I could find a picture of it that maybe I could see if it was smart enough to read. Because Anon, it was weird, I swear he was reading through her mail. If there was a dog that can do that, I wanted to find out what kind of dog it is and why it can read. It seemed all kinds of suspicious."
  70. >Your pupils shrink from the pure fright of it all.
  72. >That wasn't no fucking dog
  73. >...that was the goddamn fucking Captain. What the hell did he want?! What was he doing?!
  74. >You ignore the situation completely as you pull your map out of your saddlebag.
  75. >Meanwhile, Starlight was slowly starting to ease up. But that's because that tidbit of information confounded her to curiosity "A dog that can read? Well, that's probably why you haven't been able to find it in that book. Dogs don't read."
  76. >"That's what Twilight said, but then how do you explain what I saw?" Spike was desperate for answers. He must have been trying to find one for awhile. "He had the letters in his paws,and was reading them. I swear that he was. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. But I swear that he did!"
  77. >You didn't even notice Starlight suddenly getting over her anxiety due to the curiousness of a reading dog. "Would you mind if I saw the letters? I have a few spells in mind that could help us find out what you may have actually saw"
  78. >"Oh, their in the library with Twilight. You're supposed to meet her anyway right? Why don't you both follow me?" Spike suggests, but the moment he does. Starlight's ears droop as she gets nervous again. Rerealizing why she even came.
  79. >"...oh ummm. Yeah, erm. I don't think I have the time. Besides, erm. Twilight is probably super busy if she's in the library. Right?"
  80. >Spike was now confused. He thought she got over her anxiety just them. what happened? "Y'know she's been waiting for you, right? Are you scared or something? Because I'm gonna tell you, it's perfectly ok. Twilight is chill about the whole thing. What, are you afraid she's mad at you or something?"
  81. >"N-no. B-but..." Starlight thinks of a plan to delay the inevitable "But could you ask her to come down here? It feels informal to talk to the Princess of Friendship in the library. Yup, rather just speak to her on these chairs."
  82. >"I mean..I guess" Spike shrugs "I guess I'll bring the letters while I'm at it. Speaking of...Anon, what are you looking at?"
  84. >You almost couldn't focus your eyes at what you were seeing. The map...
  85. >You could see Chrysalis coming out of Rarity's. And the captain? That "Scrappy"? He wasn't in the clubhouse. He was in Applebloom's actual house! What the fuck was going on here?! Did this little shit run back to her after getting caught?...that bastard!
  86. >Starlight looks over at the map. and finds it all very interesting. She's never seen a map like that. Other than the cutie map. "Anon, what are you looking at? What are those dots?"
  87. >You close the map immediately the moment she spoke. and crammed it back in your bag.
  88. "Nothing...just...nothing. What were we talking about?"
  89. >"Ummm, I'm gonna go to the library and get Twilight. You ok Anon? You look pretty pale dude" Spike notes your fright.
  90. >You couldn't figure it out. What were they fucking doing? What was the scheme?! WE JUST GOT BACK FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION DAMMIT! WHAT IS THIS SHIT?!
  91. >"A-anon..a-are you ok?" Starlight was getting worried, she felt everything was falling apart.
  92. "Huh?"
  93. >You snap out of your thoughts. Trying to put a smile back on your face. Goddammit...what was going on?
  94. "I'm fine"
  95. >You let out a fake chuckle
  96. "Just a little tired, you know it's kinda early. Right?"
  97. >"Ohhh right" Spike laughs "You're usually sleeping at this time right? Oh boy, Starlight. You should see it for yourself sometime. He just sleeps the whole day away. I've gotten tempted on draw on his face a couple of times"
  98. >.....
  99. "Uhhh, you know I'm standing right here right?"
  100. >"I know, but come on. Were both guys, are you saying you can't handle a little joke? It's a joke Anon, you're supposed to laugh."
  101. >But you didn't laugh.
  102. >Spike stops laughing, and frowns as he stares at your cutie mark. Then your face. "Sheesh, I guess that cutie mark doesn't really mean anything about taking a joke, huh?"
  103. >You sigh, and rub your hoof on your forehead.
  104. "...Can you just go get Twilight please?"
