Idea Session 8/8/2014

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  1. [19:00] == TheDoc [6320a70f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  2. [19:00] <TheDoc> Ha HA betcha thought I was gonna forget!
  3. [19:01] <TheDoc> Well YOU LOSE
  4. [19:01] <TheDoc> Cuz I remembered
  5. [19:01] <TheDoc> :)
  6. [19:01] <@tobyjoey> Bonjour, TheDoc!
  7. [19:01] <TheDoc> Hi
  8. [19:02] <ActingModReisrat> Everyone else did
  9. [19:02] <TheDoc> I hope this doesn't end up like last week...
  10. [19:03] == Shadownnico [ba6b5a6e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  11. [19:03] <TheDoc> Hi
  12. [19:03] <@tobyjoey> Hello!
  13. [19:03] <TheDoc> Where no one showed- I mean REisrat chose to have a casual chat. :D
  14. [19:03] <Shadownnico> Hi
  15. [19:03] <TheDoc> *Reisrat
  16. [19:04] <Shadownnico> Is it friday already?
  17. [19:04] <TheDoc> Ikr
  18. [19:04] <TheDoc> I wish it would go this fast when I'm in school
  19. [19:05] <Shadownnico> Usually this chat is completely empty, more so than usual lately
  20. [19:06] <TheDoc> I've noticed. I'll come in and there's one person at max
  21. [19:06] <TheDoc> Usually Reisrat
  22. [19:08] <ActingModReisrat> And usually I'm off doing something else
  23. [19:08] <TheDoc> Yep :)
  24. [19:08] <ActingModReisrat> And people wander off when they don't get a response within ten seconds and they need to stop that auuuugh
  25. [19:09] <ActingModReisrat> Chat's never gonna get anyone in if everyone wanders off when it's empty
  26. [19:09] <TheDoc> I usually leave just because there's no one there
  27. [19:10] <TheDoc> Speaking of no one in the chat...
  28. [19:10] <TheDoc> Where is everyone? *echoes*
  29. [19:10] <Shadownnico> I usually stick around 3 hours before I say "welp, seems like no one's coming, better go in... 5 minutes"
  30. [19:43] == TailsMK4 [48b1a298@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  31. [19:44] == TailsMK4 [48b1a298@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
  32. [19:58] <TheDoc> I gotta go have dinner. See ya soon!
  33. [19:58] == TheDoc [6320a70f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  34. [19:59] == MegaBossMan [68067036@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  35. [19:59] <@tobyjoey> Hello Mega!
  36. [19:59] <MegaBossMan> Are we having the session?
  37. [19:59] <@tobyjoey> TheDoc just left to eat dinner
  38. [20:00] <Shadownnico> Hi Mega
  39. [20:01] <MegaBossMan> Hey, if development does happen, copy and paste it to me.
  40. [20:01] <Shadownnico> Ok
  41. [20:02] <MegaBossMan> Unfortunately, things have come up.
  42. [20:05] <@tobyjoey> I am afraid I have to go to, but I will try to be back. Later
  43. [20:05] <ActingModReisrat> Rip meetings?
  44. [20:06] <MegaBossMan> Shadownnico, you'll send it to me?
  45. [20:06] <Shadownnico> If something ACTUALLY happens, yes
  46. [20:07] == MegaBossMan [68067036@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  47. [20:07] == MegaBossMan [68067036@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  48. [20:08] <MegaBossMan> Phones......
  49. [20:08] <MegaBossMan> tobyjoey, if you're leaving mod someone.
  50. [20:09] <MegaBossMan> Not me.
  51. [20:09] == tobyjoey [4a6f7275@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  52. [20:09] <MegaBossMan> We have no mods.
  53. [20:10] <MegaBossMan> Reisrat, I assume you can't pastebin?
  54. [20:10] <Shadownnico> We should need to all agree to leave and come back in 1 minute or survive with no mods in complete anarchy
  55. [20:11] <MegaBossMan> So, should we leave?
  56. [20:13] <MegaBossMan> I think we should move the day.
  57. [20:13] == CHAOS_FANTAZY [4a8ab802@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  58. [20:13] * CHAOS_FANTAZY bursts through the window like a deranged action hero
  60. [20:14] <MegaBossMan> No developing.
  61. [20:14] <Shadownnico> Nothing happend, chaos, so there's nothing you missed
  63. [20:16] == TheMegaGamerZX [ad50f5cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  64. [20:16] <TheMegaGamerZX> sup guys
  65. [20:16] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> No skin off my back, I suppose.  It would have just been MOAR T2 ABILITY DISCUSSION.
