MagiReco Main Story 8 - Kaede

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Kaede
  3. 8.11 Kaede 1
  4. Shinsei Ward walkway
  5. Kaede: "I'm glad I was assigned to cover near the Adjuster's. That's right, let's stop by the flower shop!"
  7. 8.11.1: (from 8.8.1 Yachiyo 4)
  8. [insert map of Kamihama with Shinsei Ward highlighted]
  9. -Shinsei Ward-
  10. [in the evening on a walkway]
  11. Kaede: (This is pretty close to Konomi-chan's flower shop.)
  12. (I've gotta let her know!)
  13. "But, maybe she's been hunted already..."
  14. "fuyuu..."
  15. "..."
  16. "!"
  17. (I mustn't be weak!)
  18. (Momoko-chan and Rena-chan gave me strength!)
  19. [she senses]
  20. Kaede: "There's a magical girl nearby..."
  21. "Someone I don't know, so maybe it's someone who sensed the witch and came out."
  22. [she senses something]
  23. Kaede: (No, that's not right... nearby...)
  24. [someone attacks her]
  25. Kaede: "Umyah!"
  26. "W-w-w-w-what!?"
  27. [a black feather appears]
  28. black feather: "uuuhh..."
  29. Kaede: "A-a black feather!"
  30. "Um, uhh..."
  31. "You said you're eliminating everyone..."
  32. [the black feather attacks]
  33. black feather: "gahAAAAH!"
  34. Kaede: "Fuyuuu! W-what's wrong!?"
  35. black feather: "uuugh..."
  36. Kaede: "Ah, auau..."
  37. [fade to white, we see Rena]
  38. Rena: "Come on, be firm, Kaede."
  39. "Are you just going to fuyuu and auau again?"
  40. [back to the walkway]
  41. Kaede: "I've gotta work harder!"
  42. black feather 2: "guhhh..."
  43. Kaede: "Ah, here too..."
  44. [a third one appears]
  45. Kaede: "Over here too!?"
  46. "Auau... I can't handle this many by myself..."
  47. Konomi: "Kaede-chan!"
  48. Kaede: "K-Konomi-chan!"
  49. Konomi: "What on earth is going on here!?"
  50. Kaede: "I-I'll explain later, so, umm, please, fight together with me!"
  51. TO: 8.12.1 (Kaede 2)
  53. 8.12 Kaede 2
  54. Shinsei Ward walkway
  55. Konomi: "These robed people seem off... Why are they attacking Kaede-chan?"
  57. 8.12.1 (from 8.11.1 Kaede 1)
  58. [after a battle, on the walkway]
  59. Kaede: "pant... pant... Thank you, Konomi-chan..."
  60. Konomi: "No, you're welcome..."
  61. "They were really bold, I was shocked..."
  62. "But those people in black robes..."
  63. "..."
  64. Kaede: "What's wrong, Konomi-chan?"
  65. Konomi: "Maybe, Kako-chan was..."
  66. Kaede: "Kako-chan!? What happened!?"
  67. Konomi: "Just before..."
  68. "She came to the flower shop all beat up, and collapsed..."
  69. Kaede: "Fueeeh!?"
  70. Konomi: "Before she passed out, she said to watch out for the people in black..."
  71. "So I was wondering if it was these people wearing the robes."
  72. Kaede: "Probably... they're the same..."
  73. "Uyu... Before, these people said that they would eliminate the magical girls in Kamihama..."
  74. Konomi: "Eliminate!?"
  75. "Kaede-chan, does that mean..."
  76. "No, let's talk later..."
  77. "Right now we need to get a grief seed."
  78. Kaede: "Is Kako-chan in that much trouble?"
  79. Konomi: "Yeah... she used quite a lot of magic."
  80. "So I was out searching for a witch."
  81. Kaede: "I'll help you out!"
  82. "And also, umm, later I'll properly explain everything!"
  83. Konomi: "Yeah, thanks."
  84. Kaede: "You don't need to thank me."
  85. "You're both my precious friends!"
  86. TO: 8.13.1 (Kaede 3)
  88. 8.13 Kaede 3
  89. Shinsei Ward walkway
  90. Kaede: "Please, Kako-chan, be safe..."
  92. 8.13.1 (from 8.12.1 Kaede 2)
  93. [in a house, Kako gets her gem purified]
  94. Kako: ""
  95. "Konomi...chan... Kaede...chan..."
  96. Konomi: "sighhhhhhh, I'm so glad..."
  97. Kaede: "Really, uyu... I'm so glad we made it in time..."
  98. Kako: "I'm sorry, you two..."
  99. Kaede: "Are you well enough to be up already?"
  100. Kako: "Yeah..."
  101. "I couldn't move more out of magic exhaustion rather than injuries, it seems..."
  102. Konomi: "Are you sure?"
  103. Kako: "Yeah, even if I move like this I'm fine."
  104. Konomi: "Oho..."
  105. "Then, to calm us down, I'll go pour make some chamomile tea."
  106. "Also, Kako-chan, can you answer one question?"
  107. "Those people from before."
  108. Kako: "From before?"
  109. Kaede: "We were also attacked by people in black robes."
  110. Kako: "!?"
  111. [screen wipe]
  112. Kako: "Eliminate... Does that mean they're going to... kill all of the magical girls in the city?"
  113. Kaede: "Y-yeah..."
  114. "The person who came to us said that, that they'd eliminate everyone..."
  115. "It didn't feel real at all..."
  116. "But those people from before were serious..."
  117. Konomi: "Kaede-chan, have you encountered those people before?"
  118. "Those people in the black robes..."
  119. Kaede: "Yeah... I have..."
  120. "However, they weren't like that before."
  121. "They felt more... quiet, before."
  122. Kako: "But, when they attacked me..."
  123. "They didn't even hear what I was saying..."
  124. "They were just groaning..."
  125. Kaede: "I don't get it either..."
  126. "Why did they become so scary..."
  127. Kako: "That's... right..."
  128. "But, why would they try to kill us?"
  129. Kaede: "We..."
  130. "Are getting in the way of the release of magical girls..."
  131. Kako: "The release... of magical girls?"
  132. Kaede: "Um... uh..."
  133. (I-if I'm going to explain to them, I-I have to tell them...)
  134. (About turning into witches...)
  135. Kako: "Kaede-chan?"
  136. Kaede: (W-what should I do?)
  137. "U-um, for now, let's just say that release is a good thing."
  138. "It's just how they're going about it..."
  139. "Using the rumors in Kamihama, raising witches, for example."
  140. Kako: "Raising witches!?"
  141. Konomi: "And by rumors, you mean spreading rumor stories around?"
  142. Kaede: "Auau..."
  143. "F-fff-for now, let's go to the Adjuster's!"
  144. "I can't explain it well..."
  145. "But if we go there, they'll explain it properly!"
  146. Konomi: "O-Okay!"
  147. "I got it, but what are you going to do, Kaede?"
  148. "I will look for other magical girls."
  149. [flashback to Kaede being attacked by the black feather]
  150. black feather: "gahAAAAH!"
  151. [back to the room]
  152. Kaede: (shiver...)
  153. (R-Rena-chan and Momoko-chan are probably nearby.)
  154. (They'll come to the Adjuster's too, right?)
  155. Kaede: "I... I will go with you to the Adjuster's!"
  156. [her phone rings]
  157. Kaede: "Huh?"
  158. "Ah, it's from Yachiyo-san."
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