Big Sis Ash(ley) Sentry

Dec 26th, 2017
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >It's 3 in the afternoon and you walk up the stairs to check on your big Sister Ash
  3. >Your parents are away on a business trip
  4. >Of course they are, do they care about you two?
  5. >Did they ever?
  6. >Ash had another concert yesterday and probably had too much to drink, again...
  7. >You half-expect to find her lying asleep with another random girl, not a guy though. There never is a guy.
  8. >You dread the day there will be one for some reason
  9. >You open the door to her room just enough to slip in
  10. >The room feels warm
  11. >Judging by the bump made by the cover she's alone
  12. >Thank God, you couldn't deal with the awkwardness if she wasn't
  13. >You carefully inch closer to the bed
  14. H-Hey, Ash...are you okay?
  15. >Suddenly an arm springs from under the cover, grabbing you
  16. >You let out a small yelp
  17. >Next thing you know, Ash has you in a lock, hugging you tightly, pressing herself against you
  18. >Damn she's stronger than she looks
  19. >You can feel one arm wriggling under your shirt.
  20. >”Heyyyy, Anon. Nice of you to come and see me.”
  21. >She smells of sweat and alcohol
  22. >She presses herself further, your can distinctly feel her firm breasts touching your increasingly damp back.
  23. >I she she smelling your hair?
  24. >You struggle more vigorously
  25. “Cut it out! You vapid...”
  26. >”A little bit longer...please”
  27. > You freeze, her voice is pleading.
  28. >”Let me...stay like this just a while longer”
  29. >That's new...
  30. >You're used to your sis being in control and getting what she wants. Heck! She's had her way with you more than just a couple of time.
  31. >This Ash sounds nothing like the egoistical person she usually is, she almost sounds...cute.
  32. >You relax, wanting to see where this leads.
  33. >She continues, speaking in a half-drunken, half-asleep voice
  34. >”You know, Noonie, I could have any guy I want at school”
  35. >Yeah, you know
  36. >”I can see it in their eyes, the craving, the way they are all ready to bend over backwards for me...”
  37. >(It's kind of funny to watch them tbh)
  38. >”Instead...instead of getting any of all the boys I can have...It had to end up with me wanting the one guy I cannot have”
  39. >You heart skips a beat, you feel your cheeks flushing.
  40. >”Only you...”
  41. >Her grip loosens, she fell back asleep.
  42. >Your mind is running wild and you now sport a raging boner.
  44. >You stay frozen there for a moment, trying to sort your thoughts. One thing is for sure.
  45. >What she just did, what she just said...
  46. >Was fucking unfair!
  47. >Your temper flares and you abruptly break out of her embrace, turning her over.
  48. >How dare she play with your feelings like that?
  49. >As you stand over her, Ash's eyes snap open.
  50. >You see the beginning of a smirk on her face
  51. >”Hmm, wha..”
  52. >You forcefully press your lips against her, shutting her up.
  53. >She has no fucking right to act vulnerable like that! She should stick to being a lust-filled, self-centered bitch!
  54. >She looks surprised, startled.
  55. >That only lasts an instant as she starts going along with it, closing her eyes
  56. >Your mind is getting blurry.
  57. >She puts one hand behind your head, pressing the kiss further.
  58. >You can feel her other hand unbuttoning your pants.
  59. >You can't quite remember when you put your own arm under her shirt and started fondling her breasts.
  60. >You both break the steamy kiss, panting.
  61. >A single string of saliva still connects your lips, a testament to what you just did.
  62. >Realization finally dawns on you as you look at her.
  63. >Messy hair, flushed cheeks, ragged breath and blissful look.
  64. >She wants this.
  65. >Your blood is pounding in your ears.
  66. >In that moment of clarity, as everything is telling you to continue, you do what you do best.
  67. >You chicken out.
  68. >You stumble out of the bed and storm out of the room.
  70. >A few moments later..
  71. >Or was it an hour? You've lost track of time.
  72. >You're sitting on the couch downstairs, trying to calm yourself.
  73. >Your burst of anger has faded but your heart is still thumping, fluttering?
  74. >That doesn't sound very manly...
  75. >”Deep breaths, Anon, deep breaths”
  76. >You try not to think about her alluring figure and rocking ti-
  77. >OKAY, you should really try doing something to clear your mind.
  78. >It's Saturday, you could probably hang out with someone, anyone.
  79. >You check your cellphone, sifting through your contacts.
  80. >Maybe if you got a girlfriend she'd let you be?
  81. >Do you even want for things to change?
  82. >Of course!
  83. >The thought is still uncomfortable.
  84. >Ever since Ash has publicly “laid claim” on you, half the guys at school think you're gay for not taking full advantage of the situation...And most of the girls just assume you are taken.
  85. >The boys her age just took it as a ploy to keep them at bay and chose to ignore it.
  86. >They seem to have doubled their efforts actually...
  87. >What is wrong with everyone? With all those guys hounding her she must be under constant...
  88. >...pressure.
  89. >You abruptly straighten up, taking a sharp breath.
  90. >NO! You're not gonna start to feel sorry about her!
  91. >She's making it near impossible for you to socialize, she's making your life a living hell!
  92. >Well...with small benefits.
  93. >You stop your musing, remembering you haven't actually looked at your contacts.
  94. >Remembering you need more contacts than can be counted on two hands for the search to be worth a damn.
  95. >You send the phone flying through the room and slouch on the couch.
  96. >Hanging out with several people would be ideal.
  97. >You might only have a handful of friend, but you have acquaintances.
  98. >Maybe the mall? Several students have part-time jobs there...
  99. >Fuuuck but it's filled to the brim with retards, that's just a pain!
  100. >Someone mentioned a DnD group recently, right?
  101. >Heck, even that nerdy shit would be a good excuse to be away.
  102. >Plus there's this cute chick in the group, you probably have a way better shot than the geeks in that group.
  103. >It's worth a try...
  104. >You hear some noise coming from the kitchen.
  105. >You immediately perk up like a cornered animal.
  106. >Your mind is racing, wondering what to do.
  107. >The only sound is now that of slippers on hardwood floor.
  108. >You slowly turn your head toward the source.
  109. >Ash is lazily walking, a mug of coffee in hand and a sleepy look on her face.
  110. >She's still wearing that oversize T-Shirt
  111. >Only that shirt...and panties...hopefully
  112. >Lord that's hot.
  113. >She approaches you as you tense up even further.
  114. >And drops a quick kiss on your cheek.
  115. >You flinch, you flush and you rub that cheek like a shy maiden would.
  116. “Thank you, that was sweet of you.”
  117. >In what world does “preventing yourself at the last minute from ravaging her like a beast in heat” counts as “sweet”?
  118. >She takes a slow, calculated sip of coffee a few steps in front of you. Setting down the mug on the small table.
  119. >She then puts an arm up making a nice, long, stretch sideways.
  120. >Long enough to emphasize her perfect figure under the shirt.
  121. >She lets out a small satisfied moan.
  122. “And, you know, given you've been such a niiiiiiiiiiice little brother...”
  123. >Here we go...
  124. “I figured, well, good boys need to be rewarded... ”
  125. >You fucking called it!
  126. >As she says those words, her panties slip down her legs.
  127. >Turns out she WAS wearing them.
  128. >How the hell did she do that without moving?
  129. >More importantly, you can feel a full mast stretching through your pants.
  130. >If said mast was made of cast iron.
  131. ”It's only fair, don't you think?”
  132. >Rational thoughts are out of town at the moment, leaving you mesmerized like a full-blown retard.
  133. >You can't help but gulp, and slowly nod.
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