  66. [20:16] <TheMegaGamerZX> what ya guys talking about?
  67. [20:16] <Shadownnico> Hi MegaGamer
  68. [20:17] <TheMegaGamerZX> SUP
  69. [20:17] <TheMegaGamerZX> sorry
  70. [20:17] <Shadownnico> We're talking about how nothing is happening at all
  71. [20:17] <TheMegaGamerZX> back from where i was
  72. [20:17] <TheMegaGamerZX> what were your discussions?
  73. [20:17] <Shadownnico> Nothing
  74. [20:18] <TheMegaGamerZX> any tv shows, games, or books?
  75. [20:19] <Shadownnico> Idunno
  76. [20:20] <TheMegaGamerZX> stop saying nothing and i dont know or i am leaving
  77. [20:21] <Shadownnico> Ok, what do you want me to say?
  78. [20:22] <TheMegaGamerZX> i posted about this in the development thread
  79. [20:22] <TheMegaGamerZX> you have a grudge against me?
  80. [20:22] <TheMegaGamerZX> just wondering...
  81. [20:23] <Shadownnico> No, it's just that seriously, nothing is going on
  82. [20:24] <Shadownnico> So if you wanna talk about anything, go ahead
  83. [20:25] <TheMegaGamerZX> ok.
  84. [20:25] <TheMegaGamerZX> well,
  85. [20:25] <TheMegaGamerZX> i was at a bible study
  86. [20:25] <TheMegaGamerZX> and i am glad to be back
  87. [20:26] <TheMegaGamerZX> what do you wanna talk about shadownicco?
  88. [20:27] <TheMegaGamerZX> shadownnico
  89. [20:27] <Shadownnico> I dunno, I'm not very good at making talking topics
  90. [20:27] <TheMegaGamerZX> well me neither.
  91. [20:28] <TheMegaGamerZX> did you know there is a ruby spears show of dragons lair and space ace? not just mega man...
  92. [20:28] <Shadownnico> I had no idea, are they any good? And is dragons lair better than the NES thing?
  93. [20:29] <TheMegaGamerZX> i heard it is not good on the nes.
  94. [20:29] == TheDoc [6320a70f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  95. [20:29] <TheDoc> Hello hello!
  96. [20:30] <TheMegaGamerZX> sup
  97. [20:30] <Shadownnico> Hi TheDoc
  98. [20:30] <ActingModReisrat> Why wouldn't I be able to Pastebin, MBM?
  99. [20:30] <TheMegaGamerZX> we were literally talking about nothing till a few minutes ago.
  100. [20:30] <ActingModReisrat> Internet's stopped acting up I think
  101. [20:31] <ActingModReisrat> I'm even relaunching my IRC wossname
  102. [20:31] <TheMegaGamerZX> reisrat, when i joined neither of you were talking... suprising!
  103. [20:31] <TheMegaGamerZX> not you or MBM.
  104. [20:31] <ActingModReisrat> Because there's so much to talk about
  105. [20:32] <TheMegaGamerZX>  *sarcasm*
  106. [20:32] <TheDoc> Should we talk about MMK T1 moves?
  107. [20:32] <ActingModReisrat> Eh, was planning on MM3
  108. [20:32] <TheDoc> Well, whatever it is, might as well start now
  109. [20:33] <ActingModReisrat> It's an hour and a half past when we were going to start
  110. [20:33] <TheMegaGamerZX> well, i like chatting normally. but who knows.
  111. [20:33] <TheMegaGamerZX> see you guys
  112. [20:33] <TheMegaGamerZX> B
  113. [20:33] <TheMegaGamerZX> Y
  114. [20:33] <TheDoc> Bye?
  115. [20:33] <TheMegaGamerZX> E
  116. [20:33] <TheMegaGamerZX> !
  117. [20:34] <TheDoc> Where you going?
  118. [20:35] <TheDoc> about if Geminiman's T1 is a move where he creates another clone and each copy shoots once, resulting in two shots?
  119. [20:36] <TheDoc> Crystal Clone? or maybe just Gemini Clone
  120. [20:36] <TheDoc> And a chance to boost speed since Geminiman was so freaking fast in the classic game
  121. [20:38] == TheMegaGamerZX [ad50f5cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  122. [20:38] <TheDoc> ...
