Doubutsu no Mori Table Translation Guide

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  1. As there are no "secret codes" in Doubutsu no Mori to obtain a 2x1 table for free from Tom Nook, you instead have to get lucky in one of three ways: lost and found, chores, or Nook's shop.
  3. The following are all 2x1 table names in the Japanese with their English (ACGCN) equivalents:
  5. Kana (Transliteration) - English (cost from Nook)
  7. アジアなテーブル (ajia na teeburu) - Exotic Table (Redd only)
  8. アジアなバンダヂ (ajia na bandaji) - Exotic Chest (1800 Bells)
  9. カントリーなつくえ (kantorii na tsukue) - Ranch Tea Table (1800 Bells)
  10. モノクロローテーブル (monokuro roo teeburu) - Modern Table (1800 Bells)
  11. モノクロデスク (monokuro desuku) - Modern Desk (2480 Bells)
  12. リゾートなテーブル (rizooto na teeburu) - Cabana Table (1800 Bells)
  13. ロイヤルなテーブル (roiyaru na teeburu) - Regal Table (2450 Bells)
  14. ログソファテーブル (rogu sofa teeburu) - Cabin Low Table (2100 Bells)
  15. じむづくえ (jimu zukue) - Office Desk (1600 Bells)
  16. すかしぼりのテーブル (sukashibori no teeburu) - Glass-Top Table (2200 Bells)
  17. せんせいのデスク (sensei no desuku) - Teacher's Desk (1580 Bells)
  19. Note not all furniture containing「テーブル」is a 2x1 table (some 2x2 or 1x1), only the above list. The Exotic Table can't be bought from Nook, so it can only be obtained from chores or lost and found.
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