Mar 7th, 2020
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  1. Rafflesia
  3. ARM 0 MUT 2 ENH 0
  5. Special Skill:
  6. Greenhouse [Auto/None/Self] When you declare a Planty Girl skill, except Growth, its effect can apply to up two other targets in the zone. If the maneuver costs AP, you must spend the AP again for each target affected.
  7. -----
  9. Grabbing Vines [Damage/1/Self] Apply Move 1 to the attack maneuver. This move must be used to pull the target towards you.
  11. Grass Roots [Action/1/Self] When you declare this maneuver, add the "Roots" part to your legs location.
  13. Roots [Auto/None/Self] Any move maneuver on you is automatically negated, even your own. For 1 AP, at action timing, you may declare Roots to destroy this part.
  15. Growth [Action/0/Self] This Maneuver takes effect 5 Count after the time that it is announced.
  16. As long as you do not gain any Madness Points or have any Parts damaged during this time period, all of your Sisters may repair two basic parts of their choice.
  17. This Maneuver may be used only once per Turn, and only if the remaining Count is greater than 5.
  19. Sweet Perfume [Check/0/0] Support 2
  21. Parasitic Seeds [Damage/0/Self] You may only use this Maneuver when you are dealing damage. At the end of each round of the battle phase, the target of this maneuver breaks one part and you may repair 1 basic part. This effect ends when the affected target is annihilated.
  23. Shelter [Damage/1/Self] Defend 1 + Negate Area. When used in response to an area attack you become its target.
  25. Fly Trap [See Below/0/Self] When an enemy moves into the same zone as you, you may declare an attack maneuver that has range 0 and -1 to AP cost with them as the target and a timing that matches the maneuver that moved them. if the move maneuver is negated than this maneuver is also negated. Damage from the attack cannot negate the move maneuver even if it would otherwise.
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