  123. [20:39] <Shadownnico> Seems like a good idea, it's not like Gemini has more stuff, all he does is clone himself, shoot, jump higher than toadman and sometimes throw lasorbeams when alone
  124. [20:41] <TheDoc> I would say all in agreement, but "all" right now isn't very definitive
  125. [20:42] <TheDoc> I'm just gonna throw ideas out
  126. [20:43] <TheDoc> What about Sparkman? Since Spark Shock is single-type, his new move will be T2. Unfortunately, he doesn't have very much diversity...
  127. [20:43] <TheDoc> Besides maybe Spark Spread or something
  128. [20:45] <Shadownnico> Spark Charge, where he charges up a larger shot maybe
  129. [20:46] <TheDoc> I like that. Would you be forced to use it after the charging trun or would it be like Pharaoh Shot? Also, do you want to tack on any special or added effects?
  130. [20:47] <TheDoc> Also, we should try to make in Dual-type IF you can. It's not necessary
  131. [20:47] <TheDoc> How about Select Target?
  132. [20:49] <Shadownnico> Yeah, he could target the thingy in MM3 so Select Target would fit nice
  133. [20:49] <TheDoc> Oh, and I want to get this out so I don't forget. I think Hard Man should have T2 Hard Pound. It slightly damages the entire enemy side and has a small chance of not letting the enemy attack that turn
  134. [20:50] <Shadownnico> Yeah, that's a great idea and it fits Hard Man's moveset
  135. [20:51] <TheDoc> I like Spark Charge (sorry for switching back and forth) because it's simple, but effective. Select Targeting (and perhaps another attribute) are balanced out with having to charge it.
  136. [20:51] <TheDoc> I wish more people were talking here. I want to get everyone's feedback.
  137. [20:51] <TheDoc> Anyways, what type(s) should Spark Charge and Hard Pound be?
  138. [20:52] <Shadownnico> Hard Pound would be Impact/Earth or Impact/Field
  139. [20:53] == tobyjoey [4a6f7275@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  140. [20:53] <TheDoc> Why do you say Impact/Field?
  141. [20:53] <TheDoc> Hey there toby
  142. [20:53] <Shadownnico> Hi toby
  143. [20:53] <MegaBossMan> Yo.
  144. [20:53] <tobyjoey> Told ya I'd be back
  145. [20:54] <tobyjoey> So, what are we talking about?
  146. [20:54] <TheDoc> Me and Shadow were talking about MM3 T1/T2 moves
  147. [20:54] <tobyjoey> Also, was dinner good, Doc?
  148. [20:54] <TheDoc> We've got Spark Charge and Hard Pound
  149. [20:54] <TheDoc> Yup!
  150. [20:54] <Shadownnico> Right now we were talking about Hard Man and Spark Man's T2 moves
  151. [20:54] <tobyjoey> What would the cores be?
  152. [20:55] <Shadownnico> For Hard Man we had the Hard Pound, which would do damage to all opposite team with a slight chance of paralize
  153. [20:55] <TheDoc> I think Spark Charge could get by with just electric
  154. [20:55] <Shadownnico> It would be either Impact/Earth or Impact/Field
  155. [20:55] <TheDoc> Why do you say Impact/Field? Just curious of your reasoning
  156. [20:55] <MegaBossMan> So no dualtype Spark?
  157. [20:56] <tobyjoey> I had an idea for him to have a Spark Shield
  158. [20:56] <Shadownnico> Because it drops on the field, thus damaging them with the recoil on the field itself? Idunno
  159. [20:56] <MegaBossMan> I think Hard Pound should only work on the first five robots.
  160. [20:57] <tobyjoey> Or him using those needles of his to have a Spark/Cutter
  161. [20:57] <TheDoc> I was thinking that it had more of a Time Stopper (okay fine Flash Stopper) effect that damages everyone
  162. [20:57] <TheDoc> What needles?
  163. [20:57] <MegaBossMan> So it can't be anotyer Rain Foush.
  164. [20:57] <MegaBossMan> Sparky has needles.
  165. [20:58] <TheDoc> Well, since it has less to do with damage and more to do with taking the enemy's turn away, Hard Pound would do less damage than Rain Flush and maybe Flash Stopper
  166. [20:59] <MegaBossMan> Yeah, but 8 robot hits have been done twice.
  167. [20:59] <TheDoc> Wait are you talking about Sparkman's arms?
  168. [20:59] <MegaBossMan> More unique.
