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Apr 27th, 2016
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  2. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Build 7455 Update changelog:
  3. -------------------------------------------------------
  7. Bug Fixes
  8. Fixed a bug causing the decoys not to be visible on the minimap.
  9. Fixed a bug affecting the icon and effect of the Wraithguard Eldar upgrade.
  10. Fixed a bug affecting the visual of the destroyed prow on an Eldar Voidstalker.
  11. Fixed a bug affecting the tooltip and feedback of the Eldar Pulsars.
  12. Fixed a bug affecting the Eldar Maelstrom, causing it to spawn inclined or not on the same plane.
  13. Fixed a bug causing the guest to be able to see the deployment zones in the starting cutscenes.
  14. Fixed a bug affecting the Fleetpoints in Campaign mode.
  15. Fixed a bug allowing a player to accomplish the bombardment missions of the Planetary assault mission using the ghost of the Micro-Warp Jump.
  16. Fixed a bug affecting the Starcannon Sentry (Defence platform Eldar) tooltip.
  17. Fixed a bug causing the damage taken FX on the Chaos Light Cruiser not to be placed on the right place.
  18. Fixed a bug allowing the Attacker in Data Recovery to see the target enemy ship during the deployment phase.
  19. Fixed a bug causing some GUI windows to show the Emperor’s detection range at 5.000 instead of 10.000.
  20. Fixed a bug forbidding the Guest player to see the Mark of Nurgle FX.
  21. Fixed a bug causing two dialogues to trigger if the player pressed escape during a dialogue and closed the menu.
  22. Fixed a bug causing the Holofield to spawn particles when allied shots passed through it.
  23. Fixed a bug that didn’t cancel a skill a player was going to launch if the ship using the skill was destroyed.
  24. Fixed a bug causing the Nemesis destruction dialogue to trigger even if the player lost a mission without destroying the nemesis in it.
  25. Fixed a bug forbidding a destroyed engine with the Mezoa pattern drive upgrade to deactivate special manoeuvres.
  26. Fixed a bug allowing a player to see an invisible enemy ship through the bomb placement FX.
  27. Fixed a bug causing the Vaul’s Manoeuvre Eldar skill to not make a true 180° turn sometimes.
  28. Fixed a bug causing the defeat of the “Alliance with the Eldar” mission if the Eldar fleet was destroyed.
  29. Fixed a bug causing the Vaul’s Manoeuvre Eldar skill to plays its FX two times.
  30. Fixed a bug causing the Reinforcement skill FX to be played two times.
  31. Fixed a bug causing an autosave not to be suppressed if the player switched language.
  32. Fixed a bug affecting the close defence turret systems FX on Space Stations and Defence Platforms not to be set correctly.
  33. Fixed a bug causing the subtitles to be misplaced if two cinematics were played one after another.
  34. Potential fix on the bug forbidding a player to use Skills and manoeuvres.
  35. GUI
  36. The Eldar Favour icons now scale depending on the resolution.
  37. Tooltips added to the Special manoeuvres skills of the Ork and Eldar factions.
  38. Imperial Captain portraits in Port maw now correctly fitted.
  39. Graphics
  40. New FX for the Phantom Disruption Eldar Favour skill.
  41. New FX added to the Bombardment Cannon Space Marine impact and critical hit.
  42. Optimisation
  43. Improvement brought to the queuing orders management and the movement orders with a destination close to the ship.
  44. Anti-cheat protection added for some known cheats.
  45. Introduction videos upgraded.
  46. Gameplay
  47. The Eldar Skill Pathfinder Webway Assault can now trigger any critical damage, including Hull Breach and Fire Onboard.
  48. In the “Seizing the Eye” Campaign mission, the enemy now only have 150 fleetpoints.
  49. In Space Station assault, the defender now has 600 Fleetpoints.
  50. Text
  51. Various modifications brought to the text.
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