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  1. [10:08 PM] Rogan: There have been some questions about the distribution of our priest loot. For now i think the system we implemented is a fine and good way to distribute loot. In this stage of the game most people already farmed their BIS loot, and yes there are some upgrades in Molten core that are questionable. For the priest my knowledge is; yes going for raw healing powers is a way to improve ur healing overall in the raids. But tbh in the future we will be facing bosses that isn't just about raw healing power. We need our priests to have a solid 5 piece tier 1 set and a 2 piece tier 2 set. This is to improve urself with some overall stats and some tier bonusses. For now Moltencore and Onyxia can be managed with a solid + healing setup. but it will change in upcoming content. As for the priest prios the rotation system works fine and intended to get everyone geared for upcoming content in a fair and nice way. in 7-8 weeks everyone will have or almost have this solid gear setup, and u can switch it around in different situations. For the shamans its just a different situation because we are with many, and yes we can build for group healing or tank healing.
  2. [10:16 PM] Crusifier: looks to me mate :slight_smile:
  3. [10:19 PM] Tibs: I don't think anyone is spamming +heal greens are they? Not sure where that bit's coming from.
  5. I say this because the rotation doesn't work fine because it didn't last raid. Those boots went to the worst person possible. I should have outright said no but I was still trying to organise trading them to someone they're better for in the priest chat but got nothing. Understandably btw I don't blame anyone for that. It's not about loot or no loot for me. Give it to someone else and mark me down as having had some loot I don't mind. It's not a pug.
  6. [10:26 PM] Rogan: for the +healing stacking i was talking about rare BiS items,  Hands of the Exalted Herald, Boots of the Full Moon, Burial Shawl etc. dont get me wrong they are good. but they lack basic stats like stamina + u dont get any set bonuses. For the boots u were given that day, everyone should get the boots eventually it doesn't matter at what stage u get them lets all got our finger crossed all priest will have those in 7-8 weeks, because all priests need it. Ur all now talking about min/maxing on loot in the moltencore/onyxia phase.
  7. [10:32 PM] Rogan: There really is no right or wrong in this stage of the game. In the upcoming patches and content we will work with priority's more, u will then have world bosses, bwl, pvp, there is a much wider range of items then we can look at min/maxing our healers.
  8. [10:44 PM] Tibs: I'm not arguing the case that T1 isn't good. I'm using all my T1 bits. I'm arguing that something got assigned to the person with the best boots in the raid. In a singular case it doesn't matter at all, no. I'm not saying we freak out because a few stat points are missing across 40 people. My worry is just that with a random rotation like this we will be lucky to not see people who get far more value out of MC than those on the unlucky end.
  10. What I seem to be getting told whenever I have suggestions, across multiple sources is, fuck it it's MC who cares. So I probably just care too much. For MC almost nothing matters it's just where you draw the line. For some that's all the way to speed clears, for me that's taking a solid look at this kind of thing
  11. [11:05 PM] Erinpriest: I'm going to jump in here and tell you my view, Tibs. Realistically we are going to be in MC until February at the earliest. This is more than enough time to to gear everyone. We are not running on rotation. If that were the case then when a duplicate item dropped and somebody was next on the list, it would go to them a second time.
  14. I invited you to take part in the creation of the priest loot list, which we agreed on and then checked this with the other two priests we had at the time.
  17. It is the case with all roles that once the list for the tier has been agreed with all parties, it is final.
  20. This leads us to the actual distribution within raids - You may see it as rotation but actually it is beneficial to the raid to spread gear around. If we exclude Wokz, as he is only going to be included in loot from tomorrow, each priest has 1 piece of tier 2 and 3/4 of us have 2 pieces of tier 1.
  23. This distribution system is designed to be more 'hardcore' than DKP, it ensures everyone gets geared together and sitting out occasionally doesn't affect your ability to get gear, and certain individuals don't end up waiting for 'the good bits'. It also encourages people to farm their dungeon gear between raids, whereas distributing gear in a more 'whoever has the worst piece' loot council system will inevitably lead to people settling with a bad piece as it will guarantee them the raid item.
  26. In future tiers the system will be slightly different, but very much on the same lines with a few more considerations when distributing.
  29. To address your point on 'fuck it it's MC who cares', I feel this is unjust and doesn't give credit to the officers and role leaders for the work they have done and are continuing to do to identify areas for improvement. Just because nobody has asked you to do something different, it doesn't mean it is the case for the whole raid team.
  30. [11:06 PM] Erinpriest: We are tightening various things up, but it takes time. We raid once a week and making a lot of changes at once does not allow you to properly monitor and analyse said changes, to gauge their effectiveness.
  33. I do not really feel I should be justifying every decision to individuals within the team, a lot of time is put into this by the officer and role leader teams to allow the rest of the raiders to just enjoy themselves and not worry about the big things, just their individual play.
  34. [12:46 AM] Tibs: "If that were the case then when a duplicate item dropped and somebody was next on the list, it would go to them a second time."
  36. You know this isn't what I mean. I'm not trying to be rude by saying that but I don't know how else to put it.
  38. For the tier list, yes I agreed on it. A few asterisks which got lost but I still agree. I only edited parts of it because that discussion took place before DM was announced. I'm not trying to change that list I wanted to make it more nuanced so it gave a better practical overview with everyones input who wanted in. I'm not trying to say I know better than anyone. It was a genuine offer to everybody which nobody responded to.
  40. "This distribution system is designed to be more 'hardcore' than DKP" I agree to an extent. I'm not used to DKP and I don't like it, again I don't want to look to be advocating for something I'm not. What I was proposing was not a complete overhaul, just an addition to make it more nuanced. It sounds like we want that nuance eventually anyway we just decided it didn't matter right now which is why i only agreed with its justication as 'hardcore' to an extent. Besides the fact it was justified as that by comparing  it to something no one asked about.
  42. "It also encourages people to farm their dungeon gear between raids" It's also extremely negative. The people who have gotten solid pre raid bis dont get value from MC. I also don't believe any of our healers are that selfish/lazy, because as you say, this is a hardcore guild and that tends to happen elsewhere. I'm not trying to flip this on you though or put words in your mouth, I know you don't think that of any of the healers too.
  43. [12:46 AM] Tibs: The whole fuck it MC who cares thing actually comes off worse than I meant I agree with that. I can make the excuse that it sounds a lot better if you know how I talk but I'll say that was harsher than I meant it to be. As for the rest of it. It's not about justifying every decision. As I said it's not about the boots it's what it represents. I just cannot stand by getting it because "I haven't got anything in ages". It's not about getting loot. Like I say mark me down as having had something whilst not giving me them I do not care.
  46. I didn't want to make a big thing out of it. I've just had to dodge being made to defend a million positions I don't hold tonight when what I wanted to offer was a potential small improvement that got no response, when I see no discussion at at all happening on the priest side of things
  47. [1:05 AM] Tibs: I don't know what I'm supposed to take away about all these invisible things that are happening that I can't see when we would have moved forward into the next reset without acknowledging the one thing that has been suggested in this channel for priests. I have suggested some things to you privately yes, but I really don't know. I was supposed to help out too with certain parts but I never got asked to do that either. It's not that I'm offended. If people can figure it out, great, but as it stands I don't know what is happening as a healer. We've somehow managed to talk about 50 different things all of which are not what I wanted to bring up instead
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