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Apr 16th, 2015
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  1. "But... why, I don't..."
  2. >A little foal sobbed pathetically; its pristine coat blemished with fresh tears.
  3. >"Hush little one, hush..."
  4. >The sudden warmth of embrace deterred confusion for a fleeting second; perhaps this was natural?
  5. >No... a deep nagging insisted it wasn't.
  6. "What's wrong with me?"
  7. >It was a vague question with no real answer, but it had to be let out in the air.
  8. >"Nothing is wrong with you, you are perfect. Don't try to understand why or how, you don't need to worry about that anymore."
  9. "Anymore?"
  10. >An eerie echo follows the word.
  11. >"That's right. You're safe, you have me here to protect you."
  12. >You. You...
  13. >Wait, you? But this isn't you. Is it?
  14. >There's a sudden throb within your brain, as if a large abscess just burst flooding your mind with information
  15. >Images, sensations, experiences...
  16. >These are from your life. This is you.
  17. >It only takes a few seconds for you to realize that, currently, you aren't 'you' at all.
  18. >You're not a little foal.
  19. "What's happened to me?!"
  20. >Alarm and fear puncture your sobs as you recoil from the embrace.
  21. >Feeling as if you'd just awoken for the first time, your eyes frantically dart around.
  22. >Everything is ginormous. The walls seemingly tower for miles; the ceiling so high up it was practically out of view.
  23. >Then, curled up next to you, its eyes ever watchful...
  24. >A horse?
  25. "Who are you? Where is this? What am I?"
  26. >Quivering your questions, you stare fixed at the one before you.
  27. >It smiles before sitting up and placing its head over yours.
  28. >"Call me Mama Blackbox" she smiles before licking your head.
  29. "M-mama?" you stutter at this absolute lunacy.
  30. >She just smiles again.
  31. >"Yes, that's right. They all ask for me to raise them, but they never remember who or why they exist."
  32. >There was a slight hint of sadness in her eyes, even if her expression hid it.
  33. "I... asked for this?"
  34. >She nods, her eyes growing sympathetic
  35. >"You did, little one. And I was the who gave it to you."
  36. >Standing up, she turns her back to you.
  37. >"I'm sorry."
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