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  3. At the Izumi residence, a certain blue haired otaku stirred in her sleep, her eyes squinting in the bright morning light as she slowly sat up in her bed and stretched. She threw the covers back and was about to get up when she felt a cool dampness on the sheets beneath her. She moved to the left and noticed a large wet spot on the bed, as well as her pajama's.
  5. "No way. Again? I thought that not drinking as much before bed would make this stop." She said out loud.
  7. It was 3 days ago that Konata had first woken up with wet sheets. She passed it off as a once in a blue moon kind of accident and didn't think anymore of it. The next day it happened again, and again yesterday. She was starting to run out of clean sheets.
  9. Thinking back to the previous night, she didn't drink an abnormally large amount of liquid, and she was sure that she went to the bathroom before she went to bed, so there shouldn't be any reason for her to have wet the bed. Sighing, she got off her bed and walked over to her dresser where she pulled out a clean pair of panties and some clothes to wear for the day before undressing and heading into the bathroom to take a shower.
  11. "It doesn't make any sense. I'm a grown girl, I shouldn't be wetting the bed." Konata said to herself, letting the warm water loosen her stiff muscles and energize her for the day.
  13. A few minutes later, Konata turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her body. She quickly dried herself off and headed back to her room where she got dressed. Looking at the wet sheets on her bed, Konata sighed as she pulled them off and headed for the laundry room.
  15. "Looks like I'm spending most of the day doing laundry." She said to herself.
  17. 4 loads of laundry, and many hours later, Konata was back in her room folding her freshly washed sheets, and other items that she had thrown in at the same time. She put the clean sheets in the linen closet in the hallway, and her clean pajama's and panties back in her dresser where they belonged.
  19. With the laundry out of the way, and the house to herself, Konata could figure out a way to try and stop her bedwetting problem without having to worry about her dad finding out. But she decided to do a little gaming to clear her head first.
  21. "Oho, teacher is online. Let's see what she's up to."
  23. ----------------------------------------------------
  25. konakona: Hey teach.
  27. nanakon: Yo! (^3^)/
  29. konakona: You up for a little hunting?
  31. nanakon: Sorry ^_^; I just came to check my PM's and some of my stats.
  33. konakona: Aw c'mon, it'll be fun!
  35. nanakon: Gonna have to pass this time, sorry.
  37. konakona: Phooey.
  39. nanakon: Did you finish your summer homework yet?
  41. konakona: Huh?
  43. nanakon: Let me guess, you haven't even started it yet. Am I right?
  45. konakona: ^_^;;;
  47. nanakon: Honestly. You really should start studying more. Midterms are coming up, and you'll need more than an all night cram session to pass.
  49. konakona: ..........
  51. nanakon: Well I G2G, getting up early as I have to do some errands. Have a good night, and don't stay up too late playing around.
  55. ----------------------------------------------------
  57. "She even scolds me in the game! It's not fair!" Konata said aloud as she plunked her head on her desk. With Ms. Kuroi killing her mood for gaming, her mind drifted back to the problem she had tried to put off.
  59. "Hmmm, maybe I'll be able to find something online that'll help me."
  61. With that, she began searching the net for anything that might help stop her bedwetting. She came across site after site of information for parents to help stop their children from bedwetting, but so far she couldn't find anything for someone her age. That is until she found a forum where she saw strange terms like AB, DL, TB, and a rather long one called Infantilism. She found a link in a Sub forum titled: "Teens who still wet the bed." She clicked on it. Inside were many, many threads about the subject. She scrolled down and found a thread with explainations of what the terms she saw earlier meant.
  63. "Oh I've heard of some of these! There are things like this in some of my dating sim games!!"
  65. Scrolling further and further down the page, it looked as though this was mostly a place where people could talk about fetishes and other kinky things. Sighing loudly, she was about to exit when a particular thread caught her attention. "Ways to stop bedwetting and/or having accidents" She decided that it couldn't hurt to at least take a quick look through the article, so she clicked on the title and up popped a rather large and detailed article on the subject of bedwetting and teens.
