Jul 4th, 2017
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  1. ✿ PART 001; “JUST RIGHT” ✿
  2. username : @crybabyjoon
  3. password : bling bling
  5. character's name : Yoon Shin (or kang since ANTHURIUM's surname is kang???)
  6. nicknames :
  7. — yooniverse & yoshi ; friends, & (anthurium), since he can be somewhat cute when not in a bad mood, his significant other gave him these nicknames.
  8. — shiny (shin-y) ; friends, since he's very cute and his visuals are strong, he's given such nickname because he somewhat shines from the ordinary
  10. age : 17
  11. birthday : september 9, 1999
  13. height : 160 cm
  14. weight : 50 kg
  16. slot : lilium
  17. backup : sunflower
  19. face claim : @yjunyj (insta)
  20. backup : @k1msnbn (insta)
  22. ✿ PART 002; “AMEN” ✿
  23. personality: shin is your local GOOD BOY who has rarely done anything troublesome or threatening to himself, he's unintentionally very innocent and child-like. he's also one of those nice people that no matter how much their stepped on, they'll always see the good in everyone. him being innocent and caring has brought him a lot of teasing in life, for growing up not knowing as much as the other boys in school was difficult for him. though, far from all the teasing, shin is someone that everyone wants to squish, he's cute and nosy like a baby would be, which just makes people like him even more. he's obviously likable, friendly or romantic, but shin is someone who can't take a hint. if it's feeling from a girl or boy, desperately trying to make their feelings across, shin will only see it as cute affection and unintentionally reject everyone coming at him. the boy is so innocent, to the point where he doesn't even know when HE has feelings for someone, it's all like a blur to him or as he suddenly has a "tummy ache". shin is also a somewhat "feminine boy", as his classmates or friends (maybe even the other appliers??) said, who can't take a hit. he's not athletic, he's always ready to cry for it be because of a sad scene or because he was teased too harshly, afraid of many things to the point where he's easily frightened, does girly gestures, whines 24/7, and is practically a human marshmallow- is easily physically hurt. in conclusion, shin is someone who is reliable because he isn't a dumb teenager, he's innocent and cute, emotionally and physically easily hurt, and is completely oblivious to any type of romantic feelings towards himself or when he has the hots for someone.
  25. background : shin grew in a family that wasn't really the best, though he was an only child, he was glad at the fact because of his abusive father. of course he wasn't the only one being abused, his mother was as well in deep pain just like himself, though what could a small child do? he wished his life were differently, he wished he was differently. shin believed that his father lashing out like so was because of what was figured out of himself, what shin's father thought he was. shin and his mother were being abused by a troubled, drunken man almost every night because of how he examined his son, he noticed how his son never talked about how he liked a girl in his class and how well he got along with the buddies he brings over to the house. "too friendly, you're too touchy and giggle like a girl would! with boys, shin, boys!" the turn of events, the turn in his father PERSONALITY and the light in his eyes made him scared and weak, which caused his father more anger. 'why isn't he fighting back? because he's a cocksucker?' such thoughts would run through his father's head all day, resulting in pain and tears. that is, till the neighbor had enough of all the cuts and bruises he saw on the poor women and her son everyday when they so happened to bump into each other when taking their kids to school, the cops were on shin'd fathers ass that day- it being the last day shin even saw or heard of his day, he couldn't care less though. sooner or later, shin's mother and their neighbor married, bringing both of their families together, shin finally having a stable household yet again and as he grew and grew, he found out his caring and loving feelings for his step-brother ANTHURIUM. his step-father didn't have the same abusive reactions as his biological father did, though he wasn't too keen on how his sons seemed more than just friends or step-siblings. shin's step-father talked to them, he didn't try to change shin in any way though he tried forcing the relationship, saying it didn't seem normal- at least not in a family or in a household. sooner or later, shin followed ANTHURIUM to the program he was forced by his father and used his sexuality as the reason to go, not ANTHURIUM.
