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  1. Trickster>  can still do it
  2.     easily
  3.     I should change the mortar travel time by like
  4.     0.1 sec
  5.     thus changing every distance it will go
  6.     and the timing of every shot
  7.     ever so slightly
  8. [19:23] effectively resetting the entire community's mortar skill
  9.     <Mayama>    fuck u
  10.     in the end
  11.     it will take like 3 weeks
  12.     and its the same again
  13.     <Trickster> no
  14.     <Mayama>    the rpg
  15.     <Trickster> I could totally fuck with the arc
  16.     <Mayama>    bug is still in
  17.     <Trickster> I go sleep now
  18.     good night
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