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The Sun - Hacked Miss Scotland 2010

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Jul 30th, 2011
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  1. The Sun - Excerpt of Miss Scotland's 2010 contestants.
  3. Released by Batteye.
  5. Full CSV release:
  8. "427","23/03/2010 06:39:01","Kate","Daly","1 Reid Place, ","Glenrothes","KY6 2AY","07825884415","","Kirkcaldy","05/01/1992","","5' 8'","9 1/2 stones","Green","Brown","34'","34'","28'","","Retail assistant","I enjoy keeping fit by running and exercising with my friends. I also spend a lot of time with my 4 nephews, especially after school when I can hear all about their day. I also enjoy visiting the cinema, my favorite film at the moment is the Twilight Saga. My weekends are usually spent visiting grandparents through the day and socialising at night with work colleagues and friends. ","I am currently employed as a retail assistant but will be attending college next year to do a course in fashion design, my main ambition is to eventually have my own boutique selling my own design clothing. ","I am involved in some fund raising activities for breast cancer and other forms of the disase, the reason for this is that my gran's sister in Canada has had breast cancer and, seeing how much it has affected my gran, I felt I wanted to do my bit to help.","I love Billy Connolly. I have always thought he was funny but after reading his first autobiography 'Billy' by Pamela Stephenson and finding out just how hard a life he has had, I gained a huge amount of respect for how he has managed to become such a worldwide success.",""
  9. "428","23/03/2010 06:48:05","cheryl","dickson","4 greenoakhill avenue uddingston","glasgow","g71 7rd","07773369259","","glasgow","10/09/1992","","5ft 7","9 stone","blue","red","32","00","28","","student","i love socialising and meeting new people i enjoy swimming and jogging","my ambitions are to be succesful in my beauty course and one day own my own shop ","marie curie nurses as they looked after my granpa when he was sick and they made such a difference when he was in the hospital","my favourite scottish person is Sharleen Spiteri as she is the most down to earth person and never forgotten her roots and really helps makes a different to charitys",""
  10. "429","23/03/2010 08:20:32","Melissa","Macivor","43 Riccarton Mains Road, Currie","edinburgh","EH145NF","07952745431","","edinburgh","16/12/1990","","5' 4'","8st 3","hazel","choclate borwn","32c","30.5'","25'","","student","Since the age of 4 i have had a great passion for dance and theatre arts. I do classes in ballet and modern and i'm part of a performance group who compete in competitions around the UK and help raise money for charities. I have performed in the pantomime at the Kings theatre in Edinburgh alongside the likes of Grant Stout and Allan Stewart for many years. I also enjoy keeping fit at the gym on a regular basis. My interests also include fasion and retail. I currently work in Karen Millen where i enjoy advising and interacting with different customers.","I am currently a student in my second year at Heriot Watt university studying Marketing Management. I have a great interest in advetising and hope to either go into this line of work or go down the performing arts route. ","My favourtie charity would have to be the Make A Wish Foundation. They help to make the wishes come true of chidlren with life threatening diseases. I believe this is truly inspirational as it gives these children the chance to forget their worries and spend time with their family as they perhaps face the dreadful prospect of what could happen in the future. I love working with children and this is also one of the main charities i have raised money for with my dance academy in the past. ","My role model and Scottish personality is Michelle Mone. I believe she is an inspiration to all younger generations as she proves that it is possible to make something of yourself no matter what your qualifications are. I have always dream't of becoming a successful entrepreneur and not only has michelle done this but she is also a very successful marketeer which i can relate to as i'm currently studying makreting at university. ","yes"
  11. "430","23/03/2010 08:39:17","Laura","Begley","22 Bearside Road","stirling","FK7 9BX","07717679695","","stirling","28/12/1992","","5ft8","9 half ","blue","dirty blonde","32","34","28","","student","","","","",""
  12. "431","24/03/2010 12:47:43","Stephanie","Humphries","70 Ellesmere Street 1/1 Hamiltonhill ","Glasgow","G22 5QT","07818284179","","Glasgow/Scotland ","25/01/1991","","5ft 5in","10stone 12","Blue","Black","34 DD","28","Size 10","","Web Sales Advisor ","I love travelling I would love to do sight seeing around the world, Reading & Going to the gym","My ambitions in life is to be a social worker","My charity would be cancer research or marie curie, because i have had family that have passed away i'm previous years.","My favourite Scottish personality is Susan Boyle, Alot of people under estimated her, But she still gave it her best to achieve what she wanted in life and has been a big success. ","yes"