  106. >"Yeah...erm..It was nice meeting you Starlight. I'll bring the letters down for when you all are done. Twilight tried her stuff and nothing turned up. But if you got something, I'd love for you to try...alright. Just give me a minute"
  107. >Spike waves goodbye as Starlight smiles nervously, waving back.
  108. >Starlight then turns to you. She was wondering what the fuck went up with you. She thought you'd have a way to make things easier. Even though it was pretty easy so far.
  109. >"Anon, what happened?! You totally just blanked out on me!"
  110. "I...just had a moment. Sorry, but..hey!"
  111. >at the parts you were paying attention. Things seem to have gone ok.
  112. "You got along with Spike pretty well, see? It's not that bad."
  113. >Starlight started to breath harder and faster at the impending doom she thought she'd be in. "That's because he was dealing with something interesting."
  114. >Yeah, no fucking shit it was interesting. but..
  115. "But he likes you, right? See? You got a handle on this already. Just do with Twilight that you did with him and your golden"
  116. >"....Really?...." Starlight started to ponder on it "Is it really that easy? He did seem to not have any kind of problem with me. He even wants my help figuring out that dog thing. Which...hey" Starlight realizes you started acting weird when that was mentioned "I noticed you zoned out when he mentioned that. Why? Do you know something he didn't? Do you know what happened?"
  118. "N-no, I don't. It's just.."
  119. >You fake a yawn
  120. "I really am kinda tired..and hehe"
  121. >You slap your face a little
  122. "a little slap on the face and I'm ready to go again. Come on, don't turn the subject on me. You're the star here. You already made a new friend and we still got six to go. I knew you could do it!"
  124. >"..Yeah, you know what? You're right." Starlight began to stand proud. Considering Spike mentioned it. Perhaps your zone out really was related to being tired "I totally got this! This is soooo easy. I didn't even need to try to make the baby dragon my new friend. Twilight is going to be a cinch"
  125. >"Hello?" Twilight says as she comes through another of the double doors. "Starlight? Anon? How are you both doing?" She spots the both of you as Spike follows from behind.
  126. >Starlight tensed up completely, her face freezing on that confidence as her eyes shift left and right and she begins to sweat "O-oh no...I think I broke something"
  127. >But you lost your focus again. You were trying to figure out what he was doing. What was he after? And did he find it? And why was he in Applebloom's house? Applejack and the others were sure to fucking notice a goddamn puppy. You had to get over there...perhaps Applejack would be the first visit. If anything, Maybe Chrysalis was just doing something sleepover related.
  128. >"A-A-Anon?" Starlight gulps
  129. >You snap to attention this time and notice Twilight and Spike coming in.
  130. "O-oh..erm. Starlight, just relax ok. Remember, this is Twilight. You handled her before remember? Like twice. Just take that, and turn it into a positive thing. You wanted to apologize to her right? To make the nightmares go away? Now is your chance."
  131. >"Starlight, hello!" Twilight approaches "I'd like to thank you for coming, I hope you didn't have any trouble on your trip here. I'm sure Anon has made things much more comfortable for you. Well, let me help with that by saying that you're visit is appreciated and I for one would like to get started on our new friendship. Apologizing is one thing, especially since I forgive you already, but I'd really love to be friends with you." Twilight was laying it on thick. Did she really completely trust her? You couldn't tell, but she sure sounded like it.
  133. >"oh? Erm..You forgive me? Great!" Starlight grins nervously and quickly turns "C'mon anon! Next pony! let's go! Great to be friends Twilight, hahaha"
  134. >Starlight starts to hover you away with her using her magic. "C'mon Anon, we got to see the next pony!"
  135. >"W-wait!" Twilight held her hoof out, calling to her "Where are you going? We haven't even had a chat yet. Besides, I want to come with you two!"
  136. >Starlight tenses up and stops. Dropping you to the ground. "C-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c"
  137. >She couldn't even finish that sentence.
  138. >"Starlight?..are you ok?...mnn" Twilight was now considering the letter. Were the nightmares and guilt that bad? She seemed better back then. Albeit still hateful. "It's your anxiety isn't it? Look, I'm not here to snap at you or anything. I want to be your friend. I want you to be able to make amends without having to think that it's all a big lie or that we don't mean it. Because I'll tell you right now, after everything I've learned. I think we can look past what happened before and make a real breakthrough! You,me,Anon, and the girls. We can all be friends and help you through your problems if you just give us a chance. What do you say?"
