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  1. @Leader Jasmine
  2. @Leader Jasmine: I'm going to say this once, as I know similar things have been said many times before. You folks were warned off the usage of "milf". Trying to get around this by saying milk instead will not be tolerated. Understood?
  3. Vain: jas
  4. Vain: its not about sayin milf anymore u do realize as much right?
  5. Vain: I think the only reason they do it isto piss mods off
  6. Vain: I didnt even think of it..
  7. @Leader Jasmine: Which is why it ends now.
  8. Vain: yeah yeah Ill letthem know tooo
  9. Vain: u know, the only reason it has a meaning is cuz u give it one
  10. @Leader Jasmine: I know that's why they do it. The "Aeo said I could" card has been pulled by Baowlz... but I will be banning if I see it again.
  11. Vain: Jas
  12. Vain: milk is milk
  13. Vain: ithas that meaning cuz u gave it to it
  14. Vain: sure they did that for a while
  15. Vain: about the milf milk bivalence but
  16. Vain: if u pay no heed to it, they will stop too
  17. Vain: its just one of those fads
  18. Vain: /me shrugs
  19. Vain: damn it forgot it doesnt work here
  20. @Leader Jasmine: And you expect every mod to just ignore things like this? No, it just won't happen. I know my mods well enough to see that.
  21. Vain: Thats where the mods are makin a mistake
  22. Vain: feeeding trolls
  23. @Leader Jasmine: And that's why I'm stepping in, with bans.
  24. Vain: which again its not going to work
  25. Vain: nubs like me and Gs will remain banned, bbut
  26. Vain: other nubs have IP changing ways
  27. Vain: this why I think ur terrible and good at the same time Jas
  28. Vain: ur too linear thinking and have zero empathy
  29. Vain: its good in 75% percent of situations but it just makes u insufferably bad at dealing the rest of the 25%
  30. @Leader Jasmine: This has gone on long enough, and it needs to be dealt with. I tried previously suggesting what you've said, but as you can see, it hasn't worked.
  31. Vain: this is the cycle Jasmine
  32. @Leader Jasmine: And I'm not about to tell my mods off because they don't want to put up with trolls.
  33. Vain: Troll says milk>mod chastises>troll gets away
  34. Vain: cuz troll no care gettin banned
  35. Vain: troll wants to make mod mad
  36. Vain: now if u break the cycle like this
  37. Vain: troll says milk>mod ignores>troll stops
  38. Vain: u ignored it jas, but kota and gang kept payin attention to it
  39. Vain: trolls feed of attention
  40. @Leader Jasmine: I'm aware of this Vain. I've done that plenty of times in the past... but it's just impractical with our current size.
  41. @Leader Jasmine: We have too many mods of differing technique to take that kind of path in this situation.
  42. Vain: well
  43. Vain: have a summit
  44. Vain: make some fucking GUIDELINES
  45. Vain: that u love so much
  46. Vain: nd btw
  47. Vain: double sense its not against rules
  48. @Leader Jasmine: I have already, but they're guidelines. If people have another technique that works for them, I'm not going to stop them.
  49. Vain: well its sure as hec not working
  50. @Leader Jasmine: I am of the school of "No bans if at all possible." Most things can be solved with a talk, or a mute at worst... but that's not how most people work.
  51. Vain: thats not how some people work
  52. Vain: I prefer talking too
  53. Vain: an again
  54. Vain: there is no rule preventing the use of double sense
  55. Vain: I mean come on
  56. @Leader Jasmine: Many of the mods work the same way larger moderating places work. That's fine, but we're small enough to be lenient...
  57. Vain: PG-13 has frakin double sense ALL over the place
  58. @Leader Jasmine: Double Entendre? No, but there are rules about doing what a mod tells you to. If you're told to stop, you're expected to listen... not spam "name plz"
  59. Vain: wel that is another ridiculous fad
  60. Vain: think of it as a way to show genral discontent without ragin/insultin
  61. Vain: I see nothing wrong with it, or ud rather they flood the chat with rage?
  62. Vain: also
  63. Vain: the milk thing is an "inside joke"
  64. @Leader Jasmine: I'd rather people obey, but I know that's not likely. I understand how they operate. Really, I do. If you hear any of my stories as an old mod or as a user, you'd know I was one of them.
  65. Vain: Jas, milk is an inside joke
  66. @Leader Jasmine: An inside joke a lot of people are privy to.
  67. Vain: the vast majority of people dont know what it is
  68. @Leader Jasmine: And really, it's not that hard to work out... considering I'd forgotten about the milf incident when I saw it used.
  69. Vain: Jas, the only reason a lot of people know is cuz ur MODS posted the meaning on main
  70. Vain: so if I start calling GS a banana
  71. Vain: will I get banned?
  72. Vain: cuz bananas are dick shaped?
  73. Vain: what if I am just calling him yelow?
  74. Vain: or fruity?
  75. Vain: what if irl he has such a nickname
  76. Vain: ??
  77. @Leader Jasmine: It depends on whether a mod tells you "Hey, that's enough, m'kay?"
  78. Vain: the mods we have are too scard of trolls
  79. Vain: the ones they should worry about are not the ones that use some doule sense
  80. Vain: at least we care enough to hide behind a veil of joking misguidance
  81. Vain: the real bad ones are the ones who are blunt an pbvious about it with the sole objectiveofbeing an arse
  82. @Leader Jasmine: I agree, but the thing is this has been going on for a while. It has gotten to the point where action has to be taken.
  83. Vain: again, you are missing the point
  84. Vain: it should not be an issue Jasmine
  85. Vain: the sole reason we do double sense is NOT to violate the rules
  86. @Leader Jasmine: No, you're missing the point. You're arguing that what you're doing isn't an issue... and as an isolated case it's not. I'm telling you that it has become an issue.
  87. Vain: -sigh-
  88. Vain: you are so good at making things look out of proportion Jasmine
  89. Vain: they only do it every once in a while
  90. Vain: like, I cant even rememer last time we said milk on main
  91. Vain: and BOOM say it today, you are on the case like a hound
  92. Vain: it is NOT out of control
  93. Vain: YOU are out of control
  94. Vain: v.v
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