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Barony: Cursed Edition - Changelog 20180827

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Aug 27th, 2018
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  1. Patch 3.2.1 (27 August 2018)
  3. General:
  5. - Added nametags for all players that appear above your avatar. Can be turned off in the video settings tab.
  6. - Added support for up to 10 singleplayer and 10 multiplayer (non-modded and modded) save files with a new custom menu.
  7. - Changed the name format of savegames, these also now reside in a /savegames/ folder under the Barony directory.
  8. - Savegames are sorted by date, most recent appears at the top
  9. - When 10 slots are filled of either singleplayer or multiplayer, the oldest entry will be deleted on starting a new game
  10. - Singleplayer saves are now named savegameX.dat and savegameX_npc.dat
  11. - Multiplayer saves are now named savegameX_mp.dat and savegameX_mp_npc.dat
  12. - Modded saves are now named savegameX_modded.dat, savegameX_mp_modded.dat etc
  13. - If you have an existing savefile when updating, you just need to rename your savefile to match the above formats (e.g savegame0.dat and savegame0_npc.dat) and move it into the /savegames/ folder.
  14. - Linux OS Barony output files are now located under the home user directory inside a .barony folder (~/.barony)
  15. - Savegames, default.cfg, log.txt and mods are all written to the user's home directory to prevent access issues when writing data.
  17. Gameplay Changes - Followers:
  19. - Overhauled follower and leadership system
  20. - Followers can now be controlled using a radial menu, replacing the previous right-click 'move aside' behavior.
  21. - Options include:
  22. - Wait/Follow (novice) - Allies will either stay in place (within a 5x5 area of their location when told to stop) or follow the player. If told to stop in a smaller room like 3x2 they will stay within the confines of that room.
  23. - Drop Equipment (skilled) - Allies surrender some or all od their equipment, depending on the leadership skill of the player. Dropped equipment via this method are counted as 'player-owned' and allies will have the existing 5 second delay in re-picking up player items.
  24. - Toggle Class (skilled) - Selecting this will toggle an ally's "class", current options are "mixed", "melee" and "ranged". Upon recruitment allies start as mixed class, and if that creature is of the type to auto-pick up items on the ground (humans, automatons, goblins, goatmen) it will pick up anything as before.
  25. - "Ranged" classes will only auto-pick up crossbows, shortbows, slings for weapons (excludes magicstaffs) and only some of the lighter armor variants. (E.g Steel/Crystal breastpieces/helms/shields are excluded)
  26. - "Melee" classes will skip over ranged weapons and stack on all gear they find.
  27. - Item Pickup (basic) - Toggles between "all", "unowned" and "none", and upon recruitment defaults to "unowned".
  28. - Selecting "none" makes sure allies do not replace their equipment with any loot, and "unowned" will only pick up items that were not dropped by a player. "All" will pick up all items, and retain the 5 second delay for player-owned items.
  29. - Move To (basic) - Selecting this allows you to specify a point for your ally to move towards in the world. Upon reaching the destination (if pathable), allies shift their stance into "wait" rather than follow and wait for further movement instruction.
  30. - Allies are receptive to their surroundings during this state, and will engage in combat if any enemies are along the way. It is possible to pull an ally out of combat using this command as long as they can escape their attacker without being hit.
  31. - Targeting a point to move uses the up/down look axis (a first in the Barony world!), so you can point to which exact tile on the map (or minimap) where to go. Alternatively pointing at a wall with have your ally path to the tile in front of the wall.
  32. - After reaching a destination, allies will do a quick scan in the area to check for enemies.
  33. - Attack/Interact - As with "Move To", selecting this activates a targeting cursor. The difference is this will target entities rather than tiles in the world. Depending on the type of entity hovered over, a prompt for "attack" or "interact" will appear.
  34. - Attacking (expert) - Selecting a monster in the world will force your ally to target the selected monster, provided it is an enemy. It is also said that with enough persuasion, ANY monster can be an enemy!
  35. - If the player is too inexperienced in Leadership, "Attack" as a command will not be available, and will indicate as non interactable when selecting any creature.
  36. - Interacting (basic) - Certain types of entities are set as interactable depending on the creature type of your follower.
