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  1. def sell():
  2.     #Market: The market symbol of the trade e.g. 'DOT/BTC' (not required if 'TradePairId' supplied)
  3.     #TradePairId: The Cryptopia tradepair identifier of trade e.g. '100' (not required if 'Market' supplied)
  4.     #Type: the type of trade e.g. 'Buy' or 'Sell'
  5.     #Rate: the rate or price to pay for the coins e.g. 0.00000034
  6.    #Amount: the amount of coins to buy e.g. 123.00000000
  7.    #SubmitTrade', {'Market': Market, 'Type': Type, 'Rate': Rate, 'Amount': Amount
  8.     c = cryptopia(key,secret)
  9.     c.SubmitTrade('CHC/BTC','Sell','1','.1')
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