  27. family :
  28. yoon shin cho / biological father / 0% / didn't like the idea that his son liked the same sex, became abusive because of so
  29. kang gyeong / mother / 100% / totally fine with the fact of her son being homosexual, as long as he finds happiness
  30. kang hyuck soo / step-father / 80% / fine with his step-son liking the same sex, not too keen with it being his son though
  31. kang hyuk / step-brother / 100% / alright with it, he's his boyfriend anyways, doesn't like it when he's too public though
  35. - children
  36. - cartoons
  37. - genuine people
  38. - truthful people
  39. - when he's babied
  40. - comedies
  41. - indie music
  42. - aesthetically pleasing slime he sees online
  43. - pEt NaMeS
  44. - hyperactive dogs
  45. - strawberry and melon milk
  46. - given sweet / caring attention
  47. - knowing what people are up to
  48. - dying his hair odd colors
  49. - sleeping on the floor
  50. - ankle socks
  52. dislikes:
  53. - being teased
  54. - documentaries
  55. - bullies
  56. - law breakers (they more scare him)
  57. - forced on making his own decisions
  58. - horror movies
  59. - when he / anyone is judged by first glance
  60. - expensive cute clothing
  61. - hypocritical people
  62. - when ignored by pups / dogs
  63. - boring / unimpressed by everything dogs
  64. - when he's given horrible / negative attention
  65. - not knowing what's going on around him / with the people he is familiar with
  66. - spiders / any type of insects
  67. - being woken up before the sun rises
  68. - it being pitch black, as in dark, wherever he is
  70. bad habits :
  71. - when scared, he screams really loudly & high pitched
  72. - he looks at the ground when walking because he likes watching his & others feet
  73. - cracks his fingers loudly in quiet places or, when it's not the correct time for it
  74. - bites his lips a lot, causing skin to peel off and bleeding happening
  75. - hums and skips, resulting in his ankle or knee from whichever legs giving up on him, falling onto someone or breaking something
  76. - unintentionally feeds people
  78. good habits:
  79. - he helps anyone out, doesn't matter when or where
  80. - is really reliable, will do anything for anyone if their in deep need and if it isn't something wrong
  81. - a really friendly sunshine, gets along with anyone no matter what their social status is, how they look, what they like
  82. - gets up every morning to cook for his family and guests, if any happen to be over
  83. - really supportive, won't leave anyone down or put them on the spot
  84. - when someone sneezes, he's the first to say 'bless you' with a charming smile
  86. trivia :
  87. - he only feeds people when he thinks they aren't eating as much as they should be
  88. - though he likes being babied, he likes babying others even more
  89. - likes watching the news to see how the world is doing
  90. - for some reason, really likes putting his and others phones to charge
  91. - actually a huge fan of dancing and making covers, yet once he starts, he gets lazy and loses hope on himself
  92. - thinks rappers are really cool
  93. - though he isn't planning on getting one any soon, he thinks tattoos on others are really cool, especially if it has a meaning or looks very artistic
  94. - so supportive that he's like that one soccer mom!!
  95. - really nice, surely doesn't seem the type, but he curses to himself all day long under his breath
  96. - drinks strawberry and melon milk more than regular milk
  97. - wastes most of his money that he earned at part-time jobs or from allowances on sweets
  98. - carries a power bank around him everywhere just in case someone needs it
  99. - prefers to hang out with girls rather than boys, they intimidate him a little at times
  100. - enjoys it when another male is shorter than him because he is considered 'very short'
  101. - would drop his shit for a hyperactive pup any day
  102. - really wants to learn spanish, thinks it's a really cool language
  103. - low key thinks the curse words are cool ^^
  104. - really likes the numbers 5 and 7
  105. - all of his social medias are @shinyshiny (pronounced shin-y shin-y)
  106. - watches any language dramas without subtitles to at least catch a few words or sentences he can use on his friend or family
  107. - likes gifting people cute phone cases
  108. - has a wide collection of fidget spinners, all different colors and different kinds
  109. - likes dove soap
  110. - tries his best not to damage his hair though he likes dying it odd colors
  112. ✿ PART 003; “RUSSIAN ROULETTE” ✿
  113. how do they act around the others? : like he usually would with his family and close friends, innocent, cute, nosy like a child. though he does act much more bright, as in 'nothing will ever bring me down' bright. all smiles and giggles, putting his hands on peoples shoulders as he talks to them closely, rests his head anywhere... probably twice as touchy but there's always someone there to stop him somehow. low key friendly to the point where people asks themselves if he's even real, the boy being too easy-going and a great person in overall. but, that's because shin doesn't people see his bad habits or his negative sides, only lets his good sides come out.
  115. can they handle pain? : shin is the type of person, that if something does her them, they act as it doesn't and hold a wide smile only to think about it later in the day or night and slowly feel horrible till the point where they probably break down. he'll brush it off like nothing, bringing up a different topic hurriedly, but not too fast to the point where it's noticeable. he can't though he act like he can.
  117. how do they react to the PAH? : though shin isn't really the type to talk badly or be rude in any sort of way, he thinks the program is complete bull and tends to ignore what's really going on and happening. love is love and it doesn't matter if a girl likes a girl, a boy likes boy, or a girl likes a boy– that's what shin really thinks.
