Aeries 2.2.31 Changelog

Mar 12th, 2016
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  1. • Fixed issues where the actions dropdown could not be opened on a tweet.
  2. • Fixed an issue where manually starting streaming could cause you to miss out on a few tweets.
  3. • Improved streaming stability.
  4. • Improved performance and caching of user profiles.
  5. • Added expand button to quick reply on mobile, it's now easier to send more elaborate replies!
  6. • fixed an issue where the live tile may not be getting updated in some cases.
  7. • Fixed an issue where syncing save read position between devices could cause the position to get stuck or display an incorrect number of unread tweets.
  8. • Debugging and logging improvements to help me get fixes to you faster!
  9. • Fixed issue where quick reply send button could seem unresponsive
  10. • Autosuggestions now don't echo what you have currently typed.
  11. Fixed some issues where autosuggestion can get stuck in the wrong state.
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