  169. [20:59] <TheDoc> I see where you're coming from
  170. [21:00] <Shadownnico> Spark Jab, Sparky jabs at the enemy with his needle thingies, Electric/Cutter
  171. [21:00] <TheDoc> As a T2?
  172. [21:00] <MegaBossMan> So, chance of paralysis?
  173. [21:01] <Shadownnico> Maybe
  174. [21:01] <MegaBossMan> Wait, so who's going to pastebin this?
  175. [21:02] * TheDoc points at Mega B
  176. [21:02] <MegaBossMan> Doc, you'll need to CP to me.
  177. [21:02] <TheDoc> Well, there won't be names then...
  178. [21:03] <MegaBossMan> Gosh dang it.
  179. [21:03] <TheDoc> Is Reisrat asleep?
  180. [21:03] <TheDoc> He usually pastebins
  181. [21:03] <MegaBossMan> No, on other chats.
  182. [21:03] <Shadownnico> I can pastebin it if Reisrat can't
  183. [21:03] <TheDoc> Tch
  184. [21:04] <MegaBossMan> Do you have Adrian's email?
  185. [21:04] <TheDoc> Ummmm....
  186. [21:04] <TheDoc> Nou
  187. [21:04] <TheDoc> :)
  188. [21:04] <TheDoc> I think that Spark Jab is too simple to be a T2. I mean, he's poking the enemy for a T2 move?
  189. [21:04] <MegaBossMan> Anyway.....
  190. [21:05] <ActingModReisrat> For Gemini Man, Gemini Divide
  191. [21:05] <MegaBossMan> Gemini Man
  192. [21:05] <TheDoc> Reisrat can you pastebin
  193. [21:05] <Shadownnico> Well, I imagined it more like that swordy thingy where you try to run a sword through the other guy's body
  194. [21:05] <Shadownnico> Or like Sparky punching
  195. [21:06] <TheDoc> But think about it. Does physically stabbing someone take WE?
  196. [21:06] <tobyjoey> It could lower defense
  197. [21:06] <MegaBossMan> He creates a substitute that takes some of his damage. he can use it again to strike.
  198. [21:06] <TheDoc> As opposed to creating a massive electric charge like with Spark Charge
  199. [21:06] <ActingModReisrat> Course I can pastebin
  200. [21:06] <TheDoc> Yay problem solved
  201. [21:07] <MegaBossMan> Aww, I was hoping....
  202. [21:07] <MegaBossMan> Meh, better this way.
  203. [21:07] <ActingModReisrat> Eh you can handle it if you want to
  204. [21:07] <TheDoc> how about if Geminiman's T1 is a move where he creates another clone and each copy shoots once, resulting in two shots? [20:35] <TheDoc> Crystal Clone? or maybe just Gemini Clone [20:36] <TheDoc> And a chance to boost speed since Geminiman was so freaking fast in the classic game
  205. [21:07] <tobyjoey> I dunno, I prefer generic 2 core to alright single core, but I am fine with whatever.
  206. [21:08] <ActingModReisrat> I'd go for something like for Spark Man, it'd be pretty cool
  207. [21:08] <MegaBossMan> I would need to have someone PM me.
  208. [21:08] <Shadownnico> Either that or he could create a dummy that has his same moves and level, but is weaker and has less HP, kinda like a special Gemini-esque Mecha Support
  209. [21:09] <MegaBossMan> I thought I had a good idea....
  210. [21:09] <TheDoc> But remember, this should be a basic T1 move.
  211. [21:10] <ActingModReisrat> I'd go for him pretty much firing two Buster Shots
  212. [21:10] <TheDoc> Btw, I'm gonna be switching from Sparkman to Geminiman, so if I change topics at light speed that's why
  213. [21:10] <MegaBossMan> Nah.
  214. [21:10] <MegaBossMan> I like the substitute idea, then you could use it again for damage.
  215. [21:11] <MegaBossMan> But whatevs
  216. [21:11] <TheDoc> I personally like Spark Charge for Sparkman, but I'll go with Spark Jab if he, like, superpowers his arm with electricity or something that takes a lot of energy.
