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  1. Monday, September 12, 2011
  2. [9:58:05 PM EDT] fappyhour: whats up
  3. [9:58:07 PM EDT] kleriker7: hey
  4. [9:58:36 PM EDT] fappyhour: sorry i am between a million tabs
  5. [9:58:39 PM EDT] kleriker7: np
  6. [9:58:39 PM EDT] fappyhour: this is easier
  7. [9:58:44 PM EDT] kleriker7: i agree
  8. [9:58:49 PM EDT] fappyhour: so whats up
  9. [9:58:56 PM EDT] kleriker7: may i just post you the convo i had with tog?
  10. [9:59:03 PM EDT] fappyhour: sure
  11. [9:59:08 PM EDT] kleriker7: so i dont have to explain my situation for a fourth time ^^
  12. [9:59:09 PM EDT] kleriker7: [03:48] dmagister7: did mrbuzzy tell you what i told him?
  13. [03:48] titsorgtfo: no
  14. [03:49] dmagister7: okay...so bank just put up my FB profile in the Topic with the words: harass this capper. im like wtf and pm him. he tells me i supposedly capped heroin 3cst this morning (tahts 11am where i live)
  15. [03:49] dmagister7: i was at the uni at that time
  16. [03:49] dmagister7: maybe the IT from the uni can confirm that i was using a uni-pc in the library at that time
  17. [03:50] dmagister7: it just creeps the hell out of me that someone finds out my facebook profile and commands 300 people to harass me
  18. [03:50] dmagister7: when i didnt do anything
  19. [03:50] titsorgtfo: or did you?
  20. [03:51] dmagister7: he also said that that the software detected me trying to cap a girl that was online like 20 minutes ago... WHILE talking to bank about the issue of capping
  21. [03:51] dmagister7: what a retard what i be trying to do that?
  22. [03:51] dmagister7: *would
  23. [03:51] titsorgtfo: you would be surprised.  it happens all the time.
  24. [03:52] titsorgtfo: i don’t know, man
  25. [03:52] dmagister7: hmrpf, anyways
  26. [03:52] dmagister7: a was asking of mrbuzzy to ban me and my IP
  27. [03:52] titsorgtfo: well, fappyhour runs the legal department
  28. [03:52] dmagister7: i dont care whether you belive me or not
  29. [03:53] dmagister7: this account is a security risk
  30. [03:53] dmagister7: to this room
  31. [03:53] titsorgtfo: for several websites, and im sure he can confirm whether or not charges will be pressed against you for copyright infringement
  32. [03:53] dmagister7: and it is also a security risk to my privacy
  33. [03:54] titsorgtfo: do me a favor, and talk to fappyhour about your situtation
  34. [03:54] dmagister7: okay
  35. [03:54] dmagister7: may i use a log of  this conversation so that i dont have to explain it a fourth time?
  36. [03:54] titsorgtfo: yes
  37. [03:54] dmagister7: thank you
  38. [10:00:53 PM EDT] kleriker7: i was hoping that you could just ban my account, because i am really freaking out here....i wasnt even at home 11am
  39. [10:01:03 PM EDT] fappyhour: lol dude
  40. [10:01:12 PM EDT] kleriker7: ?
  41. [10:01:13 PM EDT] fappyhour: that link
  42. [10:01:21 PM EDT] fappyhour: goes to ur own profile
  43. [10:01:24 PM EDT] fappyhour: if i click it
  44. [10:01:27 PM EDT] fappyhour: it goes to mine
  45. [10:01:30 PM EDT] kleriker7: u gotta be fucking kidding me
  46. [10:01:32 PM EDT] kleriker7: lol
  47. [10:01:35 PM EDT] fappyhour: haha
  48. [10:01:38 PM EDT] kleriker7: ULTIMATE TROLL
  49. [10:01:47 PM EDT] kleriker7: well played
  50. [10:01:48 PM EDT] fappyhour: its goog u gotta admit
  51. [10:01:51 PM EDT] fappyhour: good
  52. [10:01:56 PM EDT] kleriker7: yeah
  53. [10:01:56 PM EDT] fappyhour: so
  54. [10:02:03 PM EDT] kleriker7: the best troll attempt at me ever!
  55. [10:02:17 PM EDT] fappyhour: lol usually people realize the url changed
  56. [10:02:31 PM EDT] kleriker7: yeah...i somehow just freaked out
  57. [10:02:34 PM EDT] fappyhour: dont post anything
  58. [10:02:51 PM EDT] fappyhour: msg tog and say
  59. [10:03:12 PM EDT] fappyhour: that we worked out a deal and you will be donating 300 dollars to the site
  60. [10:03:26 PM EDT] kleriker7: lol okay XD
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