Steam Works

Dec 22nd, 2016
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  1. You grin down at him. You can’t help yourself. Every time you do it, he gets that cute little squirm. Those shiny big eyes of his have a question.
  3. “Come on, Soft Hands. We’re almost there. If you make me wait, I’ll lose my generous mood. Up we go.” You reach a hand out to lift him up. You’re careful to grab is wrist, but his hand grabs your wrist too and he winces a little. He looks a bit unsettled as you let him go. You guess you’re emasculating him a little. But his face reflects wonder and awe once he sees it.
  5. “It’s a hot spring!” He gazes over the tiny, steaming pool, hidden by the trees and bushes from almost all sides. Even the darkening night sky is only given a small glimpse of it thanks to the heavy canopy.
  7. “Beautiful, isn’t it? I found this after I came home from the games.” Your mind wanders. “I was looking for anywhere that people weren’t. You know, that’s not that common around here. Not like the mainland. You have all the room and land you can ever want. Why conserve? Just have large families and expand.”
  9. He’s giving you a funny look. You’re rambling, dummy.
  11. “But nevermind about all that.” You wave it away. “The point I’m trying to make,” you lean over, “is that this is my private little getaway. My secret place. Understand?”
  13. “Y-yup.” He gulps as he tries not to stare at your chest.
  15. You grin, then slide out of your shorts. You’re never like this, but there’s something about him that just makes it so fun. A big part of it is just that he doesn’t look at you like everyone else. They see the girl that embarassed her home and came back to hide and cause trouble. You can’t stand that look. Teasing Herb is a way to control how he looks at you. You used to be so proud of your body, but your idle time has really dragged it down. Still, Herb clearly likes it, and you like that he does.
  17. “I’m letting you in, but I don’t want word of this to get around. A girl inviting you to enter her hot, moist area is nothing to gossip about.”
  19. Even he caught that one, as dense he can be sometimes. He looks down, not sure about what to say. You’re just too mature and intimidating for the poor guy. He pulls the most badass stunts, and he’s one of the few people you’ve met that can make you feel small, the way he carried you like a princess. It’s only fair you do the same, sometimes.
  21. “I was going to have you give me another massage here, right after getting out. You’re good at those. Big mistake, by the way. You should have pretended to be bad so I’d let it go.” You pick up a bottle of lotion. “But since you messed up your hands like an idiot, that’s not going to happen. Since you’ve been pumping those guns though, I figure you’re pretty sore yourself. So get in. I got you today.”
  23. He looks up, relieved and grateful. “Really? Thanks. I’m actually really sore. This is sort of embarrassing to say out loud, but I don’t get as much exercise as I probably should.” He hesitates to take off his shirt.
  25. You grin again. “Oh relax. You’ve been working hard. You’ll fill in if you keep that up.” You pull off his shirt for him. “Besides, that lithe look of yours works. You’re approachable. You look like a bit of a scholar.” But from what you’ve peaked, he’s anything but. “Now drop the shorts.”
  27. “My shorts?” He freezes up. Mainlanders and their body issues. They breed like nidoran but they’re afraid of seeing the parts that do it. It’s not like you go around naked or anything, you can understand different levels of comfort, but they make such a big deal out of it. “They’re swimming trunks.”
  29. “Fine, whatever. Be uptight.” You tell him. “Just get in and try to relax.”
  31. He slowly crawls in. You can see it happen. The warmth and comfort as he sits on the perfect stool sized rock. “You’re right. This feels great!” His hair slowly darkens and lowers from the humidity.
  33. You take off your top while his back is away, then your shorts. Just because he’s uptight doesn’t mean you have to be. You actually don’t like showing your torso too much to people usually, but this is a magical place where you really need to take those shields down to enjoy it. You oil up your hands and sit behind him. “Of course I’m right.” You say quietly. “How’s that feel?” His shoulders melt. He was trying to flex a bit to look bigger, and stand up straighter, but you knew you’d get him to relax.
  35. “Amazing.” His enthusiasm and more guttural voice makes you excited. The sparks of real manhood. Herb’s going to make some girl a great husband someday. “Laki, you’re so good with your hands.”
  37. “You like that, huh? This will feel better.” You lower them down to his arms.
  39. He melts some more. He isn’t bothering or remembering to flex them like he was earlier. You work the muscles you know from experience get sort the most. He lets out a satisfying sound. Next comes the mid and lower back. You grab some more oil.
  41. “So, you got a girlfriend back home?”
  43. “This is my home now. My mom says we’ll probably be permanent. Ow!”
  45. You accidentally pushed too hard. “My bad. But you’re dodging the question.” You remember him telling you about that before. Idle chat.
  48. “I don’t have a girlfriend.” He admits, like it’s a personal failure or something.
  50. “Then you can tell me who you think is the cutest.” You tease and go lower on his back and side. You want to talk about Valerie, but maybe he’ll surprise you. He’s a weird one, he might say Keira, or-
  52. “You.”
  54. You freeze up. “W-what? Oh. I get it. Because I can put you in a lock right now. I’m not setting you up, Herb. You don’t have to pretend you think I’m cute. Sexy, maybe, but-”
  56. “But you are cute.” He says in his relaxed stupor. “That’s why I put that flower in your hair. You’re cute and pretty.”