  139. >Twilight holds her hoof out to her.
  140. >Starlight turns and looks to her hoof, then to Twilight's face. Twilight's expression was kind and inviting.
  141. >".....How can you say that after everything I've done to you and your friends?" Starlight didn't understand "How can you say that after the last time we met?"
  142. >"Because of him" Twilight points to you as you rub your head. "There was a time where I thought chaotic and even underhoofed behavior had no place in friendship. But Anon, he snuck behind his friends and took a dangerous chance it befriending you. And now look. You want to make things better for the ponies you hurt AND make amends for what you've done. That's why I already accepted your apology. How could I not? And now, I think we should be friends. So...what do you say? Do you want to be friends?"
  144. >Well, Twilight was handling this rather well. As you regain focus in your eyes. You can see her slowly approaching Starlight to make that connection.
  145. >But waiiiiit
  146. "Hold on! Hooold on! Let's not get forceful here Twilight."
  147. >You look to Starlight, for some reason. You didn't want Twilight to have the last word. Maybe it was just as Discord wanted it. You had to outdo her.
  148. "How do you feel Starlight? Are you comfortable with this? Because, no matter your decision. I'm with you still. But, I would prefer it if you took Twilight's offer."
  149. >"...." Starlight nodded to you then looked to Twilight and shook her hoof, Starlight felt, if that's what you wanted. And if that's what Twilight was offering. Then she should definitely take it. But as they shook, Twilight could feel her uncertainty flow through the friendly hoofshake.
  150. >"Starlight, if you want. We can stay here at the castle for as long as you feel we need to. I know this is very hard for you. But you've already taken the first step, and I'm sure Anon is as proud of you for it as I am."
  151. >Shit, Twilight was better than you thought. Or at least remembered. But couldn't stay here too long either. You had to get to Applejack's. Something was definitely wrong.
  153. >"I' that.." Starlight was already powering down. Her tenseness overcame her enough to tire her out some. So she took a seat upon Rarity's chair. "Besides, Spike. He mentioned there was a dog snooping around some letters and I said I'd help him out with that. It'll give me some time to rest and think things over."
  154. >"Yup! And I got the letters right here" Spike dashed over to Starlight and put the letters on the table in front of her. "So what are you gonna do with them? Some kind of super tracker kind of spell?"
  155. >"Actually, I'm interested in this too. I know I used the proper spells to try to find out what kind of dog Spike may have saw. But it all turned out negative. I know Spike wouldn't lie about something like this, and hearing that it was a dog is unusual. But" Twilight looked at him with a little disappointment "He has been playing that arcade game for obsessive amounts of time. Anon, didn't you say you'd have your father take care of it?"
  156. "Er...yeah. I just haven't gotten around to asking him yet. But don't worry, I can get him to do it tonight for sure."
  157. >More like, you forgot but you'll be sure to memorize it this time.
  158. >"Well.." Starlight's horn began to glow as she looked down at the letters "If we're even going to find out if something DID touch these letters. I'm going to have to broaden my search. Luckily, I was good at weeding out ponies who tried to....err...nevermind. Point is, this spell will show us more than just pawprints or hoofprints. It will show us everything that may have touched these letters by type. So, if pawprints didn't show up. Let's try any kind of prints."
  159. >Her horn shines brighter for a moment. But hoofprints and dragonclawprints show up.
  161. >"Well..that's not helpful" Starlight remarks
  162. "Yeah, it looks like Twilight and Spike already touched em. Nothing seems out of the ordinary"
  163. >Spike was getting anxious now, he was so sure "Can that spell broaden the search even more? I'm telling you, there was really a dog. Honest."
  164. >Starlight took another breath, she wanted to focus on this to get her mind out of the demons haunting her. Though, she could feel a hole in her heart being filled at the same time. Twilight just...became her friend right there. After everything, she just did it. Part of her was wondering if this was a dream. "Let's see, let's try hair and fur. Dogs shed A LOT more than ponies do, and it's a lot easier to spot. But in case their's any hidden hairs..let's just.." Her horn glows harder again for a moment....nothing lights up this time "Zilch"
  165. >"Spike, I'm not really mad at you. Are you really sure you weren't dreaming?" Twilight didn't think he was lying. just fell asleep on the job.
