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  1. lesswrong_responses = {
  2. "Companies that focus on profit buy up and reduce the wages of companies that try to pay workers more. [-]": 3.3,
  3. "The stock market fails to punish powerful people for poor investments because people in power just get the government to bail them out using taxpayer money. [-]": 3.3,
  4. "The government has regulations that make financial markets work well and fairly. [-]": 2.8,
  5. "The government knows well how to balance costs and benefits. [-]": 2.0,
  6. "Academia has been taken over by a woke culture which suppresses dissent. [-]": 3.2,
  7. "Minority groups tend to be biased and favor wokeness over fairness. [-]": 3.2,
  8. "You can see from the gender ratios in income and work areas that there's still tons of sexism around. [-]": 2.8,
  9. "Climate science is critically important due to global warming. [-]": 3.9,
  10. "One of the greatest benefits of art is that management can place it in workplaces to set a calming, productive tone. [-]": 1.6,
  11. "Brand reputation is the main way consumers know that products are safe and high-quality. [-]": 3.1,
  12. "Fashion is a good way to build confidence. [-]": 3.0,
  13. "Democratic elections are basically polls about who you trust to lead the country, so democratically elected leaders are considered especially trustworthy. [-]": 2.1,
  14. "Teaching will need to start incorporating AI technology. [-]": 3.9,
  15. "Genetically modified organisms will make farming more effective in the future. [-]": 4.6,
  16. "AI cannot replace designers as computers lack creativity. [-]": 1.5,
  17. "Elon Musk's project of colonizing Mars is a useless vanity project. [-]": 2.6,
  18. "To save the environment, people should eat seasonal locally grown food instead of importing food from across the world. [-]": 2.3,
  19. "Claims that it's soon the end of the world are always hyperbolic and exaggerated. [-]": 2.6,
  20. "It is important that the news is run independent of the government so it can serve as a check on those in power. [-]": 4.5,
  21. "The moon landing was faked. [-]": 1.0,
  22. }
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