  37. - If a monster can wield items (generally humanoids), then selecting an item will force equip the item onto your ally. Monsters will never unequip items given to them in this fashion.
  38. - Auto equipping new items will only reoccur when the forced item has broken. Cursed items on the ally can not be swapped out. Rings and amulets can also be equipped using this command - but are hard to remove!
  39. - Certain allies (fleshy, non-otherworldly beings) can eat food if interacted with to provide a small heal + temporary bonus to HP regen if high quality. The better the food, the greater the heal + regen effects.
  40. - Allies have a decreasing hunger meter like players do, however there are no side effects to under or over-satiation. The creature will refuse food if over-satiated. Healing via food has a chance to raise leadership skill.
  41. - Humans can have a hard time handling spoiled food, but the other creatures in the dungeons seem to handle a bit of mould a-ok.
  42. - And finally, a select few allies can interact with a couple "world" entities. This includes humans, goblins, automatons, goatmen, kobolds and gnomes. Currently this is limited to removing torches off the walls and flipping levers.
  43. - Rest (skilled) - Your ally falls asleep and has increased HP regen for 30-60 seconds. Usable once per floor, for each ally.
  44. - Options on the wheel are locked out based on their required "skill level". The player's effective skill level is Charisma + Leadership proficiency (0 to 100, named proficiency tiers above novice have 20 points difference).
  45. - Options are also locked out depending on the "rank" of the monster. Humans are basic creatures and so their requirements are as per the base levels above. Each rank above 1 typically increases the skill requirements by 20 points.
  46. Rank 1
  47. - human
  48. - rat
  49. - slime
  50. - scorpion
  51. - spider
  52. - skeleton
  53. Rank 2
  54. - goblin
  55. - troll
  56. - ghoul
  57. - gnome
  58. - scarab
  59. - automaton
  60. - succubus
  61. Rank 3
  62. - imp
  63. - demon
  64. - kobold
  65. - incubus
  66. - insectoid
  67. - goatman
  68. Rank 4
  69. - crystal golem
  70. - cockatrice
  71. - shadow
  72. - vampire
  74. Other Follower Changes:
  76. - Number of allowed followers to recruit via interacting has been rescaled. Formula is now max 4 followers below EXPERT proficiency, then +2 for each rank (EXPERT, MASTER). Legendary Leadership grants follower cap of 25.
  77. - (Previously was 1 follower per 4 Leadership, to a max of 25.)
  78. - Followers now are granted some XP when their leader kills something. (Previously no XP was awarded, only followers that killed monsters would gain XP)
  79. - Followers now have a chance to block during combat, influenced by their Shield proficiency and the leader's Leadership proficiency.
  80. - Followers that would retreat on low health now do not retreat if the leader's combined Charisma and Leadership proficiency is greater than EXPERT (60)
  81. - Human spawn LVL is now scaled depending on tileset. Each tileset past the mines increases their LVL by 3 + random 0 to 3. (E.g swamp is 6-9, Labyrinth is 9-12). Followers are not affected by this scaling, only random spawns.
  82. - Added reduced human spawns in the later tilesets instead of all automatons for ally options (caves/citadel).
  83. - Added followers to the right-hand side party sheet to show their HP and LVL (previously only other players were shown). If the list of followers is too long then the remaining entries are scrollable.
  84. - New default keybinds for followers:
  85. - (Remaps the default turn left/right/up/down to the arrow keys if these are conflicting, all are rebindable in the controls menu.)
  86. - Follower Wheel Open (right click/use) - Clicking on a follower at any distance in the world will bring up the follower menu. You can either hold right click, move the mouse and release right click to make a selection, or right click once, move mouse and right click again.
  87. - You can also open the menu by right clicking the follower entry in the party sheet. Using the hold right click - select - release right click method over the party sheet brings the mouse quickly back up to the party sheet to quickly select other followers.
  88. - Quick Follower Wheel (c) - Brings up the follower menu for your last selected follower no matter where they are (last selected follower is highlighted in light blue on the party sheet).
  89. - Cycle Followers (e) - Cycles through the currently selected follower in your followers list. Cycling then pressing 'c' will open the menu for the new ally.