  166. >"Twilight, I fell asleep on the machine. The machine isn't the letters. And I didn't hallucinate them either. I'm not I? Is there anything else you can do Starlight?" Spike was starting to doubt himself.
  167. >"Well, we can just try for fluids. Maybe the dog was.....doing his business?" Starlight cringed "That's actually not something I'd want to point out but." Starlight was feeling pretty bad for Spike, for some reason, he was pretty likable to her. Like a little kid who needed the help of a friend right now. "If you're really that sure. And...well" Starlight sighs and looks towards you "Anon, what can I say that means I care and want to help but I'm also sorry if I can't?"
  168. >...eheheh....
  169. "I think you just said it Starlight. And I think it's appreciated that you're helping"
  171. >"He's right Starlight, I didn't even think to try to broaden the search. Even if it turns out with nothing. I appreciate your help. And I can also say I'm observing very closely, this version of the spell seems more efficient than the way I cast it. I'm taking mental notes now so I can write things down later." Twilight was enamored with this. She knew Starlight had skill in magic thanks to the magic she demonstrated on their first meeting. But to learn she has techniques more efficient than hers? It was a learning experience she couldn't pass up. "This is sooooo interesting! It's one thing to know a spell. It's another to learn how to improve upon it! soooo neat!" Twilight was getting giddy.
  172. >Spike began to grip his claws into fists "I just don't want to learn that I've grown nuts from playing that game too much"
  173. >"Ok then...let's give it a shot" Starlight, now feeling more determined, broadens the search one more time as her horn glows bright. This time, something pops up. There was signs of liquid on the letters. While the letters themselves have dried, the magic showed that something either drooled on them...or jizzed on them..or bled.
  174. >"Aha! Look! Something popped up this time! Told you I wasn't crazy! That's drool right? Yeah, I remember the dog had one of these in his mouth." Spike pointed to the glowing liquid.
  175. >Twilight took a closer look as well "...Woah, I didn't expect this." Twilight was intrigued "Starlight, is this really drool from a dog?"
  176. >"I couldn't say. But what else could it be? The drool itself had dried up though" Starlight's horn stops glowing, making the shining liquid disappear "That was just the residue. But, I'd say Spike was right. There was definitely SOMETHING looking through the letters. And if Spike says he saw it, then I guess it was a dog. The only thing that doesn't make sense is how could a dog sift through letters?"
  179. "What if it was a Diamond Dog? A small one? I mean, those guys can talk right? Maybe they we're looking for something?"
  180. >"heyyy! yeahhh! Anon might be on to something. A regular dog isn't smart enough to do that. It had to be a diamond dog. What do you think Twilight?" Spike asks
  181. >"Hmmm..." Twilight rubs under her muzzle "I don't know why they'd be looking through my letters or even sneaking into my castle. But that's the most sound theory I've heard since this revelation. Good work Anon, after we're done here. I'll investigate this further. And Starlight? Thanks" Twilight sheepishly smiles, feeling foolish that she didn't believe Spike. "I would have never known about this if it wasn't for you."
  182. >"Yeah, thanks Starlight! Ha! You really helped me out here!" Spike jumps up to her and gives her a hug "I almost thought I really lost my mind back there!"
  183. >Starlight tensed up heavily from Spike's hugging, but as he continued, she began to ease up and even tear up a little at the praise. "...Thanks..Spike. I'm glad I was able to help..instead of hurt."
  184. >"ah come on Starlight, don't say it like that. You gotta be cool about it, like me! In fact" Spike stops hugging then holds out his claw "Let's make our friendship super official, that way you can learn how to be cool like your new pal Spike."
  185. >Was he serious?...dammit Spike, she was being super anxious. that was just going to...
  186. >But, least to you, she shakes his claw, and smiles. "You know what Spike? I'd like that...I kinda need to learn quick too. I'm still kinda nervous"
  187. >"Tch, it'll be no sweat. I mean, I'll even come with you all to your next 'soon to be' friend to help you out" Spike offers.
  188. >......What?! But that's what you were for!
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