My response to youtube terminating moding/trainer channels

Bunnicula Jun 19th, 2019 123 Never
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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, youtube could of just done their job tonight and reported channels on how to make bombs, fake videos that end up gassing people who try them out, or removing EXTREMELY adult content, but they're essentially scamming people who just want to have FUN! Are you ready? For a youtube roasting?
  3. Life, freedom, the pursuit of happiness: mean nothing as Youtube puts us in distress, we fought for these cheats to be made to mess around in our favorite games, we shouldn't have to settle for less, but it seems youtube only cares about being retarded and drinking champagne. Don't you guys at youtube act surprised when the community turns against you, youtube knows the rules, youtube broke them!
  5. Oh, but youtube has a 3 second mindspand, they always tend to forget then do it again. Their plans would have google overseeing thousands of debts. Well I guess we're doing this the hard way, karma is gonna come collect your debt. Now place your bets on who this benefits? : No one? That's right.  If the shoe fits, youtube wears it.
  7. If Youtube burns to the ground, why should we care? They're going after modders when they probably should go after their drunk mothers and fathers. Our debts are paid, youtube is gonna regret theirs. Don't tax the modders of single player games just cause you want to put more napalm on the fire, ya should all be fired. We create, we build, you just want to move money around: well I hope you like getting wasted on cheap ales and champagne, cause that's all this site is good for nowadays.
  9. This banning of modders and trainers is an outrageous demand: and it's so many damn pages of draconian drivel for any man to read and not just be put to sleep and shrivel.
  11. Stand with me! in this land of the free! And let's not show youtube anymore pity. Pray to GOD we never see Susan Wojcicki's candidacy.
  13. Look! when you put this taxing demands on us, you just destroy with fire, I hope your grave is a pyre, nothing left of yo asses but ashes, cause you know eventually the worlds gonna burn and there's no escaping the heat death of the universe. Imagine whats gonna happen if we flag your videos, youtube. Youtube.
  15. that was a very shitty declaration, to engage war on the game hacking community. But as you can see, we are running our real nation. Would you like to join us? Or be crushed into dust? Cause I god damn swear that your employees? they're all robots: and what are robots good for? Target practice, we'll throw rocks at your headquarters establishments; let's see how you like paying for fresh glass 24/7, dojng whatever the hell you want, trying to stay mellow as we throw you to the gallows?
  17. If we take the blame for your toddler's game and child's play we'll make sure your entire headquarters all around the world gets new lines of credits rackin' up debt. You're a gluttonous financial diabetic, it's transparent to see, so how the fucking hell do you not get it?
  19. If we're aggressive and competitive, you'd rather give our community a sedative? You turn all users into slaves and you're the slaver, just trying to be friendly while burning bridges and saying "hey neighbor!" Google's debts get paid cause they never had to pay for labor, nor ever get laid! remind me how that went on twitch? Oh right, a fucking nightmare.
  21. And another thing, Susan Wojcicki , in your "age of enlightenment", have you not discovered you're really just a blight in it? Don't lecture me about war, or people's rights when you want to pick fights! You think I'm frightened of you, Susan? we almost died in a trench, while you all were getting off high and getting drunk. Susan, a resident, always plans communities to jettison!
  23. Susan's sitting there useless as 0 1/2 shits, hey, turn around, bend over, I'll show you where our community's shoe fits!
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