  13. "432","24/03/2010 04:42:14","joanne","nichol","11 abbotsford road","cumbernauld","g674bp","07759316377","","rutherglen, glasgow","13/01/1989","","5ft 1'","9st 6 ","green","black","34d","36","30","","taxi controller","my hobbies include : reading ,gym, swimming ,listening to music ,music gigs,longwalks.,,,,my interests include: photography ,fashion,books","my ambition is to be a full time contracted and respected model be it either casual modelling or fashion or glamour i aim to be very well respected and successfull and believe i have what it takes to get there in the end and a will not give up untill i forfull my dream .","my favorite charity is wishaponastar its a charity aimed at giving really sick childrens there last wishes the charity works very hard in what they do and what they raise to forfill every childs wish , id do what it takes to put a smile on a sick childrens face afterall wishes come true and id do every thing i could to make that happen for them.","my favorite scottish personality would have to be billy connely , he represents scotland in a way only a true dedicated scottish personality would he has very strong veiws and is a very succesfull gent to has great respect for scotland and the people who make up scotland the place it is today , he always stand by scotland and i beleive that he will in futuire years to come . ","yes"
  14. "433","24/03/2010 05:10:56","Daryl","Broadfoot","21 Moat Road, Troqueer","Dumfries","DG2 7HQ","07999656761","","Dumfries","15/08/1990","","5'5","8 stone","Green","Brown","34DD","35cm","27cm","","Customer Advisor","My main interests are listening to music, Gymnastics, Fashion, Going to the gym, Socialising with friends, spending time with my family and parties! I am a people person who loves meeting new people. I love outdoor activities and travelling.,,","I am due to start my Nursing studies at University this year to become a Mental Health Nurse. My aim in life is to make an impact and change people's lives. In the future i intend to travel the world and further my career and make the best of my experience at University. I have always dreamed of Miss Scotland and how many amazing opportunities lie ahead. I love my country and it would be amazing to represent it and experience all the great memories that follow.","My favourite charity would be the Macmillan cancer UK but also the British Heart Foundation because my grandad had cancer and died due to heart problems and i don't think there is a family out there who hasn't been affected by the illness. ","My favourite scottish personality would have to be Paolo Nutini not only is he drop dead gorgeous but he is a great impact on so many young people. He has grown from nothing to a top selling artist. He is a great role model and an amazing singer.","yes"
  15. "434","24/03/2010 09:36:29","Jillian","Grant","Highbanks, Braco Street","KEITH","AB55 5BZ","07876066486","","Keith","27/09/1983","","5ft 9","9st 12","Brown","Black","34","30","24","","Bridal Store Assistant","I love to keep fit - theres nothing more refreshing than going for a run first thing in the morning. Im am a very outgoing person so I love to socialise with my family & friends. I have also done some part time modelling which I love too.","Im ambitions are first & foremost to stay happy & healthy and to grab any opportunity that life throws at me - lifes too short to waste!","I like to support any local charities - I like to supoprt things that will benefit the people in my local area.","I think Lorraine Kelly is a great role model for Scottish women - she has made a great success of her life but has always stayed true to herself & her roots","yes"
  16. "435","24/03/2010 11:22:58","Samantha","Higgins","81 Hamilton Road, Mount Vernon","Glasgow","g32 9qn","0141 763 0484","","Glasgow","24/12/1988","","5.6","9st","hazel","brown","34","34","32","","Hairdresser / Care Worker","My hobbies are Hiardressing, Dancing and socializing with new people.","To be a successful hairdresser and own my own salon one day.","Cancer research uk because i am going to do the race for life and i would like to participtae more.","Gerard Butler He Is Gorgous and i love all his films.","yes"
  17. "436","24/03/2010 12:49:04","Victoria","Boyd","89 flures drive","erskine","Pa8 7dq","07581048400","","paisley","01/12/1989","","5ft7","9st2","blue","blonde","34","32","28","","law student","I love horse riding and dancing. i have been doing both since i was 5 years old.","I would love to be a top model for magazines ","Childrens Hospice Association Scotland. I have helped raise funds for the Hospice for many years.","Annie Lennox. She is an amazing singer but also a brilliant spokeswoman for charity","yes"
  18. "437","24/03/2010 01:44:21","samantha","knox","19 paradykes avenue","loanhead","eh209lb","07719839083","","edinburgh","01/09/1991","","5'2","9stone","green","blonde","34b","91","10/12","","full time mum","spending all my time with my 4 month old little boy tyler-lee , taken him swimming and going walks with him. hes all my hobbies and intrests really, i occasionally go out to clubs with my friends and have a good night. not that often tho.","im hoping to go to college and qualify as a barber to get a job i feel comfertable with. its what i'd like to do and its handy for my wee boy. ","cancer research because i've lost quite a few family members because if cancer and i wish they couldave had a longer life to spend with us.","lorriane kelly because i feel shes a very big insperation to scottish woman because on her backround. she came from a rough town and turner her life around!","yes"