  217. [21:12] <ActingModReisrat> Yeees
  218. [21:12] <Shadownnico> Or he could make a clone that would stand in front of him, being able to take a few hits and doing every move Gemini does. The clone would follow Gemini if he goes to the bench. Catch is every move you do uses double the weapon energy (buster shot would use 1 WE), until you run out of it and the clone dissapears
  219. [21:12] <TheDoc> Because I mean, come on, it's T2
  220. [21:12] <Shadownnico> Also Doc, that's a great idea for the Spark Jab
  221. [21:12] <ActingModReisrat> I'd be cool with that
  222. [21:12] <MegaBossMan> What would the clone use?
  223. [21:12] <MegaBossMan> T1, member?
  224. [21:12] <ActingModReisrat> being able to take a few hits and doing every move Gemini does.
  225. [21:12] <ActingModReisrat> Buster Shot
  226. [21:13] <MegaBossMan> Really?
  227. [21:13] <MegaBossMan> Meh. I suppose I'mbiased.
  228. [21:13] <TheDoc> So Gemini Clone would take hits for Geminiman? FOR 1 WE!?
  229. [21:14] <TheDoc> Geminiman would never die if he could just keep summoning clones for 1 WE
  230. [21:14] <ActingModReisrat> Good point
  231. [21:14] <ActingModReisrat> Maybe just a set-up ability, supercharges any later attacks?
  232. [21:14] <TheDoc> I don't follow
  233. [21:14] <TheDoc> What do you mean by supercharge
  234. [21:15] <ActingModReisrat> They do double damage for double cost
  235. [21:15] <Shadownnico> Maybe he would have very limited Health, and if a move is strong enough to make him die, any overkill damage would be passed on to Gemini himself
  236. [21:15] <MegaBossMan> I'll have to go real soon.
  237. [21:15] <MegaBossMan> Not leaving, but no comments.
  238. [21:16] <TheDoc> Okay
  239. [21:16] <TheDoc> Will you be back?
  240. [21:16] <tobyjoey> Ok
  241. [21:16] <ActingModReisrat> Kay then
  242. [21:17] <TheDoc> See, I would love to have some sort of clone move for Gemini, but as a T1? Idk
  243. [21:18] <TheDoc> I wish you could give Gemini an item or something at the start of every battle. He could use that to summon a clone
  244. [21:18] <ActingModReisrat> Kay then, how about he splits and his clone tackles or axe kicks the enemy or something?
  245. [21:18] <ActingModReisrat> Completely unrelated, I totally figured out subtlety.
  246. [21:19] <TheDoc> That could work. it's basic and not OP, but still uses Gemini's signature
  247. [21:19] <Shadownnico> He makes a clone and does a kamikaze attack to the enemy
  248. [21:19] <TheDoc> Simply named Gemini Clone or Gemini Rush
  249. [21:20] <ActingModReisrat> Gemini Divide
  250. [21:21] <TheDoc> What do you guys think on the names?
  251. [21:21] <TheDoc> Besides Reisrat
  252. [21:21] <Shadownnico> I preffer Gemini Clone
  253. [21:22] <TheDoc> toby?
  254. [21:23] <tobyjoey> I like Gemini Divide, personally
  255. [21:24] <TheDoc> Well, it's officially a tie. Unless someone switches
  256. [21:24] <ActingModReisrat> Flip a coin?
  257. [21:24] <ActingModReisrat> No wait we're all untrustworthy
  258. [21:24] <TheDoc> Hahaha
  259. [21:24] <TheDoc> I'm sure Adrian will deicde
  260. [21:25] <TheDoc> *decide
  261. [21:25] <tobyjoey> I am cool with Gemini Clone
  262. [21:25] <tobyjoey> I prefer Gemini Divide, but Gemini Clone is good to
  263. [21:25] <TheDoc> Divide makes me think of a fissure or something
  264. [21:25] <Shadownnico> I preffer Gemini Clone, Gemini Divide sounds a teeny-tiny bit too complex of a word for cloning oneself
  265. [21:26] <TheDoc> ^
  266. [21:26] <TheDoc> We should just move on
  267. [21:26] <TheDoc> No reason to get hung up on names
  268. [21:26] <ActingModReisrat> We're decided on Spark Jab or whatever?
  269. [21:26] <TheDoc> I think Spark Jab should have some kind of effect.
  270. [21:26] <TheDoc> It's gotta have SOMETHING. It's T2
  271. [21:27] <ActingModReisrat> Maybe a chance to choose a random weapon for the opponent for next round?
  272. [21:27] <tobyjoey> Subtracts defense?
