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  1. VegasMirage > derp I'm on those killmails you fail faggot - I fly for CFC
  2. Shoot2kilI > Also, you must be one of the three or four cfc pilots on the Killmail, since it was HBC not CFC.
  3. VegasMirage > I saw you there when you came back in game 1 month ago with Bushido chick
  4. VegasMirage > I did FC fleets in Delve when it started
  5. VegasMirage > been doing this for 5 months son
  6. VegasMirage > and ya considering I can multibox Supers
  7. VegasMirage > and well you cant
  8. Shoot2kilI > Oh.
  9. VegasMirage > meh you still suck woulda heard you on comms
  10. Shoot2kilI > You dual-box supers now.
  11. Shoot2kilI > Hiliarious.
  12. VegasMirage > actually more than that
  13. VegasMirage > can run dual triage archon 2 Moros 1 erebus and 2 Nyx same time
  14. VegasMirage > how bot you?
  15. VegasMirage > how long is your reach you silly cock juggling twat
  17. Shoot2kilI > Hold on
  18. Shoot2kilI > I have to broadcast this to TEST
  19. VegasMirage > and I know guys who flew with me in Milkmen so its only time
  20. VegasMirage > go rat in your shiny and see what happens
  21. Shoot2kilI > I don't rat
  22. VegasMirage > you'll NEVER know who I am bro
  23. VegasMirage > I know all your dirty ass faggot shit
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