  90. - Repeat Last Command (q) - Re-issues the last command to the currently selected follower. E.g can be used to issue successive 'move to' commands or toggle 'wait' and 'follow'.
  91. - If your Starcraft APM is high enough you can use this to quickly issue 'move to' or 'attack' for all followers if you also cycle with 'e' hotkey.
  92. - Select As Last Follower (left click) - Left clicking on a follower entry in the party sheets sets them as the last selected follower for use with the menu or last command hotkey.
  94. Gameplay Changes - Continued
  96. - Added new item - "Magicstaff of Charm Monster", appears in random generation similar to fire and lightning magicstaffs.
  97. - On hit has a chance to charm a monster into becoming a permanent follower. If charming fails, then it will inflict a "pacify" status effect.
  98. - Has a base chance of 80% to inflict Charm. Monsters of higher "rank" (detailed in the follower section of the changelog) will have reduced chance to be charmed, 30% per rank past the lowest. Has no effect on bosses, shadows or cockatrices.
  99. - Successfully charming a monster increases the caster's Leadership proficiency.
  100. - "Pacify" status effect temporarily causes a monster to forcibly retreat and lose it's ability to attack.
  101. - Charm chance is increased by the caster's Charisma and Leadership proficiency.
  102. - Charm chance is increased if the target is under the 'drunk' or 'confused' status effects.
  103. - Charm chance is increased if the target is not engaged in combat.
  104. - Shopkeepers are immune to charm, however can be pacified and will reset any grudges for players in the game.
  105. - Monsters dominated or charmed will stop being attacked by other new-found allies and also reset their aggro.
  106. - Succubus and Incubus can now cast 'Charm Monster' to recruit allies. Killing a succubus has a chance to drop a magicstaff of charm monster.
  107. - Poison status effect damage is now increased with the target's max HP pool, roughly 1 additional damage per 20 HP. Previously was a constant 3 HP damage tick.
  108. - Bleed status effect damage is now increased with the target's max HP pool, roughly 1 additional damage per 30 HP. Previously was a constant 1 HP damage tick. Effect damage is reduced by 1 HP per 5 Constitution.
  109. - Bleed ending early HP is now 5 + Constitution. Previously always stopped at 5 HP remaining if the effect was still active.
  110. - Monster health bars now have a small depleting animation to show the damage dealt.
  111. - Cursed healing potions now have reduced (but positive) healing effects and also apply poison status effect.
  112. - Cursed restore mana potions now have reduced (but positive) restoring effects and also apply slow status effect.
  113. - Caves secret level now disables opening and locking spells.
  115. Misc:
  117. - Boulders now leave a small blood trail when obliterating something.
  118. - Monsters now repath if getting stuck pathing on a boulder after a couple of ticks.
  119. - Monsters now repath away from a horizontal spell trap's source after being hit instead of having a chance to repath again into the firing line.
  120. - Caves and Citadel secret levels now use their respective tileset music + battle themes instead of default tracks.
  121. - /die console command now works for multiplayer clients.
  122. - Add /togglesecretlevel console command to force toggle the level/secretlevel.txt lists on next map change.
  123. - Add /seteffect x command to inflict a status effect on the player for debugging, where x is the numerical index of the status effect.
  125. Bugfixes:
  127. - Fixed bug where attacking friendlies up-close would not trigger their aggro. Friendlies should now quickly retaliate, including Shopkeepers.
  128. - Fixed bug where digging around a boulder trap could cause boulders to drop where they visually shouldn't.
  129. - Fixed bug where singleplayer savefiles were not immediately deleting on death.
  130. - Fixed bug where minotaur music would not play during regular levels on minotaur spawn.
  131. - Fixed death music not playing due to combat music overwriting it.
  132. - Fixed erratic behavior when using % signs in chat. Now should print out properly formatted.
  133. - Fixed bug (potentially?) where a floating arm would remain on screen when dead.
  134. - Fixed bug where female monster event messages would display the male variant.
  135. - Fixed editor not using vertical sync and running uncapped at approximately 120958912099081250908 frames per second.
  136. - Fixed sleep spell name being internally referred to as the opening spell.