  273. [21:27] <TheDoc> Yea like a short-circuit
  274. [21:27] <ActingModReisrat> Ban TheDoc for Mentok
  275. [21:27] <tobyjoey> I like that
  276. [21:27] <ActingModReisrat> No wait I think I have that power
  277. [21:27] <ActingModReisrat> I can't make that joke anymore and that disappoints me
  279. [21:28] <Shadownnico> Spark Jab - Electric/Cutter - Attacks the enemy with a powerful electrified Jab, damaging the enemy and having a small chance of damaging the enemy shields
  280. [21:28] <TheDoc> But Spark Shock already damages defense
  281. [21:29] <TheDoc> I think it should have a fiar amount of power. You're stabbing someone, so that'll probably hurt
  282. [21:29] <tobyjoey> Oh, right
  283. [21:29] <ActingModReisrat> Maybe just one of the few raw damage moves?
  284. [21:29] <TheDoc> Unless you're stabbing Elecman, in which case he'd laugh maniacally as you restore his health
  285. [21:29] <tobyjoey> Ya know, Rising Cutter doesn't really have a 2nd effect.
  286. [21:30] <ActingModReisrat> It's got accuracy for it's side effect
  287. [21:30] <TheDoc> Rising Cutter doesn't have a lot of power either...someone needs to fix Rising Cutter. It's so UP
  288. [21:30] <Shadownnico> Spark Jab - Electric/Cutter - Attacks the enemy with a powerful electrified Jab, dealing big amounts of damage (or turning Elec Man into a monster)
  289. [21:30] == Spinstrike [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  290. [21:30] <TheDoc> Sup
  291. [21:31] <Shadownnico> Also, the fact Rising Cutter is a Single-Core move doesn't help at all
  292. [21:31] <Shadownnico> Hi Spinstrike
  293. [21:31] <tobyjoey> Heyo
  294. [21:31] <Spinstrike> Sorry I'm late. I was watching Plan 9 From Outer Space with some friends.
  295. [21:31] <TheDoc> Rising Cutter needs help
  296. [21:31] <Spinstrike> You need it to be Dual-Core?
  297. [21:31] <tobyjoey> It would be nice
  298. [21:31] <TheDoc> Well, that might help its power
  299. [21:31] <Shadownnico> We derailed into Rising Cutter
  300. [21:31] <TheDoc> Starforce
  301. [21:32] <Spinstrike> Cutter/Earth could work, since it rises from the ground.
  302. [21:32] <ActingModReisrat> I've got a space movie I like more, but it counts as more than a bit explicit so I won't name it
  303. [21:32] <TheDoc> Wow I actually remembered that Starforce was a thing
  304. [21:32] <Shadownnico> It all comes to Starforce at the end
  305. [21:32] <Shadownnico> Starforce is the answer to everything
  306. [21:32] <TheDoc> Which is why it's sad that I forget it so much
  307. [21:32] <Shadownnico> >Starforce is love >Starforce is life
  308. [21:33] <TheDoc> Anyways, Cuter/Earth sounds good for Rising Cutter
  309. [21:33] <Spinstrike> Danger Bomb and Time Slow could use Dual-Typing too.
  310. [21:33] <TheDoc> I got that
  311. [21:33] <Spinstrike> Mind catching me up?
  312. [21:33] <TheDoc> Spark Jab, Gemini Clone/Divide, and Hard Pound
  313. [21:33] <TheDoc> Boom
  314. [21:33] <TheDoc> Shaka
  315. [21:33] <Spinstrike> Laka?
  316. [21:33] <TheDoc> Yes
  317. [21:33] <Shadownnico> We were talking about MM3 Tier 2 abilities and somehow derailed into how Rising Cutter is useless
  318. [21:34] <Spinstrike> Nailed it! :D
  319. [21:34] <tobyjoey> My fault
  320. [21:34] <TheDoc> WOW TOBYYYYYYYY
  321. [21:34] <ActingModReisrat> So we're going with more double entredes for Hard Man?
  322. [21:34] <Spinstrike> MM3 T2's? I have a few ideas...
  323. [21:34] <Spinstrike> *wink wink*
  324. [21:34] <TheDoc> Gimme a sec, I'll pull Hard Pound
  325. [21:34] == Charge [ba6b5a6e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  326. [21:34] <tobyjoey> The only one worse than Hard Man is Wood Man
  327. [21:34] <TheDoc> Hi
  328. [21:34] <Charge> DID SOMEONE SAY DERAIL?