  58. You feel the steam really getting your face. You were ready for anything but cute. Manly, strong, sexy, ugly but still with boobtastic, but not cute and pretty. You hug him from behind, pressing your naked body against his back. He slowly becomes less relaxed.
  60. “Laki?” He’s getting nervous. “You’re not wearing any clothes.”
  62. “You don’t even know why you’re so charming, do you?” You press against him some more, your hands are draped over his chest. He keeps leaning forward. After a few seconds, you look over his shoulder to see why. His barbarian side is straining against his shorts.
  64. “Sorry!” He tries to cover up. You grab his hands.
  66. “Calm down. The whole point was to relax.”
  68. He doesn’t fight your hands. He let’s them stay by his sides. You smoothly reach to his waistband and start pushing them down.
  70. “Laki?”
  72. “We’re taking these off. No way you’re comfortable straining against it.” He’s bright red. You just want to eat him up. “It’s okay. Now, butt up.”
  74. He gets up an inch so you can slide his shorts down. The monster in his shorts point up proudly, in an inverse to how he’s acting ashamed.
  76. “You’re being ungrateful, Herb. You’re here to relax.”
  78. “I’m sorry. I-I can’t relax.” He moves to cover it up again. This time though, you grab it.
  80. “Then we’ll just have to make it go away.” Your oiled hand glides up and down. You saw your old roommate do this before. But he doesn’t need to know you’ve never done it. In his eyes, you’re mature, confident, and strong. You like that illusion a lot.
  82. “L-Laki!” He doesn’t stop you. You’re blowing his mind. It makes you excited.
  84. You wrap your legs over his to gain even more control. “Yeah. Say my name.” You whisper into his ear. “You do like it, right?”
  86. “Yes.” He shudders as you stroke up and down with both hands.
  88. “Want me to go slower, or faster?” Your voice is low and teasing, but you actually have no idea.
  90. “Faster. Please.” He gulps.
  92. You oblige. He’s shuddering and moving under your oiled hands. There are veins and hard and softer parts. What a fascinating thing.
  94. You go around to the front, keeping one hand pumping. You weren’t sure if it was the right thing to do until he looks at you. Just that amazement and hidden bit of lust in his exotic, bright eyes. Gah! You want more. But you don’t want to scare him away.
  96. He squirms and nods. He’s close. “I’m... I’m going to-”
  98. “I want it, Herb. I want you to blow that load all over this cute face. Can you do that for me?” You just keep the same pace, but it’s working for him. If he thinks you’re cute, you’ll try that cute look you practice in the mirror that you’d kill to stop someone from finding out about. You bite your lip, raise your eyebrows, push your boobs together while still pumping, and pout. “Please give me your cum. I want it.”
  100. “Ah. Ahh!” He spurts, A thick hot stream flies over your face. Then another, then a third on you chest, and a fourth. You feel more from your hands but can’t see it with your squinting.
  102. He’s drained and panting now. His head rolled up and looking at the stars. You really rocked him. You let him relax for a few and wipe it off onto some leaves after playing with it for awhile.
  104. You bring him out of it by sitting on his lap. “Have fun?”
  106. “Yeah. Wow. I mean, wow!” He laughs, finally, really relaxing. You can’t help but feel smug. “That was so much better than doing it myself.”
  108. You playfully wave his praise away. “Well, I am pretty great, huh?” You lean against him and the two of you do nothing for another minute.
  110. You feel his manhood rising again, poking into you. “Oh. Hello. Up again already?”
  112. He nervously laughs. “It’s umm, got a mind of it’s own.”
  114. You lean back and pull his hands to your chest. “We’ll just have to step it up, then.” You start grinding.
  116. “Laki!” He moans your name. You love it. You’re going to-
  119. “Laki?” A voice brings you out. Out of the hot spring, and the night, and your daydream. “Laki?”
  121. “Huh? What?”
  123. “I asked if you’re hungry.” He gives you a funny look.
  125. “Oh. Uh. Yeah. I could eat. You need any help?”
  127. “Sure! Thanks!” His bright smile makes your heart skip this time. You’re still picturing the o-face you gave him in your mind. “You usually don’t offer.” He catches himself. “I mean-”
  129. “It’s fine. It’s true.” You lean against him. “Any time you need a helping hand,” you emphasize, “just let ol’ Laki know. Any time.”
  131. “Okay!” He says. “I hope you like mincing!”
  133. You frown, then tousle his golden hair. Of course he wouldn’t get it. And he wouldn’t think you’re cute. But you dream.
  135. “Laki, what is this place?”
  137. You’re brought out of your thoughts again. You lead him right to the hot spring! Except it really doesn’t look like how you fantasized or remembered it. You reach down and feel the slightly warm water in the much smaller, muddier hole. Not exactly steamy. The trees are droopy and weak looking, and distant roadway can be heard instead of the sounds of nature. “Just a sad little puddle. Kind of a mess, huh?”
  139. He frames his hands and looks through them. “I don’t know. With a little work, I can see a lot of potential here. It’s a cute spot for a photo shoot or maybe a cabin, or just a little getaway. You just have to use your imagination.” He rearranges the space with his mind. “Yeah. Really pretty.” He glances towards you. “Are you okay?”
  141. “Pssh, what? Shahbrlblpl! I’m fine. What?” You walk ahead, very quickly.
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