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Jul 21st, 2019
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  1. The Kusari idea is much better
  2. I believe it would mostly used for trade and piracy alongside AFA, fighting OC, GC, and such, though I don't know much about the Kusari politics, it would be interesting to see how it would unfold.
  3. I've talked with TBH members and they don't seem to be under the illusion of TBH remaining neutral to KNF, so that would be interesting as well.
  4. Personally I don't see a growing ZoI a priority for sairs, but I do understand those who ask for it to an extend.
  5. it's very much tied to ooc reasons, and I feel those deserve an explanation towards the administration,
  6. I considered making a forum post about it, but it would just kick up dust, and because it concerns people's personal choices it's not really up for debate.
  7. I don't think it comes as a surprise that quite a substantial number of people in the community resort to organising events between themselves, or as you could say avoid a certain clique within the discoverygc community.
  8. though it may seem that way, this is not a top down decision from HC's from factions such as TBH.
  9. If I speak for myself and for TBH in general the HC partakes in interaction with anyone, though we can't force people to do so.
  10. I think it can best be described as a grassroots movement, ordinary players decided on individual basis that they do not recognise themselves in nor wish to participate in discoverygc's ever growing toxic environment,
  11. though they mostly have stopped trying to dictate how others should approach this community, at the same time they no longer wish to be pawns for the sole purpuse of entertaining those who at large contribute to this toxic environment.
  12. they very much wish to keep disco alive, but on the basis of mutual respect and more mature behaviour.
  13. to be more precise they want discoverygc to be a nicer community, and since (some in) the administration cannot and or or refuses to participate in that goal, this movement uses the only real power it has, the choice to only log in when rule 1.1 is guaranteed, not even as a form of protest, but as a way to keep discoverygc alive and fun for them, a place that feels welcoming and to look forward to.
  14. for those who are of this mindset, it has become a case of either this or not bothering to log in at all anymore, they don't want to drive anyone off the server, they are not protesting, they are trying to do something that at it's base has a message of positivity, and even bringing people back that previously left due to the change in climate.
  15. To put it bluntly, since the administration at large seems incapable or unwilling to promote rule 1.1, ordinary players have taken it into their own hands to uphold it.
  16. This attitude is not only prevalent in TBH though, it is happening amongst more factions and I don't stand against it, if it means including people that would otherwise take their leave, and if it is not driven by grudge against certain people but by the wish to make this a better place it is only something I can applaud.
  17. I believe the request made for increasing ZoI is very much tied to this, to diversify encounters and including more (npc) factions to these events and interactions.
  18. I mostly stand at the sideline when it comes to these developments, I am not in any shape or form the spokesman for these people, but clearly they do have my support in their actions to keep this place alive and I hope it inspires others. We shouldn't throw away the baby with the bathwater as we dutch say, discovery is still an amazing thing with a dedicated staff and playerbase, and letting the breakdown of certain lines of respect and mutual pleasure damage it is a waste.
  19. anyway, so far my monologue, as I've said, I don't want to turn it into a public mudslinging fest about he said she said, that's why I PM this to you and I hope you will share this with the administration. As an official faction TBH is always at your service, and the administration has our gratitude for their great efforts.
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