  329. [21:35] <TheDoc> I think Hard Man should have T2 Hard Pound. It slightly damages the entire enemy side and has a small chance of not letting the enemy attack that turn
  330. [21:35] <Charge> Welp, somehow my name changed from Charge Man to just Charge
  331. [21:35] <Charge> This didn't work
  332. [21:35] == Charge [ba6b5a6e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
  333. [21:35] <ActingModReisrat> Yea rip
  334. [21:35] <tobyjoey> Who's alt was that?
  335. [21:35] <TheDoc> I have a feeling it was MBM
  336. [21:35] <ActingModReisrat> Tenbux says MBM
  337. [21:36] <Spinstrike> Never mind, I'll just check the pastebin tommorow.
  338. [21:36] <Shadownnico> It was actually me doing a small experiment with stuff
  339. [21:36] <Spinstrike> So, like I said, I have a few ideas.
  340. [21:36] <Shadownnico> And it half-worked
  341. [21:36] <TheDoc> Go for it, Strike
  342. [21:36] <tobyjoey> oops, I gotta go for the night. It was good talking
  343. [21:36] <TheDoc> Bye
  344. [21:36] <ActingModReisrat> Rip my Tenbux
  345. [21:37] <Shadownnico> Hello Tenbux
  346. [21:38] <ActingModReisrat> Righto, we done for the night or?
  347. [21:38] <TheDoc> Strike has something to say
  348. [21:38] <Spinstrike> For Magnet Man, I was thinking an inverse Super Arm sort of thing. It basicly forces the opponent to change robots while dammaging both.
  349. [21:38] <TheDoc> Called it
  350. [21:38] <Spinstrike> I'd call it Magnet Pull. Pure Missile type.
  351. [21:39] <TheDoc> It's not very.......missile-y. Than again it can't be helped
  352. [21:39] <ActingModReisrat> Works with me
  353. [21:39] <TheDoc> That sounds a lot like Super Throw btw
  354. [21:39] <TheDoc> Except you damage the incoming robot
  355. [21:40] <Spinstrike> That's the point. The user selects the robot from the back row that gets sent in.
  356. [21:40] <Spinstrike> Should have mentioned that.
  357. [21:40] <ActingModReisrat> Sounds good
  358. [21:40] <TheDoc> Oh did you mean inverse Super THROW? Sorry about that
  359. [21:40] == tobyjoey [4a6f7275@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  360. [21:41] <TheDoc> I think that'd be okay. The backmost robot gets pulled to the front, and the active robot gets pushed back right behind the incoming robot
  361. [21:41] <TheDoc> That'd be heck to play against, but whatever
  362. [21:41] <TheDoc> lo
  363. [21:41] <TheDoc> l
  364. [21:42] <Spinstrike> Would it be more OP or less OP if you could select the incoming robot?
  365. [21:42] <Shadownnico> As an alternative, we could make him throw a small ball of magnetised stuff from the ground
  366. [21:42] <TheDoc> Would it really make a difference?
  367. [21:42] <ActingModReisrat> Yea, I vote targetable
  368. [21:42] <Spinstrike> So, all in favor of Magnet Pull?
  369. [21:43] <TheDoc> Select Target would make it more unique and not OP
  370. [21:43] <ActingModReisrat> Probably lowish damage, so that it's more a set-up ability
  371. [21:43] <ActingModReisrat> I'm cool with it
  372. [21:43] <Spinstrike> Yeah, low damage for sure.
  373. [21:43] <Shadownnico> I'm cool with it too
  374. [21:43] * TheDoc slams on the conference table
  375. [21:43] <TheDoc> ALL IN FAVOR SAY "AYE"
  376. [21:43] <Shadownnico> AYE, But what would happen if the target or the front bot is inmune to missile?
  377. [21:44] <TheDoc> I don't think it should hurt the front bot because you're affecting the one you're pulling
  378. [21:44] <TheDoc> Even without an immunity
  379. [21:44] <Shadownnico> But you're also pulling the front bot back to the bench
  380. [21:44] <Spinstrike> It should just not do any dammage.
  381. [21:45] <TheDoc> can't really pull something further from yourself
  382. [21:45] <Spinstrike> You still get shifted, but you don't get dammged.
  383. [21:45] <TheDoc> I was thinking you're pulling the back bot in front of the fron bot
  384. [21:45] <TheDoc> So the front bot is unaffected
  385. [21:46] <TheDoc> And if you're stupid enough to target a bot that's immune to it, then nothing happens
  386. [21:46] <Spinstrike> Yeah. And if there's only one robot, it just does dammge, ala Super Throw.
