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  1. Hi there, could I please speak to XYZ?
  2. Hi XYZ, do you have time to talk?
  3. I'm not sure if I have the right person or not. Do you have a son named ABC
  4. about 52 years old?
  5. Oh great, my name is EFG. I'm ABC's daughter from 1988.
  6. I am seeking to reconnect. Are you in touch with ABC?
  8. OK, I just wanted to put that out there. Now that I know I have the write person, I'll write you a letter.
  10. 1. He forgot about me and never thought about me and could be bewildered and in disbelief. He might not believe me.
  11. 2. He has thought of me and will be angry.
  12. 3. He will be neutral/indifferent and might be a little nervous
  13. 4. He will be happy
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