Pokerthon 1 info

Jan 1st, 2022 (edited)
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  1. Introducing Pokerthon 1 aka some runs I (kinda sorta) know done in a row to raise additional money for the GSPS Foundation - the body behind the Polish speedrunning marathons, which I'm the leader of.
  3. Schedule:
  5. Incentives and whatnot:
  6. - Text-to-speech is on (for donations >$3) and set to Swedish since I think it's hilarious how she tries to read English words in Swedish and also a nice challenge to figure out what the hell the message was before reading it
  7. - $50 raised total changes the category on Mafia from Any% to Chaos Mod (Twitch chat control enabled)
  8. - All donations up until $100 are getting matched by me (added at the end of the marathon)
  9. - For every $10 raised during the first two days, I'm going to do Sammy Suricate in Lion Land (All Levels) and Gothic (No OoB) once on Thursday (All Sammy runs, then all Gothic runs; the limit is about 14 - 16 hours)
  11. FAQ:
  12. - Where is the money going? - You're donating to my private PayPal, I'll transfer the money (with the matched amount) to the GSPS account once the marathon ends, so that it's a single donation on the foundation's account. If you don't trust me to do it, then you can find ways to donate to GSPS directly at
  13. - Why not do it on a weekend? - I work nearly all weekends and rarely have 1+ days off in a row, it's either now or not for at least the next two months. I'd obviously schedule it for a weekend if I could.
  14. - Why Dupeless for III and VC? - a) It matches NMG in SA b) III with dupes is really stressful when you're rusty, I don't want to start the day like that.
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