Leaked DMs 1

Jun 18th, 2019
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  1. larissaToday at 6:48 PM
  2. are you mad at me over this
  3. AmooTomaToday at 6:49 PM
  4. No
  5. larissaToday at 6:49 PM
  6. you know any sort of shit talking cant be happening in a mod team
  7. AmooTomaToday at 6:49 PM
  8. Yes i understand
  9. larissaToday at 6:49 PM
  10. jason said things to little and weve cleared that up aswell
  11. like little balv
  12. basically she announced she was going mia for exams for a while
  13. and then left everything
  14. and complained about how mitch excluded her and how i was a bad friend
  15. but he didnt even, she literally said she was going mia
  16. AmooTomaToday at 6:51 PM
  17. Wow
  18. larissaToday at 6:52 PM
  19. yeah she made me feel like shit in dms over it and then mitch looked into things and turns out the time i stream, shes active as fuck in like 3 other streams
  20. AmooTomaToday at 6:52 PM
  21. Thats messed up
  22. One sec dogs crying
  23. larissaToday at 6:53 PM
  24. yeahh.. jason ranted to her about mitch but he didnt know how much we talk about things i guess which i should have clarified to you guys
  25. kk
  26. AmooTomaToday at 6:56 PM
  27. Yea you shouldve clarified it, but dont stress over it at least you know now
  28. What i still kinda dont understand is how mitch didnt at least talk to me before this
  29. larissaToday at 6:58 PM
  30. i didnt know if silly started it, and if you were just upset ofer the things in gen chat after i asked you to stop spamming
  31. so i wanted to see if youd do it again
  32. and you did :/
  33. AmooTomaToday at 7:00 PM
  34. Sorry just wanting to clarify, spam again?
  35. larissaToday at 7:01 PM
  36. with ally and the nicnammes thing
  37. i know ally irl and shes only in the discord to get attention so that really bothered me
  38. then i asked you to stop and you didnt and also straight up told me no after the like third time
  39. so i thought maybe you chimed in with sillys toxicity because you were upset over that
  40. AmooTomaToday at 7:02 PM
  41. Oh no not at all i was just crazy at the time
  42. In a way, i got too comfortable with you and the server
  43. larissaToday at 7:03 PM
  44. yeah i think i need to have a full mod meeting soon
  45. all the changes have been really good imo and hes asked me about all of them, or ive even suggested them
  46. like i said hed rather people think hes controlling, and enjoy me still then hate me for changing things
  47. cause its clearly working, and streams growing
  48. idk what 'wrong path' silly thinks hes beinging me down
  49. hey maybe you could try to get that info out of him rofl
  50. cause that part legit confuses me
  51. all my stats are going up, everythings growing in a time where most streams are dying
  52. AmooTomaToday at 7:05 PM
  53. Yea i can tell
  54. Many new people have chatted as well
  55. larissaToday at 7:06 PM
  56. i can talk to mitch about remodding if youd like and explain some things
  57. because i feel like this was a massive misunderstanding
  58. plus im unmodding rain anyways soon idk i just really like you around and i was scared youd just dissapear if i didnt talk to you
  59. AmooTomaToday at 7:06 PM
  60. Wait i want to clarify this, silly was a mod before right?
  61. Ok
  62. larissaToday at 7:06 PM
  63. yeah for a short while
  64. when i was trying to start the mod team things
  65. AmooTomaToday at 7:07 PM
  66. Ok i forgot and now i remember
  67. larissaToday at 7:07 PM
  68. mary suggested i mod him to start a stable mod team but he left shortly after mitch came
  69. yeah
  70. i feel bad people see him as controlling when we literally talk about everything :/ but he doesnt care as long as streams growing
  71. AmooTomaToday at 7:07 PM
  72. So did you guys listen to the while vc?
  73. larissaToday at 7:08 PM
  74. with silly? no aha
  75. AmooTomaToday at 7:08 PM
  76. Lol
  77. Ok so
  78. larissaToday at 7:09 PM
  79. i was just told after that you were shit talking mitch and i was like :cmonBruh~3:
  80. kinda assumed silly started it with how things went with him in the past
  81. AmooTomaToday at 7:13 PM
  82. I dont want mitch gone, i know how much of a good guy he is and how much he does for the community. The thing that was setting me off was that us mods werent clarified at all of some stuff, which you just told me (thank you). Instead of agreeing with silly with some stuff over exaggerated, i should have came to you guys first and said what i felt.
  83. Just kinda wrapping my head ariund it
  84. larissaToday at 7:14 PM
  85. yeahh i 100% should have clarified all this sooner, thats my bad, can you tell me what silly said?
  86. AmooTomaToday at 7:15 PM
  87. He said that he left because he felt that he didnt know anything at all as a mod
  88. He didnt like how you and mitch dm’d each other on everything
  89. Btw i may have missed a fact or said something wrong, its been 2 days so i dont fully remember
  90. Sorry
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