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  1. 11:53] Liquid Hound: Do you have a white character for our faction?
  2. [12:14] yag tnera spart: For now no, I wanted to create one but I abandoned that idea
  3. [22:10] Liquid Hound: hello
  4. [22:11] Liquid Hound: so i heard you're trying to somehow claim that the visitor phone is recorded, do you have evidence on that?
  5. [22:11] Liquid Hound: like can you prove that it is actually something that happens?
  6. [22:27] Liquid Hound: Alrighty, if you're not up to be confronted I'll talk to your superiors and proceed to make a complaint.
  7. [22:28] yag tnera spart: what
  8. [22:28] yag tnera spart: well I've talked with SBI and the others and we agreed on roleplaying like that
  9. [22:29] yag tnera spart: plus even normal phone calls are recorded, what makes you think that phone calls aren't recorded?
  10. [22:30] Liquid Hound: Yes the thing is
  11. [22:30] Liquid Hound: you can't asspull it.
  12. [22:30] Liquid Hound: Because
  13. [22:30] Liquid Hound:
  15. [22:30] yag tnera spart: where is it written?
  16. [22:30] Liquid Hound: I think it's taken out of the exact law
  17. [22:31] Liquid Hound: and also, you are aware that phones like these are basically like those cans with a straw right?
  18. [22:31] Liquid Hound: It's only for voice transmission, they're not actual phones.
  19. [22:31] yag tnera spart: sec
  20. [22:32] Liquid Hound: If they were actual phones, you'd have to type a number and so on
  21. [22:32] yag tnera spart: I'm talking with Danzig as well
  22. [22:33] Liquid Hound: This is not something danzig has knowledge on.
  23. [22:33] yag tnera spart: no we're actually asking to someone else
  24. [22:33] yag tnera spart: as he said
  25. [22:33] Liquid Hound: I'm talking to Payne directly.
  26. [22:33] Liquid Hound: well not me
  27. [22:33] Liquid Hound: but you get the point
  28. [22:34] yag tnera spart: well I actually don't mind for the scene
  29. [22:34] yag tnera spart: I talked with the SBI
  30. [22:34] yag tnera spart: and we agreed to act like this
  31. [22:35] Liquid Hound: It's not something you agree on.
  32. [22:35] Liquid Hound: It's something that wasn't roleplayed first of all, never existed rpwisely, it's powergaming.
  33. [22:35] yag tnera spart: Well, there's also SBI involved, why are you talking to me?
  34. [22:35] Liquid Hound: Because you're the one that pulled the trick.
  35. [22:36] Liquid Hound: You didn't succeed in pulling a "I heard that" so you resulted to rping phone taps.
  36. [22:36] yag tnera spart: well let's make it clear
  37. [22:36] yag tnera spart: your friend never roleplayed to talk quietly
  38. [22:36] Liquid Hound: I was Spencer Lyons
  39. [22:37] Liquid Hound: And I did roleplay talking quietly.
  40. [22:37] yag tnera spart: Okay, you never did that /me
  41. [22:37] yag tnera spart: and we have a video on it
  42. [22:37] Liquid Hound: I did a /me that was even linked in the chat by you or the other SO
  43. [22:37] Liquid Hound: I can literally fish up the shadowplay, cause you made me save it.
  44. [22:38] yag tnera spart: listen
  45. [22:38] yag tnera spart: I'm relying on danzing to be honest
  46. [22:39] yag tnera spart: and wait for him for what we can do
  47. [22:40] yag tnera spart: SlipkyToday at 11:36 PM
  48. Might be worthwhile to make it known. If it's in the government custody you'd probably be unable to do jack shit using the payphones without a goon squad rolling up on you.
  49. I can explain it to Liquid if you want.
  50. [22:40] yag tnera spart: SlipkyToday at 11:37 PM
  51. Prison calls are usually recorded, even in lower security prisons afaik
  52. [22:41] Liquid Hound: bro
  53. [22:41] Liquid Hound: Literally, PHONE calls
  54. [22:41] Liquid Hound: Not, VISITOR PHONES
  55. [22:41] yag tnera spart: is there something that regulates this?
  56. [22:45] Liquid Hound: Well.
  57. [22:45] Liquid Hound: Firstly, you don't tap anything on the phone, meaning it doesn't exist on a certain line
  58. [23:04] yag tnera spart: well, what do you want to do?
  59. [23:04] yag tnera spart: void the entire scene?
