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  1. Like            Dislike         Neutral
  2. ----            -------         -------
  3. SaGa 1          FF1             FFMQ
  4. SaGa 2          FF2             SD2
  5. SaGa 3          FF3             CT
  6. SD1             FF4             SoE
  7. FF5             FF6             RS3
  8. FM              SD3             Radical Dreamers
  9. FF7             FF8             FFT
  10. SGF             FM3             XG
  11. Einhaender      Sword of Mana   SGF2
  12. Parasite Eve    FFXII           FFCC
  13. BF Musashi      FF3DS           LoM
  14. FF9                             Threads of Fate
  15. FFX                             FFTA
  16. U. Saga                        
  17. RS: MS
  18. TWEWY
  19. TLR
  21. * Bushido Blade 2 is hands and away my least favorite Square-published game by a huge margin but it looks like they didn't MAKE it.
  22. - Really, ignoring non-Square made games for the most part.
  23. ** FM3 is due for a replay.
  24. *** I'm neutral towards Vagrant Story because I never played it much. Same for Threads of Fate but I don't really recall liking Threads of Fate. Not sure how I really feel about it.
  25. **** I mostly like CT, LoM, XG, and SGF2, but they have too many things that bug me.
  26. *** There are some patches that improve SoE and FFT a lot, it seems, but I'm only going from the unpatched versions.
  27. ** I want to put FFCC in the like column but it's too repetitive.
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