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May 1st, 2021
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  1. (the following is a scaled-down version of actual guidelines of a Forbes-featured gaming-company):
  3. - Admins should make an effort to promote a culture of teamwork and communication through their actions on the server and through the creation of written server rules which do likewise.
  5. - Admins should encourage a fair, friendly and sportsmanlike atmosphere when mediating interaction between pilots (between "lonewolfs" and squadron-pilots for example).
  7. - Server owners and admins should ensure that they and their communities are conducting themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner, server owners and/or admins should be acted on accordingly (by DCS customers or ED staff) for any offensive behaviour in their server, chat/text, kick/ban reason or in bias/discrimination to these points through their actions.
  9. - Admins should only kick a player after an initial warning and giving the player sufficient time to comply to the warning, and only expected to ban if the player continued to not comply after a kick.
  11. - Admins should never suddenly impose rules that at the time are not in written form in either the mission-description or in the DCS-server's Discord-server (or another social platform).
  13. - Servers should make clear how players should conduct themselves while on the server and make clear how players can reasonably appeal a ban and via which platform (ED forum or Discord for example).
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