Hykem is gone!

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  1. [13:21:38] <swirly> sup man
  2. [13:24:41] <vformeh> hello
  3. [13:25:23] <swirly> my buddy told me u had info on hykem?
  4. [13:26:37] <vformeh> what buddy?
  5. [13:26:59] <swirly> g0db1n
  6. [13:27:34] <vformeh> ah that guy
  7. [13:27:51] <vformeh> we chatted yesterday
  8. [13:28:32] <swirly> plz dont be mad at him
  9. [13:29:03] <swirly> we r just worried
  10. [13:30:14] <vformeh> with?
  11. [13:31:29] <swirly> hykem ofc
  12. [13:31:48] <swirly> i always thought sumtin bad happnd
  13. [13:32:50] <vformeh> its like i told your friend
  14. [13:33:14] <vformeh> hykem was a good friend of mine
  15. [13:33:47] <vformeh> i didnt knew him irl
  16. [13:34:09] <vformeh> but we worked on a couple projects togheter
  17. [13:36:19] <vformeh> i assume your friend told you the rest no?
  18. [13:37:33] <swirly> nop
  19. [13:38:10] <swirly> i followed hykems progress on gbatemp and wiiubrew
  20. [13:38:59] <swirly> it was very disappointin to see him leave
  21. [13:39:25] <swirly> but my buddy told me you knew a different story
  22. [13:40:37] <vformeh> its not a story, its the truth
  23. [13:41:20] <swirly> chill man, i believe u
  24. [13:41:49] <swirly> i just want to know what went down
  25. [13:42:58] <vformeh> hykem got into serious trouble, thats what went down
  26. [13:43:15] <swirly> how so?
  27. [13:44:30] <vformeh> he had been working on the wii u for quite a long time
  28. [13:45:01] <vformeh> after he pwned the wii u secure os he wanted to release the exploit
  29. [13:45:39] <swirly> iosu exploit?
  30. [13:46:28] <vformeh> right
  31. [13:46:44] <vformeh> he had it working around november or so and wanted to do a xmas release
  32. [13:47:16] <swirly> i know, then he delayed
  33. [13:48:05] <vformeh> the reason for that was because the exploit would enable piracy real quick so he thought it would be better to work on a full cfw with antipiracy measures
  34. [13:49:28] <vformeh> he did some great progress and shared a lot of info on things like otp and seeprom on wiiudev
  35. [13:50:43] <vformeh> of course, your friend thinks he just got the info from someone else
  36. [13:51:19] <swirly> yeah, i dont think so though
  37. [13:52:36] <vformeh> long story short, the exploit was very real
  38. [13:53:44] <vformeh> ask other devs/hackers if you dont believe
  39. [13:54:17] <swirly> no need
  40. [13:56:18] <swirly> btw, my bud told me u knew the exploits he used? user and kernel?
  41. [13:59:22] <swirly> ...
  42. [14:01:39] <vformeh> no, what i told your friend was that hykem had shared info a long time ago on a bug he was exploiting, way before all this
  43. [14:02:14] <swirly> the chicken stuff?
  44. [14:03:31] <vformeh> ye, ctrlchicken
  45. [14:04:12] <vformeh> recently there has been this guy o[] on wiiudev that found the same bug and was talking about it
  46. [14:04:49] <vformeh> found from cos.xml that ppc could call /dev/uhs commands
  47. [14:05:32] <vformeh> noticed a bad check on the last 2 ioctls
  48. [14:06:24] <vformeh> and one of them is the ctrlchicken thing that hykem used
  49. [14:07:53] <swirly> dats user only right?
  50. [14:09:29] <vformeh> yes, like i told g0db1n idk what kernel vuln he used
  51. [14:10:15] <vformeh> what i said was that plutoo once updated his twitter status with 0xF5AF5AF5AF5A... a hint for a kernel bug
  52. [14:10:46] <vformeh> back when he posted the pic of the key
  53. [14:11:37] <swirly> the one with teh red screen?
  54. [14:12:15] <vformeh> yes
  55. [14:12:50] <vformeh> no one cared about it, but if u search for 0xF5AF5AF5 in the kernel code now, you will see
  56. [14:14:23] <vformeh> thats also why wannabes like wulfystylez are claiming the kernel exploit had been release for a long time and no one noticed
  57. [14:18:47] <swirly> just checkd on ida
  58. [14:18:55] <swirly> IOS_CreateThread?
  59. [14:20:11] <vformeh> ye
  60. [14:21:03] <swirly> sooo with hykems ctrlchicken and this we can pwn iosu?
  61. [14:22:49] <vformeh> probably, idk
  62. [14:23:08] <vformeh> not really interested in the wiiu
  63. [14:24:02] <swirly> what about hykem? wheres he?
  64. [14:26:24] <vformeh> gone
  65. [14:27:09] <swirly> what u mean?
  66. [14:27:28] <vformeh> he got involved with really bad people
  67. [14:28:14] <swirly> nintendo? lol
  68. [14:29:31] <vformeh> no, the exact opposite
  69. [14:29:55] <swirly> ow
  70. [14:30:22] <swirly> he sold out?
  71. [14:31:30] <vformeh> NO
  72. [14:31:57] <vformeh> sry, caps was on
  73. [14:32:34] <vformeh> they blackmailed him cuz they had his home address
  74. [14:33:18] <vformeh> hykem was in real need for cash so he did think twice about it
  75. [14:33:43] <vformeh> but he refused and told me he couldnt betray everyone like that
  76. [14:34:21] <vformeh> and thats what got him into trouble
  77. [14:35:04] <vformeh> they became aggressive and hykem was afraid
  78. [14:35:51] <vformeh> the law got involved
  79. [14:41:26] <swirly> shit!
  80. [14:42:11] <vformeh> a few other devs know about this too
  81. [14:48:37] <vformeh> ask around if u think its bs
  82. [14:50:33] <swirly> whos they btw?
  83. [14:51:16] <vformeh> use google, drm piracy guy is always the same
  84. [14:52:24] <swirly> ooo i know who u talkin
  85. [14:52:49] <swirly> i always tought it was strange
  86. [14:53:31] <swirly> why delete his github just to get away from angry kidz?
  87. [14:54:19] <vformeh> exactly
  88. [14:56:10] <vformeh> he had many projects there like psxtract, make_npdata and vitasploit
  89. [14:56:45] <vformeh> all very useful for a lot of people
  90. [14:57:33] <swirly> s0ny had nutin to do with this?
  91. [14:58:25] <vformeh> ofc not, nor nintendo
  92. [14:59:51] <swirly> shit, i feel bad for teh guy now
  93. [15:00:09] <vformeh> well hes not coming back, ever
  94. [15:01:17] <vformeh> last time we talked was days before he closed down his github
  95. [15:01:44] <vformeh> he told me he had to vanish and i thought it was all bs
  96. [15:02:31] <vformeh> just for fame or somethign
  97. [15:02:48] <vformeh> but i was wrong
  98. [15:04:07] <swirly> :(
  99. [15:05:12] <swirly> wat about the twitter account?
  100. [15:06:29] <vformeh> its fake ofc
  101. [15:06:48] <vformeh> its not him
  102. [15:07:11] <swirly> k
  103. [15:10:13] <vformeh> anything else?
  104. [15:11:34] <swirly> dun think so
  105. [15:12:27] <vformeh> ok, goodbye
  106. [15:13:46] <swirly> bye mate
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