  387. [21:47] <Spinstrike> Any more questions?
  388. [21:47] <TheDoc> Actually
  389. [21:47] <TheDoc> What happens if you target the front bot?
  390. [21:47] <TheDoc> with other benched bots there?
  391. [21:47] <Spinstrike> You can't.
  392. [21:47] <Shadownnico> You just do damage
  393. [21:47] <TheDoc> I think it should jsut do damage if you target the front, like Shadow said
  394. [21:48] <TheDoc> It's kinda dumb if you're forced to target another bot besides the front as a T1
  395. [21:48] <Spinstrike> Sounds good. So, all in favor?
  396. [21:48] <TheDoc> Aye
  397. [21:49] <Spinstrike> Just going to assume everyone else agress.
  398. [21:49] <TheDoc> Yea idk where Reisrat went
  399. [21:49] <Spinstrike> One more idea and I'll call it quits for tonight.
  400. [21:50] <Spinstrike> Make that two: Snake and Needle.
  401. [21:50] <TheDoc> It's obviously named Magnet Pull, just saying it for reference
  402. [21:50] <TheDoc> I have NOTHING for Snake, so I'm all ears
  403. [21:50] <Spinstrike> For Snake, I was thinking some sort of poison effect (dammge each turn for several turns).
  404. [21:51] <TheDoc> That's what I was thinking about a month ago (I kinda forgot eheheheh). I called it Snake Bite
  405. [21:51] <TheDoc> Maybe two weeks ago?
  406. [21:51] <TheDoc> Anyways
  407. [21:51] <Spinstrike> Hey, that's what I called my idea!
  408. [21:51] <TheDoc> Well....uhhh....I thought it first!
  409. [21:51] <TheDoc> So....soyea
  410. [21:52] <Spinstrike> *points to himself, points to his eyes, then points to TheDoc*
  411. [21:52] * TheDoc cracks knuckles
  412. [21:52] <Spinstrike> The only question is how many turns the poison lasts. Four or five?
  413. [21:53] <ActingModReisrat> Depends on how much health is drained each turn
  414. [21:53] <ActingModReisrat> And if it's affected by Starforce
  415. [21:53] <TheDoc> And he's back
  416. [21:53] <Spinstrike> Reisrat? I thought you were dead!
  417. [21:53] <ActingModReisrat> Let me wander off and talk to other people, man
  418. [21:54] <TheDoc> Btw no Starforce for the poison itself
  419. [21:54] <TheDoc> That could be ridiculously OP
  420. [21:54] <TheDoc> Only your attack can affect the poison
  421. [21:54] <Spinstrike> Maybe it deals some sort of inital dammge before inflicting the poison?
  422. [21:54] <ActingModReisrat> Yea, some initial damage, then the poison
  423. [21:54] <TheDoc> Yea, THAT would be affected by Starforce
  424. [21:54] <ActingModReisrat> Problem is, how much would the poison do?
  425. [21:55] <ActingModReisrat> 50% over the time period?
  426. [21:55] <ActingModReisrat> That would need something long though
  427. [21:55] <TheDoc> Three to four turns
  428. [21:55] <TheDoc> Maybe Buster shot damage?
  429. [21:56] <TheDoc> Remember, Field Multipliers and Attack apply
  430. [21:56] <Spinstrike> Seems good.
  431. [21:56] <ActingModReisrat> Kay then
  432. [21:56] <TheDoc> What would the initial power be?
  433. [21:56] <TheDoc> of the bite itself
  434. [21:57] <Spinstrike> Average. Not very high, not very low.
  435. [21:57] <TheDoc> Hmmm....23?
  436. [21:57] <Spinstrike> More powerful than the poison, anyhow.
  437. [21:58] <TheDoc> Either way, average damage is good for me
  438. [21:58] <Spinstrike> Let's just save the number-crunching for another day. I'd like to get to bed soon; I'm going to Comic Con in Boston tomorrow.
  439. [21:58] <TheDoc> I guess balancing out the initial strike and the poison is the trick for this move
  440. [21:59] <TheDoc> Okay. Reisrat, you pastebinning this?
  441. [21:59] <TheDoc> Of course you are :)
  442. [21:59] <ActingModReisrat> Yea yea, on it
  443. [21:59] <Spinstrike> You know what? I'll just leave Needle for the next chat. I'm exhaused.
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