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  1. >"Ah - ah…!"
  2. >Floor Bored, blushing bright red, is squirming under the merciless march of your fingers
  3. >You run them up and down her sensitive tummy, rubbing her belly, while your other hand scratches behind her ear
  4. >She wears a goofy smile, tears of happiness (and ticklishness) streaming from the corners of her eyes
  5. >Her legs tremble, hooves pressed into the cushions of the couch, the pleasure overwhelming
  6. >Soft fur glides under your hand as you bring it up along her side, drawing out a fit of giggles
  7. >Her ribs protrude less now; she's approaching a more healthy weight now that you're helping her make better food choices
  8. >More fresh food and less packaged junk, though she'll still eat instant noodles every now and again as a comforting snack
  9. >"You like that?" you ask, going back to scritch the sensitive spots around her belly button
  10. >She nods, stammering: "M-Mmhm!"
  11. >She's still very shy about talking, but you've been trying to help her vocalize her wants and needs
  12. >Her ability to make eye contact is still poor, but even now as you cradle her head in your lap you see her making attempts to steal a glance at your face
  13. >You lean down to kiss her on the forehead, petting her mane
  14. >You're proud of her - she's been making a lot of progress
  15. >You don't expect her to ever really fully graduate from NEETdom
  16. >She's so anxious, so averse to social interaction, you're not sure if she'd ever be happy being forced into the constant socialization that other ponies take for granted
  17. >Right now you're just glad that she's taking steps to live a healthier existence
  18. >She's eating better, she's reading again, she's drawing little doodles
  19. >She's even exercising with you, but only within the confines of the apartment
  20. >The prospect of a gym or even just running outside terrifies her
  21. >Fortunately you've shown her some bodyweight routines she can do in the comfort of home, which she's been surprisingly eager to perform
  22. >It helps that you offer the incentive of a full-body massage after she's finished her workout
  23. >"You did a great job today," you say, as she promptly buries her face in your crotch. "Your press-ups are looking much stronger."
  24. >Compliments still seem to confuse her, but you're both working on it
  26. >Hygiene has been one of the more difficult challenges
  27. >She honestly seems to prefer being greasy and smelly
  28. >"D-Do I smell bad?" she'd stammered during the first month, when you'd first suggested that she might occasionally shower
  29. >You actually quite like the way she smells, even when her musk can be a little overpowering
  30. >"It's just good to clean yourself up every now and again," you'd told her. "It's healthy."
  31. >"What's the point in washing off if I'm just gonna get dirty again?" she'd asked
  32. >Eventually you managed to convince her to shower once a week
  33. >She seemed more amenable to the idea when you said that you'd shower with her
  34. >You were shocked by how violently she was shaking the first time you climbed into the tub with her
  35. >She'd clung to you like a wet rag, dragging you to the floor of the tub, until you both were lying in a wet tangle, awkwardly cuddling while the water washed over you
  36. >It was dark, as she'd insisted that you shower with the lights off
  37. >You could just feel her trembling, her face pressed into your chest, as you gingerly soaped down her coat and worked shampoo into her mane and tail
  38. >It was warm, she was soft, and the experience was oddly meditative
  39. >You weren't sure why she was so frightened, and no coherent answer was forthcoming when you tried to ask
  40. >Instead you focused just on keeping her calm, cleaning her, whispering encouragement in her ear
  41. >After you'd finished with her hair, you'd gently rolled her onto her back, cradling her from behind
  42. >Her breathing grew labored as your hands pressed down over her stomach, soaping up her belly fur, her thighs
  43. >You'd kneaded her little crotchtits, massaging the soft mounds and running your thumbs over her hard nipples
  44. >She'd moaned, her legs twitching, while you kissed down her neck, warm water raining softly on you both
  45. >"Good girl," you'd whispered in her ear, eliciting a shiver of pleasure down her spine. "You're doing such a great job, Floor."
  46. >By the time you'd finished rinsing her of soap, she seemed to have calmed down somewhat, though she was still shaky
  47. >Your efforts to clean her led you naturally to her rear
  48. >With just your hands and warm water you'd bathed her marepussy and asshole
  49. >In the darkness you could feel her winking against your fingers, her clit pulsing against your palm
  50. >"Almost done," you'd said, only to feel her twist against you
  51. >"No," she protested. "M-More… please."