  67. 'Bedwetting in Teens & Adults: Reasons and Solutions.'
  69. Every child is delighted once they are able to use the toilet all on their own and don't have to wear diapers or similar means of protection. However, in some cases children may still wet their beds and/or pants well after the age that most others are potty trained, and in rare cases, even into adolesence or adulthood. This may be caused by several factors. A person who has experienced a serious car accident, fall, or any one of dozens of types of soft tissue injuries may lose the ability to control their bodily functions. Someone who has been the victim of major psycological trauma may also experience the loss of bladder and/or bowel control. Cases where the body grows faster than normal are a typical cause as well. There have also been cases where a physical nor a psycological reason could be found for the loss of control.
  71. There is no one solution to these problems. Means of trying to slow or stop the loss of control can vary as much as the causes for it. From Prescription drugs, to Holistic medicine, to Hypnosis, and even Surgery. Sometimes persons experiencing these difficulties are suddenly cured without any type of intervention what so ever.
  73. "That didn't help me very much." Said Konata out loud.
  75. She scrolled down further and read some of the forum users comments to see what people had to say about the article.
  77. Anon01: That was a very informative article! Too bad that none of it seems to apply to me ^_^;
  79. Anon02: That didn't help at all!!
  81. Anime666: Bullshit.
  83. DiaperedAnimeLover: Anon01 was right, that was a very informative piece. A big thank you to whoever posted that. As for trying to stop any of this, I was in a serious accident when I was 8 years old, and I have tried every cure that I could find for the last 10 years with no success. There may not be a way for me to regain control of my bladder, but I have found something to help. It was quite simple really. I wear diapers. There's no pills, no being cut open, and no going under some kind of kooky hypnosis where god knows who is doing god knows what to you while you're incapacitated.
  85. DBZFan: Yeah. I was in the same boat as DAL, but mine was psycological. After a few weeks of denial and doing mounds and mounds of laundry, I decided to give diapers a try. They made life so much easier for me, and to be honest it wasn't all that bad. I wore them for about a half a year before my wetting suddenly stopped. Like the above article said, some things just can't be explained.
  87. Konata leaned back in her chair and sighed in defeat as she pondered her options.
  89. "Looks like there's no easy way out of this." She said to herself.
  91. Sitting back up in her seat, she exited her web browser and put her computer into sleep mode. She walked over to her bed and fell backwards onto it, her arm over her face. She laid there for a good twenty minutes before looking over at her alarm clock.
  93. "4:10. The Drugstore closes at 5. If I hurry I can make it back in time for Haruhi."
  95. With that, Konata quickly put on her shoes and ran for the train station. She decided that it would be better to go to a place that she didn't visit very often, lest someone she knew would se her. When she arrived, she casually made her way down the street towards the towns only drugstore. She stood across the street and waited until 5 minutes before closing before entering the store. At the counter was a nice older lady with long brown hair, who Konata thought looked very pretty. Out of habit, the nice lady kindly informed Konata that the store would be closing soon, to which Konata gave a smile and a nod. Konata took her time going up and down the aisles. Occasionally picking up an item and looking at it momentarily before putting it back in it's place. She was startled when the clerk cleared her throat behind her.
  97. "Miss. Is there anything that I can help you with?"
  99. "Oh, I'm fine. I'm sorry, I forgot that the store was closing. I'll grab the things I need and be up at the counter in a minute."
  101. "Then I will wait for you there, ok? If you need help, please feel free to ask."
  103. As the clerk made her way back to the front of the store, Konata slowly made her way to the Incontinence isle and looked around. There were many types and brands of protection to choose from. She settled on one of the more expensive brands, as she didn't want to risk buying a cheaper one and have it leak on her at an inopportune moment. Finding that, she found one on the bottom shelf in her size and picked it up. On the way to the front counter she passed a display of baby diapers and other accessories.