  60. [23:05] yag tnera spart: I mean, that's pretty obvious that phones in the jails are recorded
  61. [23:05] yag tnera spart: even visitor phones
  62. [23:05] yag tnera spart: we're in 2019 not 1980
  63. [23:05] Liquid Hound: of course i want the entire scene to be voided
  64. [23:05] Liquid Hound: well no
  65. [23:05] Liquid Hound: void just the part where you asspulled a recording tape
  66. [23:08] yag tnera spart: alright let's get in touch with an executive staff member
  67. [23:09] Liquid Hound: I already filed the IA report.
  68. [23:09] yag tnera spart: and ask if phones in the jail are recorded
  69. [23:09] yag tnera spart: ah alright
  70. [23:09] Liquid Hound: Too much hassle for it though, a forum complaint would have sufficed.
  71. [23:11] yag tnera spart: yeah that's the best thing to do
  72. [23:16] Liquid Hound: Even Payne said it's robocopy
  73. [23:16] Liquid Hound: he said "tell them to piss off"
  74. [23:21] yag tnera spart: what?
  75. [23:21] yag tnera spart: robocopy?
  76. [23:22] Liquid Hound: mhm
  77. [23:22] Liquid Hound: going out of proper rp to win the situation
  78. [23:22] Liquid Hound: robocopy
  79. [23:23] yag tnera spart: well as i told you there was no /me on what you were doing
  80. [23:23] yag tnera spart: and there's a video on it
  81. [23:27] Liquid Hound: yes i know ive got the video too
  82. [23:27] Liquid Hound: don't be a cookie
  83. [23:27] Liquid Hound: you werent even in the room when i said it
  84. [23:27] yag tnera spart: I was, behind the pillar
  85. [23:27] yag tnera spart: and I got your chat
  86. [23:27] Liquid Hound: right whatever, even so, i didn't have access to /w
  87. [23:27] Liquid Hound: because of range limit
  88. [23:31] yag tnera spart: anyway
  89. [23:31] yag tnera spart: SBI asked me at the start of the scene to keep an eye on the conversation
  90. [23:31] Liquid Hound: it doesn't matter
  91. [23:31] Liquid Hound: nobody ever roleplayed those phones as tapped
  92. [23:31] Liquid Hound: like can you imagine how many stupid roleplayers did illegal conversations on that phone
  93. [23:31] Liquid Hound: never once in this year im on rcrp have i seen sacso rp that
  94. [23:31] Liquid Hound: this is literally something i never saw rp of
  95. [23:32] Liquid Hound: and it's powergaming as hell
  96. [23:32] yag tnera spart: well sbi asked for that
  97. [23:32] Liquid Hound: Wait so SBI asked for the recording, you didn't offer that to them, right?
  98. [23:33] Liquid Hound:
  100. [23:33] yag tnera spart: They initally asked to keep track of the conversation
  101. [23:33] yag tnera spart: then after we had that OOC conversation
  102. [23:33] yag tnera spart: we talked
  103. [23:34] Liquid Hound: Right, unless you got stuff that can turn the report towards sbi itself, it'll still stay on you.
  104. [23:34] yag tnera spart: I asked them, what should I do? Roleplay that the phone records?
  105. [23:37] Liquid Hound: Do you have proof of that?
  106. [23:37] yag tnera spart: do you know who prixi is?
  107. [23:38] yag tnera spart: [23:36] Just Prixi: We were already coming after her, so we would've got the recordings either way.
  108. [23:36] Just Prixi: We even put a tracker on her car.
  109. [23:41] Liquid Hound: Did SBI however ask for the recording before you did any roleplay that has to do with it?
  110. [23:46] yag tnera spart: listen
  111. [23:46] yag tnera spart: let me get the chat log
  112. [23:46] yag tnera spart: even if you don't think is a valid proof
  113. [23:46] yag tnera spart: I have chatlogarchiver
  114. [23:47] Liquid Hound: chat logs aren't valid
  115. [23:47] Liquid Hound: unless they're screenshots from in game
  116. [00:08] yag tnera spart: the SBI asked me to keep track on the discussion
  117. [00:08] yag tnera spart: that's all
  118. [00:08] yag tnera spart: so the first thing I thought, phones might be registered
  119. [00:09] yag tnera spart: so I acted like that, because they asked me to do that
  120. [00:09] yag tnera spart: but yeah, I thought they were registered
  121. [00:09] yag tnera spart: and anyway I don't even roleplay a detective
  122. [00:10] yag tnera spart: I just roleplay a normal deputy who works for the traffic
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