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  1. Assignment:
  3. What is the age of responsibility? That is, when should a person be considered to be an adult? Write a persuasive essay in which you address this issue. Use rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, and/or pathos) to persuade your audience and use your notes, readings, observations and experience to support your position. If you use sources besides our core text, be sure to properly cite it.
  6. In your response, be sure to consider all three “R’s” (rites, rights, and responsibilities) involved in becoming a mature person, an adult.
  9. Your final essay must be five (5) paragraphs, typed, MLA format, double spaced, 12-point font, and submitted in Google Classroom on Friday, May 25 by midnight.
  12. Everyone has their own opinion of what an adult is, and I don't believe in the concept at all. Children are perfectly capable of being the common societal ideal of an adult, and the reverse is just as true. I’ve met people who have wisdom, not knowledge, but something greater. They've been adults and children. Therefore the concept of age, and law will never fully prevent anyone deemed not legally allowed to participate in any particular activity from doing it. The only remedy to this is parents who are fit to parent. Children who are raised in an enlightenment-era fashion and prove to be wiser than others can adhere to the 18 year old baseline for some activities. Alcohol isn't difficult for the even slightly retarded teenager to get a hold of, so the solution isn't to make alcohol harder to obtain, but to make it less desirable to consume. People aren't blank slates, they're already fitted with behaviors and ideas that will truly destroy their freedom if they are not properly educated. Not educated in just the scholaric sense but in a spiritual and true sense. Knowing things that are more important than dates, events, mathematical equations, celebrity happenings and whatever else nonsense is taught in these modern propaganda centers we call schools. People need to really KNOW and wake up. Everybody's dying, one minute at a time, not knowing where it went wrong. The world our parents created is different than that their parents created. So many of the people I know have divorced parents or have suffered some awful abuse. Too many have turned to drugs and have become lost. It's easy not to notice while someone follows their daily routine, and keeps their eyes in the narrow field of view that of which could be work, chatter or whatever else occupies time. Our world is on fire and nobody smells the smoke. We're being killed and an orgasmic is on every face as the needle enters ever so slowly into our craniums and our brains are fried from the inside out. Nobody knows what really went wrong because we were too busy watching TV or wondering what Cindy at work thinks about such and such blah blah blah. So when should a person be considered an adult? Never. It's just a label. Our adults don't deserve the association with maturity, responsibility, or some kind of deity like praise. They deserve dirt for that which they have sown. There are no adults, only fools who believe a number has granted them rite to that which they desire. Our rights are only guaranteed by how much we're willing to spill blood for them. Still think we're entitled to them? Look up Japanese American Internment, look up MKultra CIA experiments. Ever since 9/11 there's been a deep distrust for government growing in Americans, and if you still think your government cares for you then keep believing it, and have a good look at where you'll end up. The world is changing faster than anyone can imagine, and it may not be for the better. The age of responsibility is the age we obtain enough knowledge to see our reality with God's eyes, and there is no SAT test that will measure that. Our world is ruled by the shallow minded, the bastards, the blind, the arrogant, the maniacal, the ignorant. Think about it - do you really need an above double digits IQ to become a cop? What does that mean if you want to lead a nation? It takes a like minded idiot to lead a group of fools. If we cared enough, we could obtain true freedom united. We could start killing politicians  and making demands and build a real foundation for a country where every man is truly free. A nation of action not committee. But alas, everyone has given up or turned a blind eye. “There is nothing wrong.” “My life is fine” even though many lives have come to be lived in a deep emptiness and with only a shallow outer existence to show for it. With pornography, the internet, TV and fast food, sugar, and sheer stupidity, a second Renaissance needs to occur. A cultural revolution will rise from the fruitful ash by which the previous generations have wrought upon us. Total collapse. It's implications will be up for speculation. If we aren't transformed into docile bugmen in the fashion of some dystopian film then the Western world will implode, and from the guts and insides of the beast a beautiful flower bed will grow, and we will create a new Golden Age. May the age of responsibility and concept of adult be damned to the freedom which our citizens truly need but don't know they're missing.
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