AlexanderGrey - Prequel to Time After Time

Oct 9th, 2016
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  1. >”Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?” Sunset finally brought it up.
  2. >Everyone thinks about what they want to say next, trying not to muster up in their minds anything that would sound too offensive.
  3. >”I’m… sure he has his reasons.” Rarity concludes. “It’s not like the rest of us don’t have our days when we’re not feeling our best.”
  4. >The others nod in agreement before Sunset continues.
  5. >”Yeah, but… Anon’s looking as though he’s like this every day.”
  6. >”He has? I haven’t noticed.” Rainbow Dash comments. “Uh… I didn’t know his name was Anon, though.”
  7. >Applejack puts her palm up to her face and grunts.
  8. >”Well, I’ve actually been paying more attention, Rainbow.” Sunset tells the athlete. “And I think it’s safe to say that there’s something getting the best of that guy.”
  9. >”Wow, maybe we should go try to be friends with him.” Suggests Pinkie, more than ready to stand up.
  10. >”Wait.” Sunset warns. “We don’t know what it is that’s bringing him down. If we approach him the wrong way, it might make him feel uncomfortable.”
  11. >”Darling, it’s fine.” Rarity assures Sunset. “It’s not always the case that we have to tip toe around instances that we feel would make someone feel bad. We’re supposed to be in the dark about this when we approach him. That way we can ask him what’s wrong instead of look like we’re assuming things about him before we got to know him.” She explains.
  12. >Sunset places her right hand on her upper left forearm. “You… sure? I just don’t want to come off too strong on the guy, that’s all.”
  13. >Applejack rests her hand on Sunset’s shoulder. “Sunset, does this have to do with the whole… you know.”
  14. >”…Only a little.” Sunset hesitates.
  15. >”Relax, sugarcube. Ah already told you before. What happened during the fall formal is a thing of the past now. There are huge differences between being aggressive, assertive and proactive.”
  16. >”But, what if I can’t tell where the lines are?”
  17. >”You will. Trust me, Sunset. He’s not going to think you’re trying to pull anything. It’s okay to talk to other students outside of our group.”
  18. >”Are… you sure?”
  19. >”Well, you’re gonna have to if you want to start talking to Norman more, right?” Applejack can’t help but smile playfully.
  20. >Sunset blushes and looks away.
  21. >”Ah didn’t mean that in a banter kinda way. I’m just sayin’ it cause it’s true.” Applejack assures Sunset. “Maybe you can make your social skills good again after getting through to Anon.”
  22. >”After all, you were the first to bring him up.” Rarity adds.
  23. >After a quick sigh, Sunset nods in agreement. “Alright. But who wants to go over first.”
  24. >”It’s probably better if one of us go over first.” Says Applejack. “Then you can kinda… ease into it, ya know?”
  25. >”Hey, girls!” Twilight approaches the lunch table with her tray.
  26. >”It’s about time you got here.” Rainbow Dash tells her. “So how many books did you finish this time around?”
  27. >”Only two today.” Twilight answers. “But I have to tell you, 1984 has to be one of the best novels I’ve ever read. If I wasn’t early to study hall, I’d probably have to skip lunch to finish it in one session!”
  28. >”Well, it’s probably a good thing you didn’t do that.” Applejack brings up. “Cause we were just talking about how we want to help that lonely guy over there.” She points to the lone green boy sitting all alone.
  29. >Twilight immediately recognizes him. “Oh, Anon?”
  30. >”You know him already?” Applejack asks.
  31. >”Well…” Twilight sets her tray down next to Rainbow Dash. “Yeah, actually. Though, he probably doesn’t know me.”
  32. >She pauses before continuing.
  33. >”But… don’t take that the wrong way. He’s just one of the people I remember more since he doesn’t exactly… have a full head of hair and all.”
  34. >”True that!” Rainbow joins in. “I don’t know why he chooses to be bald all the time. Made me think his name was Vin or something.”
  35. >”Not now, Rainbow.” Applejack scolds. “Right now, we need to be thinking of positive things to say to him in case he has low self-esteem about his appearance. We gotta be as nice as possible, and it’s a darn good thing Twilight came around right about now. No one knows things about friendship more than her. It’s a good thing she already knows Anon… kinda.”
