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Feb 11th, 2019
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  1. Thanks for the issue by the way. I guess you wanted to say "slideshow". I admit that your template is more convenient with slideshow.
  3. However, if you look at the rule from 6.2.3 section:
  4. "Slideshows are required only if the source article shows several photos or other media as a slideshow or gallery". Here i do not see slideshow, but just bunch of divs followed by each other.
  6. Also it is pointed in 6.2.3. that "If there are several ordinary images/videos/GIFs following each other in the source, you may also convert them into a slideshow, but this is purely optional". So I consider the second case where I leave them as an optional formatting
  8. If you look at the style of author's writing, the purpose of uploading photo was in expanding the article with bunch of divs and inside containing images (that's why images are wrapped in some kind of gray frame)
  10. Final point, i guess you have not looked at the rule 6.2.3 where it is said "We will not accept issues based on presence or absence of slideshows for ordinary images following each other in the source article." Sorry for the inconvenience.
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