  105. 'Hmm. If things get worse and I have to start wearing these during the day, it might be a good idea to get some wipes in case I need to change when I'm out.' Konata thought.
  107. Diapers and wipes in hand, she made her way up to the counter where the clerk was busying herself with getting things put away for the night. She noticed Konata, and after casually scanning the items she placed them into a large paper bag.
  109. "Here is your total miss." She said pointing to the display on the register.
  111. Konata paid for her items and thanked the kind lady before exiting the store. Outside, she sighed in relief and started making her way back to the train station. Less than half an hour later, she was back home. She haphazardly threw her shoes on the floor and ran up to her room, throwing her purchases onto her bed for the time being. She bolted for her T.V. and turned it on to watch Haruhi, but was greeted with a baseball game that was well into extra innings with no immediate end in sight.
  113. "Waaah! It's not fair! Why do they always have to broadcast all the games on THIS channel? Don't they care that they're messing up peoples schedules for watching anime?"
  115. Flopping backwards and sighing in defeat, she decided to get something to eat while she waited for the game to end and headed downstairs. She opened the fridge and started pulling out the items needed for her dinner.
  117. "Hmmm. With dad gone I can have anything that I want. This calls for a super delicious, mega yummy, Konata deluxe meal!!"
  119. She decided on a nice steak and a plate of fetucinni alfredo with some of her own special sauce, a tall glass of milk, and a chocolate cornet for desert. Konata ate her meal at the kitchen table, and when finished, decided to do the dishes now lest they pile up. She took the glass of milk and chocolate cornet up to her room with her to snack on while she read some of the new manga she had bought the other day. It was nearly midnight before she yawned and realised how tired she was. Sitting up, she stretched her arms and looked over at the package from the drugstore at the foot of her bed. Sighing, she reached over and grabbed it, pulling out it's contents and setting them on the bed beside her. She ripped open the larger package and pulled out a diaper, looking at it for a moment before opening it up.
  121. 'It's bigger than I thought it'd be.' She thought to herself.
  123. She stood up and took off the long, canary yellow skirt she was wearing, letting it fall to the floor at her feet. Next came her one of a kind SOS Brigade limited edition panties, which she tossed into the clothes hamper next to her closet. Picking up the diaper, she looked it over again before placing it on her bed and laying herself on top of it. She blushed when she felt the soft material touch her bottom. She then grabbed hold of the bottom half of the diaper and brought it up between her legs, which caused an even deeper shade of red to stain her cheeks. Starting with the lower left, she started taping up her new underpants. When she was done, she sat up and took note of how thick the diaper was. Wanting to see what it looked like on her, she walked over to the full length mirror on the back of her door.
  125. 'It doesn't look that bad, but it sure makes walking difficult, and the noise it makes is embarassing. But on the plus side, I won't have to worry about wet sheets in the morning.'
  127. With a sly grin on her face she added: 'Or if Kagami decided to kick my butt for copying her homework.'^_^
  129. She removed the remaing diapers from the package and placed them in her underwear drawer to make things easier for her when she went to bed. She took the wipes and placed them on top of her dresser next to a lamp and a picture of her mom. Konata opened a lower drawer, pulled out an extra long T-shirt to wear for the night, and put it on after removing the light blue camisole she had worn for the day. She closed the drawer and turned off the lamp, but not before picking up and placing a light kiss on her mothers picture.
  131. "Good night mama." Said Konata after placing the picture back upon her dresser. She crawled into bed and shut off her light, hoping that the morning would bring another beautiful day, filled with good times, good friends... and good anime.
  133. _____
  137. Kagami Hiragi sat up in her bed and yawned loudly as she stretched away the cogs in her body from the previous nights sleep. She headed towards the bathroom to wash her face, rubbing her eyes of sleep along the way.
  139. "Morning Kagami." Said her older sister Matsuri.
  141. "Yeah yeah, what's so good about it?" Asked Kagami in an annoyed tone.
