Apr 15th, 2022
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  1. Greetings,
  3. After a thorough review of your account with the UserID: Addyss, it has been determined that the account did in fact violate our Terms of Service. We regret to inform you
  4. that your appeal for an account ban reversal is denied due to the evidence within our system for engaging in gold selling activities and the manipulation
  5. of currency exchange rates to avoid the payment of applicable governmental charges.
  7. This violates the following sections of the Terms of Service:
  9. Tos Section 5; Paragraph 15: If Your access to or receipt, play or use of the Services is subject to applicable governmental charges
  10. (including but not limited to sales tax, value added tax (VAT), goods and service tax (GST) or other taxes), then You must pay for those charges.
  11. Your total price may include such governmental charges or such governmental charges may be separately identified from Your paid Service(s) fees as shown during the payment process.
  12. Failure to invoice You for any such charges does not relieve You of the liability to pay such charges.
  14. ToS Section 2E – Virtual Currency: Virtual Currency is not transferable to, or redeemable for, any sum of real currency or monetary value from ZeniMax or any other person at any time.
  15. ZeniMax prohibits, and does not recognize any purported, transfers, sales, gifts, or trades of Virtual Currency.
  16. Virtual Currency will only be used by You to obtain virtual goods within a Game (e.g., durable goods that become part of Your inventory in the Game
  17. and consumable or single use items that are used and expire after use within the Game) or other Downloadable Content, through one or more Services,
  18. as determined by ZeniMax in its sole discretion. You agree not to sell or transfer, or assist others in selling or transferring Virtual Currencies or any amounts thereof.
  19. Evidence of any attempt to use, sell or transfer Virtual Currency in any manner that violates these Terms of Service may result in revocation, termination,
  20. or cancellation of the Virtual Currency and/or Your access to or receipt, play or use of the Services without refund and/or immediate suspension or termination of Your Account.
  22. ToS Section 5; Paragraph 16: You are responsible for all charges incurred on Your Account, including, but not limited to, applicable taxes,
  23. and the fees for all purchases made by You or anyone that uses Your Account, including, but not limited to, Your family or friends.
  25. Due to the extent and scale of the violation, it has been decided that the ban on this account will remain in place,
  26. and that all services related to this account shall remain deactivated permanently. This decision was not made lightly, and it is final.
  28. Regards,
  29. The Elder Scrolls Online Team
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