  52. >You were continually surprised by the extent of her libido
  53. >It seemed like she was always ready to go, no matter the circumstances
  54. >Heck, in your first week together she'd even gotten turned on when you were helping her get rid of all the piss bottles in her old apartment
  55. >She couldn't explain it to you coherently, but there was something about seeing you handle all her old piss that made her start dripping all over the floor
  56. >Her spontaneous leaking was another challenge you'd have to address, if that was even possible
  57. >But of course you'd seen to her needs, picking her up and fucking her right there in the middle of her apartment
  58. >She was so light, it was easy to just hold her with both hands and support her while she clung to you
  59. >Despite being underweight her ass was still round and soft, molding to your fingers while you'd gently bounced her on your cock
  60. >She'd whimpered and moaned and cried so loudly that the old couple downstairs had pounded on the ceiling in an attempt to shut you up
  61. >By the time you finally finished inside her, she'd ejaculated four times all over your legs, making an utter mess of the floor
  62. >You'd looked down at her, into her glazed eyes, her face plastered with a dreamy smile
  63. >"No more peeing in bottles, okay?" you'd said
  64. >"O-Okay," she replied, nodding, but the message didn't really stick
  65. >It wasn't until you "helped" her pee that she really broke that habit
  66. >This had involved holding her up in the bathroom and having her aim her piss into the toilet
  67. >Eventually this process evolved into her just hugging you while she peed on her own
  68. >It was certainly extreme just how absolutely attached your new roommate had become to you
  69. >You wondered at times if this was unhealthy, if you were not some kind of enabler to encourage this level of dependency
  70. >It occurred to you, however, that with your involvement it was possible to introduce Floor Bored to healthy, functional everyday habits
  71. >Once she'd mastered them, you could slowly wean her off your assistance until she was able to do things independently
  72. >This had worked remarkably well with the piss problem, as after only two weeks you stopped stumbling into bottles of yellow liquid hidden in your closet like some kind of buried treasure
  73. >…Or offering
  74. >"Floor, you have to stop doing this. I don't want your pee," you'd said, perhaps too harshly, after digging out the third bottle
  75. >She'd started crying, but only quietly, covering her face out of both shame and embarrassment
  76. >"I'm sorry," she'd said, "I-I'm sorry, I thought… Oh…"
  77. >You'd hugged her. "It's okay," you'd replied. "You thought what?"
  78. >"I… I just thought…." she said eventually, through sniffles, "I mean, I pee on you all the time…"
  79. >"That's fine," you'd said. "During sex it's fine. I just don't want to find your pee in my closet. If you need to go, just go in the bathroom. You don't need to use bottles."
  80. >It was after that occasion that you'd suggested "helping" her urinate, and it had worked wonders
  81. >Now she pissed on her own, and you didn't have to hold her hoof the whole time
  82. >You'd applied the same strategy to showering, and it worked for her in the same way
  83. >After that first time in the dark bathroom, when you'd finished rubbing her needy clit to another leg-shaking orgasm, you'd given her a final rinse and helped her climb out of the tub
  84. >Once you'd toweled her off, she had emerged looking surprisingly sleek
  85. >Her pale coat glistened, her long mane was glossy and black
  86. >Her hair was absolutely everywhere; poor Floor kept blowing it out of her face until you tied it back for her
  87. >"Isn't it nice to be clean every once and awhile?" you'd asked her
  88. >"It feels weird," she'd said, looking at her shiny hooves with equal parts amusement and bewilderment
  89. >Nevertheless, she joined you once weekly thereafter for a thorough cleaning, and after a month she was even showering on her own once in awhile
  90. >Nowadays she's becoming more and more independent, and you're happy that you were able to help her
  91. >She can clean herself, she uses the bathroom properly, and she can now even cook things slightly more complicated than instant noodles
  92. >Even so, she never seems to get tired of receiving your affection
  93. >Whenever you lie down to rest she'll always lie beside you or on top of you
  94. >She'll nose into your armpit and just stay there for as long as you let her
  95. >Many hours pass where neither of you say a single word, just enjoying each other's company
  96. >Frankly, you wouldn't have it any other way
  97. >Sure, she's still twitchy, she's still shy and secretive, she hangs on you all the time, but she is also supportive and surprisingly fierce in her loyalty
  98. >And she's working hard to fix the things that have held her back for so long
  99. >Even if she never leaves the apartment, all you want is for her to be happy, safe, and healthy
  100. >She mutters something into your crotch
  101. >"What was that?" you ask
  102. >Laboriously, she lifts herself up, wrapping her forelimbs around your midsection, pressing her face into your stomach
  103. >You feel her kiss your shirt, the pressure of her lips light on your stomach
  104. >"Thank you," she says quietly. "…for everything. Thank you."
  105. >"You're welcome, Floor."
  106. >You pat her on the head, suddenly at a loss for what to say
  107. >You've never been with anyone who's tried this hard for you, who's taken all the energy you've given and turned it into something positive
  108. >It's a new experience for both of you
  109. >"I… I mean it," she continues, clearly forcing herself to speak. This seems like something she's been thinking about for awhile. "I've never felt this good before. About anything. I always want to be with you."
  110. >Her voice is strained, and she's trembling from sheer nerves, but she managed to get it all out
  111. >And her courage gives you all the words you need
  112. >You pull her up into your embrace, hugging her tightly
  113. >"I love you, Floor Bored," you say. "I wanna be with you, too."
  114. >Her eyes are wet as she buries her face against your neck, her body shaking hard while you hold her
  115. >You run your hand up the back of her head, curling your fingers into her sweaty mane
  116. >She smells wonderful, her natural mare smell, perhaps even sweeter now that you've lived with her for awhile
  117. >"You smell nice," you say groggily, heady from the closeness with her, this feeling of intimacy and trust with Floor Bored
  118. >"I'm all sweaty," she says. "S-Should I shower?"
  119. >"Nah," you reply. "I like it."
  120. >You kiss her on the mouth; her eyes flutter closed, and immediately she shoves her warm tongue deep into your mouth, as is her way
  121. >You don't mind at all
  122. >She might have her idiosyncrasies, but you love them
  123. >You love every part of her
  124. >Even though she's a smelly NEET pony, she's the best girlfriend you could ever ask for
  125. >And you want to keep being the boyfriend she's always dreamed of having
  126. >You hold Floor Bored, kissing her, as the afternoon sun dips closer to the horizon, and the light of the afternoon spills orange and gold over you both
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