  143. "Well well, someone sure is cranky. Bad nights sleep?"
  145. "Mhmm." Was all she said as she closed the bathroom door behind her.
  147. After which she returned to her room and started getting dressed. She removed her pajama's and tossed them into her laundry hamper to be washed. She walked to her closet and picked out a plain pair of dark blue jeans that came down to just past her knees, and a light purple long sleeved shirt and put them on before heading downstairs for breakfast.
  149. "Morning Kagami." Said her father. Kagami waved hello with one hand, while using the other to cover her mouth as she yawned.
  151. "Didn't you sleep well dear?" Asked her mother.
  153. "Not really. I had alot on my mind last night."
  155. "Oh? Anything your father or myself can help with?"
  157. "Sorry, but this is something I need to figure out on my own."
  159. "Ahhh.. I know what it is." Said Inori, Kagami's second oldest sister.
  161. "It's boy troubles." She said with a smirk.
  163. "Baka! It is not!! Jeez, can't you ever be serious?" Said Kagami with a fierce blush on her face.
  165. "Oh my, I think that Inori is right isn't she? Why else would you be blushing the way you are? Awww, my little Kagami is growing up so fast!!" Said their mother.
  167. "You're wrong... YOU'RE ALL WRONG!!" Yelled Kagami as she ran upstairs to her room. She slammed the door shut and threw herself on her bed, crying into her pillow. She looked up to a small picture of her and Konata on her nightstand and grabbed it, hugging it tightly.
  169. A soft knock on her door startled the purple haired girl.
  171. "Go away!!"
  173. "Kagami I'm sorry about earlier, can I come in? Please?" Asked her eldest sister.
  175. Kagami sat up on her bed and wiped away the tears on her face.
  177. "Ok, I guess." She said as she grabbed a pillow and hugged it to her body.
  179. Matsuri opened the door and peeked inside before entering. Kagami quickly hid the picture under one of her other pillows. Matsuri sat down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.
  181. "You know, even though we don't always get along, I'm still here for you if you need to talk."
  183. Kagami just hugged her pillow even tighter as she nodded yes.
  185. "Well? What's the matter?"
  187. Kagami blushed deeply and buried her face into the pillow as she tried to find the words to tell her older sister.
  189. "Ok. How about this? Why don't I ask you a question, and you answer by nodding or shaking your head yes or no? Is that ok?"
  191. Kagami nodded her head yes.
  193. "Is there someone at school giving you a hard time?"
  195. -No-
  197. "Did someone confess their love for you and now you don't know what to do?"
  199. -No-
  201. "Hmmm. Did you confess your love for someone else?"
  203. -No-
  205. "You love someone, but haven't confessed to them and aren't sure how to tell them?"
  207. -Yes-
  209. "Ha! I knew it! I'm an expert when it comes to figuring out other peoples love problems you know."
  211. "Yeah right! It took you 4 try's just to figure out my problem!" Said Kagami loudly. Her face went red with embarassment at hearing her own words. She buried her face back into her pillow.
  213. "If you don't want to talk to me I'm going to torture you until you do."
  215. No response.
  217. "Ok, I warned you!" Said Matsuri as she pounced on top of her younger sister and started tickling her.
  219. "Ah! No, no please! Ha, aha, aha, stop! Stop it! Aha ha ha ha ha! Ok! I give, I give! Stop! I'll talk, I'll talk!"
  221. Stradling her younger sisters waist, Matsuri didn't move a muscle.
  223. "So? Is this person someone you just met?"
  225. "We've known each other for a while."
  227. "Yeah? So, what's he like?"
  229. "Shorter than me, has blue hair, fairly nice. Kind of strange though."
  231. "Oh? Doesn't sound like anyone I know. Have I met this person?"
  233. Kagami looked to her right and noticed the frame of the picture she had earlier sticking out from under her pillow. She pulled it out and handed it to her sister. A fierce blush on her face.
