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  1. Hey community,
  3. I have been thinking long about this before writing this message but I decided to do it after all the things that have happened. 
  5. The story...
  7. Working with ProMods was a nice co-operation between two teams having a nice time with each other. ProMods gave us assets to work with which we are still thankful for. Thanks to Mandelsoft I also now have an internship at SCS Software which I really enjoy. I am also thankful for that. But after a few months of working  it already twisted. ProMods dropped a part of their support for us postponing and changing from Region in our map. We also recruited lots of developers at once and that didn't always go as planned. ProMods didn't really trust it anymore and decided to not give us anymore assets. The asociateship remained. After a few months things started to get even worse between the teams.  We started to do some shameless bashing on each other and also between team members of Tregion and ProMods things escalated. I don't want to say what has escalated. That has to stay private. I don't want to throw poop. The relationship between the 2 teams came to the lowest point when developers started switching teams and leaking between the 2 teams. Information that shouldn't be leaked has been leaked and created even more tension. M95 decided to leave ProMods because to him it didn't feel like a team anymore and the tension between him and the ProMods admins became bigger and bigger)
  9. Tregion also wanted to get into contact with SCS for getting a closer co-operation between their game and modding support. Unfortunately that information has been leaked to the ProMods team and ScuL didn't like the plan. He contacted me immediately and said that he didn't agree to our plan and also said that he will try to prevent it because he went to SCS the week after the message was sent. I don't know what he did at SCS so I can't tell if he really tried to prevent it. It did anyhow shock me that he tried to interfere in that contact. I don't know why though... After that we had a massive discussion about it ScuL decided to ban me from their team discord. I banned all the ProMods members on my turn. After that it went a bit normal between the teams again. Everyone did their own thing until today. A developer from our team left to join their team. And as it has not been the 1st time that ProMods recruited people who were already a developer of Tregion, despite the fact that we got them from their forum (but didn't have the PM blue rank) we are really disappointed in this way of working. 
  11. I had the plan to write this message a long time ago already  but it didn't feel necessary to me. But because of what happened today it pushed me to write this post. 
  13. Regards,
  15. Sven.
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