Creature of the night (flutterbat, gfd, stare, biteplay) P1

Oct 12th, 2017
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  1. >She's shy, meek, timid and gentle
  2. >But the more she hungers, the more aggressive she becomes
  3. >She has to feed at least once every two days, lest she wants everyone to see her reddening irises and she starts snapping back at people and saying things she would never even think
  4. >Of course she doesn't want to do it, she hates even the idea of hurting and inflicting pain to someone
  5. >But if she doesn't feed, bad things happen
  6. >Really bad things happen
  7. >Or bad things that become really good things, like your meeting
  9. >You'll never forget it
  10. >It was completely dark out, save for some of the moon's light piercing through the clouds
  11. >You were running
  12. >Your heart was beating faster than ever
  13. >You were scared
  14. >You didn't know who, or what was chasing you
  15. >You weren't even sure if something did
  16. >A part of you was screaming at you that you should just turn around and fight like a man, but you simply couldn't
  17. >Fear took over, you had to get away as fast and as far away as possible from whatever was lurking in the shadows
  18. >And you made it
  19. >You got home before it got you, instantly turning back to lock the door and look through the peeper to check if whatever it is that was following you would still try and get in
  20. >And your heart nearly stopped when you saw it
  21. >There it was, standing not five feet away from your door
  22. >You could barely see it, you could only perceive some light shining off of its eyes
  23. >I-it can't get in, right?
  24. >There's no way it could--
  25. >You gasped when it started moving
  26. >One step after the other, it moved
  27. >Again, parts of you fought over deciding what to do
  28. >To run away? To find a weapon?
  29. >To simply watch, terrorized and paralyzed by fear?
  30. >Or was there something else
  31. >Something in its eyes
  32. >Something telling you to stop running
  33. >Ordering you to stop running
  34. >Closer and closer it came, and finally, you could see it
  35. >You could see her
  36. >Fluttershy was her name wasn't it?
  38. >You jolted when you heard the knock
  39. >You saw her hand coming up, but you didn't realize...
  40. >You simply couldn't pry your eyes away from hers
  41. >It's as if it was swallowing your every thoughts
  42. >As if it was sucking your very consciousness out of your head
  43. >"Anon?"
  44. >Her voice did the trick
  45. >You blinked, and finally got out of the hold her gaze had on you
  46. >What's happening?!
  47. >What the fuck is happening?!
  48. >Is this a dream?
  49. >Are you awake?
  50. >Why is she there
  51. >Why is she looking for you at this hour
  52. >Why did she followed you all the way here?
  53. >"Open the door Anon, I know you're in there,"
  54. >Her voice was as soft and sweet and gentle as ever, but the tone was all wrong
  55. >This assertiveness was all wrong
  56. >You never talked to her, but you knew as much, her and her friends were kind of celebrities at this point
  57. >"Come on sweetie, there's nothing to be afraid of,"
  58. >There were many things to be afraid of
  59. "W-why are you there? What do you want?"
  60. >Maybe you should've kept quiet
  61. >Maybe she would've went away if you did
  62. >But what if she needs help and all of this is some kind of misunderstanding?
  63. >"I just want to talk to you, come on, open the door,"
  64. "I-I don't know if I should--"
  65. >"It's kind of cold out here, you don't want me to catch a cold, do you?"
  66. >That wasn't enough
  67. >There's no fucking way you're opening that door unless she gives you a real, valid reason
  68. >And your silence was enough for her to decide to press on
  69. >"It's just me, I wouldn't hurt you, you know that, right?"
  70. >No, actually, you don't know that
  71. >"Look at me Anon,"
  72. >You don't know why you did it
  73. >You still don't understand why you leaned back up and looked through the peeper
  74. >But you know that you lost the second you did
  75. >It was her eyes
  76. >And even through the door, she somehow noticed you were looking at her
  77. >Her widening smirk was proof enough of that
  78. >"Open the door, right now,"
  79. >You didn't realize your hand was moving until the distinct 'click' of the knob could be heard
  80. >"Good boy~,"
  82. >But you had to look away for a few split seconds to open the door
  83. >That was your way out
  84. >The only one chance you'd get
  85. >You realized that the second your eyes left hers as your hand was already turning the doorknob
  86. >And so you tried to take it, your brain working on automatic and fingers instantly reaching back for the keys--
  87. >But she somehow knew you would do that, too
  88. >The door creaked open as your fingers fumbled for the key
  89. >You slammed your left hand against the door to try and force it back, to shut it down
  90. >But it wouldn't budge, not even an inch
  91. >She's strong, you thought
  92. >She was so strong you couldn't even do anything anymore but watch as she slowly opened it
  93. >And your heart skyrocketed anew as you saw her
  94. >She was grinning
  95. >Her eyes looked at you as if you were a piece of meat
  96. >And once again, you found out you couldn't move
  97. >You couldn't run
  98. >You couldn't scream
  99. >All you could do was watch as she took the two steps separating you
  100. >You could only watch as her small hand came up, slowly, and feel it as it crawled its way up your chest, up your neck and end its course against your cheek
  101. >All you could do was feel its warmth radiating against your skin and melt into her touch
  102. >All you could do was feel every ounces of strength and resistance leaving your body as her thumb traced a circle on your skin
  103. >All you could do was step back and follow her every wordless commands as she shut the door behind her
  104. >A small voice in your head told you it meant you wouldn't ever cross that door ever again
  105. >You didn't really care
  106. >You couldn't really care
  108. >There were no more words coming from her or from you that night
  109. >She didn't need to voice her commands after all, and you couldn't think of anything to say
  110. >But there were words coming out of her mouth the next morning
  111. >A lot of words
  112. >A lot of sorry
  113. >A lot of blushing
  114. >And a lot of confusion coming from you
  115. >You were still unsure if that really happened or not
  116. >And you weren't sure why you kind of liked it
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