  19. "438","24/03/2010 02:12:38","Rebecca","Coats","3 Greenshields Court","Lesmahagow","ML11 0PP","n/a","","Lanark","11/01/1992","","5'5'","unsure","Green","Brown","34","37","26","","Student - Geophysics and Meterology Edinburgh University / Part time Greggs","As I am studying at University and working part time at weekends I don't have too much free time on my hands, but since I have recently moved to Edinburgh I enjoy spending time exploring the city and the landscapes around it. I have taken part in various charity events including last years Cancer Research Race for Life, I also hosted my 16th birthday party and instead of presents asked everyone to donate money to Yorkhill Children's Hospital. I frequently return to Glasgow to spend time with family and friends, and sometimes travel north to Dundee and Aberdeen where other friends are currently studying. I love the outdoors and I am a keen camper and a member of the university archery club. I also have a great interest in music and love going to gigs in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.","When I was young I always said I wanted to become a weather woman and when I started my course people couldn't believe that I was following my childhood dream. Although my aim now isn't to become a weather woman as such, I do want to have a successful career and hopefully help to make a difference to our environmental issues.","My favourite charity is Cancer Research UK. Over the past few years my Father and Grandad have been diagnosed with a form of cancer. Luckily my dad has been treated, however my Grandad is unfortunately terminal. Cancer can affect everyone and it's hard to understand its devastating affects on families until you are in that situation. Cancer research is dedicated to researching treatments for all strains of the disease and helps everyone involved in each case. ","My favourite Scottish Personality is Annie Lennox. As a successful recording artist and pop icon she has used her fame and influence to front many world charities. She is not only famous for her art but also for her work done as an Oxfam ambassador and as an activist for AIDS. I find her work very inspiring.",""
  20. "439","24/03/2010 05:50:02","SARAH","PITT","5 CARLAVEROCK ROAD","NEWLANDS","G43 2SA","07545696752","SARAH.PITT@STRATH.AC.UK","GLASGOW","30/06/1990","","5'6","8.5","BROWN","BROWN","34","34","25","","STUDENT","Singing:I regularly attend singing lessons,especially in Classcial and opera.,,Socialising: with friends and family, this is very important to me.,,Art: I have always been passionate about art and have attended classes at Glasgow Art School.,,Fashion: I work part time for a fashion designer and have also modelled in a number of fashion shows.,,Acting: I have recently taken up acting and have found an agent","To follow in the footsteps of my father, he is a Scottish inventor and entrepreneur and is my inspiration for how to have a successful and independent career.","I couldn't choose between my favourite charities so can I have 2?! My first would be Breast Cancer 2000, which is a Scottish charity. I work for fashion designer Amanda Wakeley and I have helped to organise events for them in the past, this is a cause that everyone should get behind.,,My other is Dogs Trust, what girl doesn't love a cute puppy and being able to support the work this charity does is a small way of giving back the love I get from my very own puppy Miss Missy!!","Tilda Swinton,for her amazing, individual sense of style and her commitment to her community and her art.","yes"
  21. "440","24/03/2010 05:59:08","sophie","robertson","15 Sandalwood Avenue, Stewartfield, East Kilbride, Glasgow","East Kilbride","G74 4UX","07873 200363","","Queen mums in Glasgow","10/07/1993","","5 ft 10","9.6 stone","blue","blonde","36","37","26","","student in high school","Figure Skating, keep fit, reading and travel","To be successful in modeling, and later work with children in either"441","25/03/2010 12:30:10","Catherine","D'Angelo","384 E King Street","Aberdeen","AB24 3BQ","07543666869","","Tain, Highlands","02/02/1990","","5ft6","7st 3lbs","Green","Blonde","34","30.5","23.5","","Barmaid","I am passionate about dancing; which I do most days, I also enjoy drawing and writing poetry. More of my pass-times are socialising, being with my close friends and watching movies.,,As for my interests; they are fine art, fashion design and modelling.,,","My ambitions are to become a fine artist and fashion designer. I’d also love to model, especially to promote my own designs. It would be a great bonus to be a role model for aspiring talents to become their very best.","I love animals and simply adore my pets; therefore my favourite charity is the RSPCA. They know how to reach out to me, even if I find their heart-felt campaigns hard to watch.","I’d have to say Sir Sean Connery is my favourite Scottish personality; he’s a fantastic actor and a legend. I’m proud to have him in my family, and I’m ambitious to be as successful in my own line of work.","yes"
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