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Warrior's Letter To His Aunt I

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Jan 17th, 2014
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  1. Most humble greetings Aunt-sama, from you nephew Takao:
  3. Aunt-sama I must confess, when you sent me to serve Bayushi Masami-sama I was not privy to the reasoning. I know you have always told me I was burdensome, but I had hoped that after passing my gempukku I could prove to you my worth. When you, as head of our offshoot of the family, told me I was being sent to the estate of Bayushi Masami-sama to serve her I was hesitant, as she is of a different clan, but I did not question you as you said she was a friend and that sending me would fulfill a obligation that you had to her.
  5. However, Aunt-sama I must respectfully request that you transfer me back, or to the wall, or to anyplace else. I am loath to admit it, and filled with shame to share it, but Bayushi-sama treats me most cruelly and I feel the only way for you to know what is happening is for me to tell you in a bit of detail. Though I must confess it brings me no joy to do so.
  7. I noticed something was wrong immediately when I arrived in her lands. The fields looked poorly taken care of and all of the buildings her heimin dwelled in look in need of repair. There were too few men in the village and those that I saw had defeated looks in their eyes, were malnourished, and wore old clothing. The women looked much better feed, more cheerful, and better clothed, yet they had a strange look in their eyes that told me all was not well.
  9. When I entered Bayushi-sama's estate I was struck by how much better condition it was in than the surrounding village and lands. The female servants and attendants she had in her household all had strangely defiant and disdainful looks in their eyes and they were not nearly as deferential to me as ones of their stations should be. They barely bowed their heads, did not avert their gaze, and they seemed to giggle to themselves as I walked past. There were few male servants and I was rather shocked by how completely immodestly they were dressed, all in incredibly short kimonos that seemed too short for them and barely covered their loincloths. The tops of their kimonos were all too small for them and could not close properly. They looked better feed than the men of the village, but their eyes were more hollow and their skin, of which much was exposed, bared red marks and welts.
  11. When I was finally to be brought before her I was taken to a large hall where Bayushi-sama had gathered all of her court. She only has a few samurai retainers, but I noticed right away that they were all women, some seemed to be of her clan, there was a one of the unicorn strangely enough, and the rest of them seemed to be ronin women. They all had strange and fierce looks in their eyes when they looked at me, that I could best describe as cold and predatory, like a snake eying a rabbit. However, I could instantly tell which one she was. She was a tall woman, For one not of our clan, with jet black hair who seemed to be of any age between her late twenties to thirties . She had on a elegant but immodestly cut red kimono that seemed to be of an expensive material and was adorned with the black scorpions of her clan which seemed as lazily draped over her as she herself was over a small couch on a raised dais in the back of the room. Her hair was tied up with a ornate clip that seemed to be made of precious jade her mask was a small and ornate black piece that circled around her eyes. She greeted me with warm words, open arms, and with a friendly smile while her court of five Bayushi women, the unicorn, and six fierce looking women who seemed to be ronin of various ages all laughed among themselves. I made my way to her dais as her court moved to encircle me as I bowed before her. I was bothered to see her dark emerald green eyes held no warmth within them I could only see hunger and disdain. If the eyes of the other women were like those of a hungry snake, her eyes were like a Oni's.