  137. - Fixed bug where a monster arm animation could get stuck and animate the wrong way, affected monsters with throwing weapons.
  140. Patch 3.1.6 (27 August 2018)
  142. - Added nicknames from winners of the Screenshot Contest to the random player name pool.
  143. - Steam achievements are disabled if any modded map content is found, things like models/sounds will not affect this. A warning in the lower right of the screen will inform if achievements are disabled.
  144. - Humans no longer pick up dropped magicstaffs as they don't equip them.
  145. - NPCs now will wait 5 seconds before picking up a player-dropped item to avoid accidental theft of a dropped item.
  146. - Thrown items can now be caught mid-air by players with right click or alternately bound use key. Includes Tomahawks/Daggers/Chakrams/Shurikens.
  147. - Swamp Temple secret is now 100% spawn chance instead of 50%. Matches the other secret level occurrence rate with special loot.
  148. - Added 'Use Previous Character" button to the character select screen to quickly jump back into your previous created character's name, sex, race and class. Sends you to the single/multiplayer select screen.
  149. - "Boots of Speed" achievement now requires killing either boss instead of reaching the credits sequence.
  150. - Added confirmation window when deleting scores in the statistics screen.
  151. - Added new higher resolution editor sprites courtesy of Discord user Nubbie.
  152. - Added extended help in the Editor explaining controls and tools, accessible via H hotkey or in the HELP menu dropdown.
  153. - Rebinding right click to 'cast spell' no longer disables in-game menus and other UI breakages.
  154. - Fixed Skeletons spamming sound when waking from sleep.
  155. - Cleaned up some missing sound files and replacing with appropriate null.ogg file to prevent game logs being spammed with some missing audio messages.
  158. Patch 3.1.7 (27 August 2018)
  160. Quality of Life/Misc Changes
  162. - Added minimap "pinging" using the right mouse button/gamepad 'use' keybind on the minimap.
  163. - Alerts all allies with a sound and flashing icon for a few seconds, up to 4 per player can be active.
  164. - Added 4 separate player colors on the minimap. Followers now properly display for all players and are color coded.
  165. - Minimap opacity and size can now be modified in the Video settings tab.
  166. - Added minimap "zoom" hotkey, default is bound to 'X'. Toggles between 3 stages of minimap zoom.
  167. - Added hotkey to hide the persistent chat/event log. Default is bound to 'L'.
  168. - Added specific obituary text for falling from death when levitation runs out.
  169. - Added Vertical Sync menu option to the Video settings tab.
  170. - Added UI scaling options to the Video settings tab. Character sheet, HP/MP bars, hotbar, inventory, skills sidebar, and chat log can now be scaled via the settings menu.
  171. - Improved the 'End game' and 'Disconnect' confirmation window text to better describe what happens when the button is clicked. Clicking disconnect no longer deletes multiplayer savefiles.
  172. - Gameplay Changes
  173. - Trading items worth 0 or 1 gold no longer increases Trading proficiency once the SKILLED level is reached.
  174. - Trading more expensive items (150+ gold) has a higher chance to increase Trading proficiency.
  176. Bugfixes
  178. - Fixed slight delay when clicking 'start game' which could lead to some long load times due to checking if modded content was installed. Now mod content will only be checked if the 'Custom Content' or 'Workshop' menu options have been selected in the session.
  179. - Fixed some overlapping text in the Workshop subscribed item list browser. Better handled printing out descriptions.
  180. - Fixed Angel of Death achievement triggering off non-ally characters.
  181. - NPCs no longer pick up invisible items (Sokoban reward).
  182. - Fixed issue where bear traps could be placed in air gaps while levitating.
  183. - Fixed issue where slippery fingers dropped a cursed weapon. Now item remains in hand as a proper curse should!
  184. - Fixed Brawler achievement being disqualified if pressing the cast magic key without a spell equipped.
  185. - Pickaxes now have a small delay when digging that prevents switching equipment during the animation. Should reduce rare bug where item durability could underflow and cause crashes.
  186. - Fixed right-clicking on the hotbar in shop window not notifying the player where to actually click to sell items (should be in from inventory).
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