Anon - Estruferry

Sep 21st, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >and you are going to get lucky
  3. >really lucky
  4. >A blushing Hexferry lies on your bed with a scrunch on her face, looking away from you with her butt pointed at you
  5. >her tail is blocking your view but you can see the wetness all over the general area
  6. >Hexferry glances at you and then averts her eyes yet again
  7. “S-stop staring at it so much...”
  8. >You give her a nervous nod
  9. >Hexferry looks a bit unsure before blushing even more and then looking away at you
  10. “Let’s j-just get it over with”
  11. >And with that, she moves her tail away from blocking your view and exposes her wet, slightly swollen marehood that glisters in the dim light of your bedroom
  12. >You stop and just stare at it and her succulent flank as her crevice winks at you every now and then
  13. >Hexferrys tail gives an annoyed whip as she turns back to look at you with annoyance, only to look at the wall once again as your eyes meet hers
  14. “Stop starring at it and just h-help me get trough this estrus already!”
  15. >You are on a holy mission of lust
  16. >Hexferry’s having a pretty bad Estrus and she turned to you for a favor she could not ask anyone else
  17. >help her deal with it
  18. >You were shocked of course, but quickly agreed t-
  19. “A-are you going to fuck me or not!?”
  20. >Hexferrys now angry voice snaps you back to reality as you take a look at her on the bed
  21. >She’s now lying on her stomach instead of her side and her hooves are spread, her perky butt waiting to be used as a cushion for your loins
  22. >she’s now dripping even harder than before with her marehood winking like crazy
  23. “P-please I can’t take it any more...”
  25. >You gulp and start to undo your pants as Hexferry breathes hard with cloudy eyes, looking at you like she’s begging for you to come and rut her until she can’t take anymore
  26. >Her ears are drooping and her whole body language signals sexual submit
  27. >You throw off the rest of your clothes and then look at Hexferry
  28. >Her eyes shift to glance at your already erect member and she just spreads her hooves even more while pushing her butt out while arching her back a bit
  29. >And you start to walk towards her, unable to control your urge anymore
  30. >The air is heavy with Hexferrys scent that feels like it’s enticing your senses
  31. >As you get onto the end of the bed and start to crawl towards her with your hard on now raging almost painfully Hexferrys eyes get even more pleading as her folded wings start to vibrate and her whole body quivers
  32. >As you position yourself behind Hexferry she grasps the sheet in anticipation as her body trembles softly
  33. >Her eyes never leave your erect member
  34. >There is no need for foreplay, you gently push the tip of your cock against her welcoming lips
  35. >Hexferry lets out a soft coo of pleasure at this as her marehood winks very strongly, almost startling you as you feel it on your cock
  36. >She’s so warm and moist, you start to slowly insert your penis into her, feeling her organ grip onto your cock with its wet hot embrace as you push in slowly
  37. >but this seems to be too slow for Hexferry in her current state as she suddenly moves her whole body and slams against your loins with your butt, burying you as deep into her as it can go
  38. >You have to grasp at the sheets as much as Hexferry as you struggle against the immense wave of pleasure of entering as deep as you can into her as her marehood starts to erotically milk and dance on your cock
  40. >Hexferry buries her face against the bed and moans muffled moans as you suddenly feel her marehood grip you strongly before trying to push you out, until settling in a rhythmic pulsating motion as you feel wetness spread against your loins
  41. >You already made her cum once
  42. >You have to hold onto your consciousness as you struggle to not enjoy this revelation and her body’s magic too much
  43. >Soon Hexferry stops squirming beneath you and lifts her head to look at you
  44. >In all her trashing her mane seems to have gotten disheveled, making her look even friskier than she already is
  45. >it takes you by surprise and you forget all about moving at all
  46. “Please just rut me already you idiot...”
  47. >Her voice is weak and pleading, and you find yourself unable to resist as you pull your hips back as her marehoods inner walls try to pull you back in with their slimy embrace
  48. >You then ram right back into her, making her butt and thighs jiggle slightly from the impact with wet slap as you slide back in, making Hexferrys eyes shoot wide open
  49. >Pleased with her reaction, not to mention how good it feels for you, you start to fuck her with all of your might you can muster
  50. >Hexferry now starts to yelp and moan in sexual mirth as you pound her hard, making the bed squeak beneath the two of you as her juices soak the sheets with the wet slaps filling the air in their lewd symphony
  51. >You tower even more above Hexferry and start to push her body down with yours as you keep ramming into her
  52. >Being held down seems to be her kink as she starts to bite her lower lip to keep in her now extatic moans in as her eyes roll to the back of her head
  53. >You hold her shaking body down with your own body as Hexferry experiences yet another orgasm beneath you, trying to struggle to move her body against you holding her down
  55. >You can no longer hold it in as her nether region seems to go as crazy with movement as her body and you groan as your whole body trembles, preparing to pump all of your seed into Hexferry
  56. >And then the explosion happens, you shoot your seed into Hexferry like your dick was a mean super soaker, before settling for a steady pumping motion as your mind goes white
  57. >You straight up collapse on top of Hexferry as she breathes hard with her body tensing and shaking beneath you
  58. >You do your best to hold yourself at least somewhat up and not resting your whole weight on her but it’s a hard battle as your body does not listen to what you tell it to do
  59. >Just barely you roll off to lie on your back next to Hexferry to catch your breath
  60. >You are still pretty much out of it with post orgasm afterglow surging trough your body
  61. >you glance at Hexferry, her coats messy and she’s pretty sweaty
  62. >A steady puddle of her juices and your seed is pouring out from her twitching marehood as she pants to catch her breath, her eyes still rolled to the back of her head
  63. >You feel strangely proud at the state where you have gotten Hexferry into
  64. >You stare back up at the ceiling while feeling your pulse starting to return to normal
  65. >That is until you hear Hexferrys voice
  66. “M-more!”
  67. >Well well, seems like this mare needs more of your help
  68. >what sort of a man would you be if you refused her?
  69. >You get up and start to ready for the upcoming round two, and the upcoming round three, four, five, six...
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