  119. how do they react to the staff of PAH? : kinda wants to give them a talk, a small lesson about what they're doing really won't matter because they simply can't CHANGE someone's sexuality. it's not just snap snap, boom bam, you're straight.
  121. any psychic or physical diseases? :
  122. – has asthma
  124. ideas for interactions between the characters? :
  125. – shin tries to lighten up the mood at the program, shouldering whoever is beside them, "so... why're you here?" he says in a cute and friendly tone, only to receive rejection because truly?? why, shin??
  126. – one of the staffs of PAH is trying to talk shin through about the programs purpose and why it was made, though all shin does is turn to look at another character and say "is this person fucking stupid? I've played nice for too long lemme at him!" confusing and alarming everyone because wow baby shin attacking!1!1!1
  127. – any characters being high key gay for each other and people tend to walk in on them when they're at their gayest
  128. – or a characters trying to show a staff of PAH why being gay is great??? like?? idk man just character and PAH staff, gay.
  130. love interest : ANTHURIUM
  131. back up : (am I suppose to choose? they're a couple no? hmu if u want me to change this up tho!!)
  133. how do they act around their love interest? : despite ANTHURIUM being the way he is, aggressive and impulsive, shin is still as touchy and child-like with the boy. of course, there are times when shin knows when to stop, when to not be annoying to his boyfriend, though when ANTHURIUM is in a good mood– he surely will poke his way into the other lads space. he's much more giggly, acts much more freely, mainly because of what his significant other does which makes him free so shin might as well be as well. shin doesn't take anything or do anything unreasponsible, but he does smile his widest and makes sure to spend a great time when with ANTHURIUM.
  135. how would they react if their love interest get hurt by someone? : it's as if he's hurt, though he wouldn't get too emotional over it. of course he'll probably be shaking from the anger, and though he's prone to not really show anger, he'll do his best to get it across. speaking loudly and pointing defessinvely to whoever hurt his significant other is his key point, somehow being pointed and yelled at by such a cute face makes people want to run away?
  137. ideas for interactions with love interest? :
  138. – shin and ANTHURIUM could be doing something that was asked of them from the PAH staffs with other characters, and suddenly their relationship is the question of the hour. "aren't you two, like, a thing? surely doesn't seem like it" as whichever character speaks their mind, practically asking for PDA, shin hurriedly tries to explain how ANTHURIUM is already comfortable with the idea of keeping his sexuality not as public as many, though ANTHURIUM beats him to it. "it's not like that, i'm just not as publicly comfortable as many. my emotions are also always all over the place, so im worried I'll hurt shin, he's important to me one way or another so start minding you're business." a wide smile that hadn't made its arrival till now played at shin's lips, slightly caressing the arm that was placed around his shoulder.
  139. — ANTHURIUM's emotions go all over the place after an argument with a PAH staff, finally showing his aggressive side as he's punching walls and yelling in anger. everyone's scared, of course who wouldn't be when someone's just yelling in gibberish and punching everything in sight. no one dared to get in his sight, for shin warned them to stay behind closed doors, though he made a move himself. "hey bub, you kay? wanna have a chat about it?" after shin's soothing voice plays through ANTHURIUM's ears, he's stopped and turns as he's breathing heavily. "stop I don't wanna hurt you by accident" shin only walked up to the boy who was cornering himself, placing a warm and calming hand on the aggravated young man. "it's alright, I know for sure you won't ever hurt me. if you don't want to chat about it, let me make you some tea or something calming? let's go inside, hurry"
  140. (I suc @ these woW)
  142. ✿ PART 004; “THE 7TH SENSE” ✿
  143. extra : nope nope
  145. why do you want to be accepted : tbh I saw gay and I went head first into this apply fic, and then I got deeper into the plot and such and though I was hurt by those rood parents, I thought the idea was hella lit and went for it. never seen an apply fic with such plot, I'd like to be one of the few to be in this apply fic and comment my heart out. (I'll prolly visit and comment like crazy even if I'm not accepted so pls don't feel pressured!! <3)
  147. what do you always wanted to tell me (joo)? : wHELP, we don't much of each other but maybe me being accepted will actually give me the guts to talk to you privately if ever needed or wanted! I'm highly anti social so I sadly need a reason to talk to someone or else I feel as if I'm disturbing their life! though, I wanted to say that this apply fic gonna b the shit, watch, you've got lots of appliers already and I'm sure they're good forms so wow, competition strong man. hope you do great in your future or current apply fics / books as well!!
  150. ㅡ joo, wrong, 2017
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