Scratching her itch (Rainbow Dash)

Jul 18th, 2013
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  1. She's deplorable this pony. You know what she means by itch. She'll get it anywhere she can. You motion to a side room and you both slip inside unnoticed. You barely had time to lock the door. You turn around and she's already has her front hooves on a nearby table. Her tail is wagging like a bitch in heat. "Hurry up Anon, If we're gone too long someone will come looking for us." You yes her concerns away. Reaching her you pull the dress to side and see she's winking already."No foreplay Anon just scratch my itch." She pants looking back. Shaking your head you pull down your zipper. After a few good stroke your cock is fully erect. You hilt in one move and she bite her lip to suppress the very loud moan erupting from her throat. The walls in this place are remarkable thin so you place a hand over her mouth as you pound her moist marehood. She takes to licking the fingers covering her mouth which really turns you on. So you give her a extra treat. You take your free hand and push two fingers into her black cherry. She goes wild. Her muscles are contracting around your cock and fingers as her body shakes in delight. She push her hips back into each stroke of yours teying to get as much of you into her ass possible. Your about to cum so you pick up the pace. Your hand slips face her moan and aggressively cups her chin. "Dont get it on my dress" She moans; nearing her own finish. Good Point. with a final thrust you empty your sack into her, making her seize up like she was shot with a lighting bolt. You hunch over her feeling her orgasm rock her own body. "We should really get back." She whispers. After a quick freshening up your back with the others. Apparently though she didnt clean up properly as she's rubbing her hind legs together. She glance over to you and gives you a dirty look to with you shrug.
  3. She said not to get it on her dress.
  4. The end.
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