  13. She then waived her hand to silence the room and in a silky voice with no warmth ordered me to disrobe as she wanted to see exactly what "Yasu-chan had sent her" as she referred to you, Aunt-sama. I asked her what she had said, as I was too stunned to process it, and she raised her voice without yelling and told me again, all while her court stated snickering. I reluctantly did what I was told, as it is a samurai's duty to obey, but I could not help but feeling a sense of embarrassment and foreboding. I removed my kimono and my hakama slowly as the women surrounding me made various noises and with some telling me to hurry and others to go slower. I then looked at Bayushi-sama to see if this was enough, but she motioned me to continue and I reluctantly removed my under garments and the surrounding women all made noised to voice their excitement. I stopped at removing my loincloth which made a couple of the women groan and few laugh, but Bayushi-sama seemed satisfied for the moment. She then ordered two of her ronin courtiers to strike me with bamboo switches, saying that she wanted to see how tough I was. The first woman in question a young ronin woman who looked as if she might have been a crane, with bleached hair and a slight willowy frame, if not for the wicked grin seemingly plastered on her face. The next woman seemed old at first but as she approached it was clear she was actually younger than she initially appeared, her features weathered by a hard life. But there was no grin on her face, just a grimace of anger. They both already had the cut switches in their hands as it seems like this was planned in advance of my arrival and the both started to circle me and strike at me as they did so. It stung and I was embarrassed but I endured this for several rounds. Bayushi-sama then instructed them to stop and then motioned to the large Unicorn woman to try her hand. The Unicorn woman was named Utaku Yori and she looked like she would fit better with our clan than with the Unicorn and was massive enough that I am not sure how anything but a warhorse could be comfortable carrying her. Her build was broad and her black hair was streaked with grey and flowed wildly. She laughed mightily and had a wide grin of pure join which contrasted with the predatory look of disdain in her eyes. Laughing like a mad woman as she slowly walked up to me, in a quick and violent motion she ripped off my loin cloth and casually tossed it aside. I tried to protest and cover myself, but Bayushi-sama ordered me in her cold silky voice to stand still. The gathered women then all erupted into laughter at my nakedness and shame. I have been nude before in the presence of women, but that was in communal baths and everyone else was also disrobed. There was nothing communal about this, for me anyways, and I felt a great deal of shame as Utaku-san proceeded to strike me. Utaku-san struck twice as hard as the two ronin women and I did my best to not cry out, but Bayushi-sama grinned each time I winced and Utaku-san laughed and the rest of the women snickered. This continued for a while as she walked around me roughly gripping and grabbing my arms and sides to reposition me to better suit her liking, striking me, and always laughing all the while. She in particular seemed to take great joy striking me on the buttocks. After some time had passed she stood in front of me with a evil grin and struck me in the groin and all of the women laughed loudly, even Bayushi-sama let a cold laugh escape her lips while I could only let out a small cry much to my dishonor. She continued to circle me, striking me and grabbing me roughly before finally she stopped. I had only a moment of relief before she stood in front of me and with a sadistic grin and a deep laugh grabbed my manhood roughly and in a strong and painful grip with her rough and calloused hands, pulled me to the floor before she stalked behind me and struck me again between my legs repeatedly in quick succession.
  15. It was at this time, as I was trying to compose myself, that Bayushi-sama dismissed her courtiers and told me to bow before her. The courtiers left with a bit of fuss and Bayushi-sama gently chided them as they left before she called me over to her in a harsh voice. She told me I was sent here by you to serve her in all things, and it was then she opened her kimono to me, exposing her womanhood. In her same sweet yet dead voice she told me I must kiss her there. I ask for a explanation and she then struck me in the face and in her cold and silky voice commanded me once again. I did what she commanded Aunt-sama, much to my shame. She made me kiss and bury my nose in her wet and pungent womanhood for what seemed like a long while before she then roughly pushed me away and told me that she was finished and then she struck me upon the face and said I was unskilled and that you had obviously been lax in my education.
  17. My shame and embarrassment was then compounded when she glanced at me up and down for a few moments, the way a merchant would a spread of goods, and then coldly demanded that I stroke my member for her until I released. I hesitated for a moment before she struck me on the face and told me that I must do as I am told or she would be forced to punish me. I relented and did my best not to let any tears well up in my eyes at my continued shame. As I compounded my dishonor she lazily reclined on her dais watching me. She then called in two hemin attendant woman who made only a passing effort to not snicker a bit. She told them to take my clothes and everything I had brought with me and put them into storage, including my armor, and told them to get me some new clothes. They nodded and laughed before leaving me with Bayushi-sama who continued to stare at me with a cold look of bemusement and disdain. Right before I released myself the two attendants returned just in time for me to shameful spill myself in front of them and Bayushi-sama. She then ordered one to clean up that mess and the other to give me my new clothes. It was a modified version of the revealing kimono her male attendants had on, with a slightly longer yet still barely decent cut. It was made of a much higher quality material and with more workmanship, though to my dismay they did not bring me a loincloth. She then proceeded to watch me dress and then told me in her cold and smooth voice that my duties were now to oversee her male attendants and perform other task for her as she needed. As I was the least senior member of the household, I was to obey all the other women in her service but that her orders superseded all others.
  19. It was then that I was shown out of her hall and taken to my rather sparse and dilapidated chambers. It was shortly thereafter I proceeded to procure some writing supplies and was able to draft this letter to you.
  21. Aunt-sama, I know you have rarely expressed approval of me. But I humbly ask you to recall me or arrange a transfer for me. I do not believe Bayushi-sama nor her household will treat me with any degree of respect and as my superior I humbly ask you to terminate your lending of my services to her. It brought me a great feeling of shame to write down these accounts but I only do so to let you know the extent of what has happened to me here. I do not make this request lightly but please please hear me and recall me.
  23. Your Dutiful Nephew, Hida Takao
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