  36. >”Well, he and I have actually talked a couple of times last year.” Twilight explains. “We had english class together. He’s… actually a pretty great reader.”
  37. >”That’s something to mention when it comes up in conversation.” Says Rarity. “It’s a good start- um… where’s Pinkie?”
  38. >The six girls at the table look around for their friend, hearing a sudden yelp from the direction of Anon’s empty table.
  39. >”What’s wrong? I thought you needed a hug!” Pinkie Pie is still facing Anon.
  40. >”Aw dang it.” Applejack races over with Rainbow Dash.
  41. >”I don’t even know you!” Anon balls his hands into fists and grits his teeth.
  42. >”Pinkie!” Applejack grabs the pink girl by the arm and pulls her away as Rainbow Dash confronts the boy.
  43. >”Heh, sorry. She’s… a little out there sometimes.” Dash apologizes. “Thought you were sad and all so her first instinct is to hug you and pray you feel better.”
  44. >Anon furrows his brow a little more anyway. “What? I’m not sad! Why do you think I’m sad?” He raises his tone.
  45. >”Rainbow, what did you say to him?” Applejack lets Rarity escort Pinkie away as Sunset, Fluttershy and Twilight silently watch from the table.
  46. >”Nothing! I just told him that Pinkie thought he was sad and she overreacted.”
  47. >”Is this a prank?” Anon continues. “If it is, your YouTube channel sucks, you know.”
  48. >”No, no, no. You got this all wrong!” Applejack tries to undo the damage as more students start to stare. “Pinkie here is just hyper and she doesn’t always think things through. It’s not her fault, though.”
  49. >”Wow, this guy likes jumping to conclusions.” Rainbow mutters under her breath.
  50. >”Just let me eat my lunch.” Anon insists with an unwelcoming frown. “I don’t care who does what.”
  51. >Applejack starts to wonder about this seemingly unnecessary standoffishness.
  52. >”Is everything okay here?” Vice Principal Luna walks up to the scene.
  53. >Applejack feels compelled to ask Anon the same thing.
  54. >”I’m fine. I was just getting back to eating.”
  55. >Everything goes back to normal after that. The girls promptly go back to their table, soon whispering to eachother regarding what they just saw come from Anon.
  56. >…
  57. >School day’s over.
  58. >Twilight and Sunset sit in Sunset’s backyard right around the time the wispy clouds start to turn colors at the signs of evening. The trees rustle slightly with the breeze, and the two girls get ready to head inside after that wind starts to pick up.
  59. >It’s going to get cold and dark pretty early.
  60. >”So how long have you been worried about Anon?” Twilight asks.
  61. >”Past couple of weeks. I didn’t want to say anything at first because… well… I don’t want to look like the gossipy type anymore. You know?”
  62. >Twilight sighs. “Yeah, that makes sense. But still, I had no idea he’d react THAT way.”
  63. >”It was something I was really afraid of. I think there’s something really bothering him to make him avoid interacting with other people so much.” Sunset shudders a little bit. “I hope it had nothing to do with what I did.”
  64. >”Hey, now. It’s not like that. What happened before was a bit of a mistake, sure, but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s problems now stem from it. Don’t blame yourself like that.”
  65. >”Ugh, I try, but… it’s just… it keeps coming back to me.”
  66. >”Well all we can do is move on from it and focus on the future.” Twilight hastily looks around the backyard for something Sunset can do to distract herself. “Hey. How about you plant some more lilies?”
  67. >”In the middle of Autumn?”
  68. >”Oh.” Twilight pinches between her eyebrows for thinking too quickly. “Uh, I mean, maybe a few roses or something. Sorry, it’s just that you’re usually planting lilies back here.”
  69. >”Heh, yeah. I really like roses too. I just like planting things during Spring more, that’s all. There’s just more seeds and stuff available.”
  70. >”It’s too bad we don’t have any pumpkin seeds, huh?”
  71. >”Yeah.” Sunset then goes back to the main topic. “But anyway, I guess we should still at least try to reach out to the guy. It’s only fair.”
  72. >”I thought you were never going to ask. After seeing how… upset he looks, there’s no way I can let whatever this is continue. I really want him to feel better.” Twilight looks to the darkening sky. “I really, really do.”
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