  235. "Oh." Was all Matsuri said.
  237. "Now you know why I didn't want to talk about it. Pretty disgusting huh?"
  239. "Don't say that. It shouldn't matter to anybody else who you love, what matters is that if it will make YOU happy."
  241. Matsuri got off of her sister and helped her up.
  243. "And ummm... besides. I've had my share of experiments, being in college and all." Said Matsuri blushing.
  245. Kagami looked at her sister, bewilderment on her face.
  247. "Yeah. It my first week, and I was a little homesick so I went for a walk in a local park. She found me sitting on a bench crying. She sat on the bench next to me and asked me if I was alright. I lied of course and tried to wipe away my tears. She explained to me that people sometimes need someone to talk to, and if I wanted I could talk to her. It started snowing as I spilled my guts and cried my heart out to her. We were both soaking wet and freezing cold by the time we left. She invited me over to her place to warm up and to dry my clothes, as it was closer than my dorm. We were sitting on her couch talking...one thing led to another, and..."
  249. Both girls were blushing madly at this point as Matsuri put her hand on Kagami's.
  251. "So you see? There's nothing wrong with being in love with another girl. If you make her happy, and she makes you happy, that's all that matters."
  253. Matsuri drew Kagami into a tight hug as she continued.
  255. "Why don't you go see her? I'm sure she'll be happy to see you. She's probably a bit lonely, with her dad being away and all."
  257. "I just might. Thanks sis."
  259. "No problem. Now, no more of this keeping problems to yourself. Ok?"
  261. "Ok."
  263. "You promise?"
  265. "I promise."
  267. "Good girl." Said Matsuri as she ruffled Kagami's hair.
  269. "Sis!"
  271. Matsuri stuck out her tongue cheekily as she left her sisters room, only to poke her head back in again a moment later.
  273. "When you're ready, come back downstairs and finish eating your breakfast ok?"
  275. "Sure."
  277. _____
  281. Kagami made her bed and placed the picture back on her nightstand before heading back downstairs. After breakfast she put on her shoes and headed over to Konata's. It was nearly noon when she arrived, and she noticed that the daily newspaper and some letters were still in the mailbox, which led her to believe that Konata hadn't woken up yet, as retrieving the mail was usually one of the first things on her list in the morning.
  283. "Really. She sleeps later than Tsukasa sometimes." She said to herself as she emptied the mailbox. She knocked on the door and waited. When there was no answer she knocked again, and rang the bell as well. After a few moments, she went around back and looked up at Konata's bedroom window.
  285. "Hello!? Konata!? Answer the door!"
  287. With a sigh, she went back around to the front of the house. She looked around to see if anybody was watching and she reached above the door and retrieved the spare key that Konata's father had placed there. She inserted the key and unlocked the front door, shutting it behind her. She removed her shoes and placed the mail and the spare key on a nearby table before making her way into the living room.
  289. "Hello? Konata? Are you here?"
  291. She looked in the kitchen and noticed that there were no breakfast dishes, so she knew Konata was still here. Not to mention her shoes were stll by the front door. She made her way up the stairs towards Konata's room, where she knocked on the door lightly before opening it. There she found her friend still asleep in her bed. Kagami smiled and walked over to her.
  293. 'Konata is kind of cute when she's sleeping.' She thought to herself.
  295. Kagami sat on the edge of the bed and gently shook her friends shoulder.
  297. "Konata...Konata wake up."
  299. The blue haired girl stirred and whined in annoyance at being woken up so early.
  301. "Hmmm? Kagamin? It's so early, let me sleep a little more ok?"
  303. Kagami stood up and put her hands on her hips as she replied.
  305. "It's almost noon! C'mon get up! I went to the trouble of coming here to visit you, so the least you could do is be polite and keep me company."
  307. "Alright alright, I'm getting up." Said Konata as she sat up in her bed. She suddenly gasped as she remembered that she was wearing a diaper. A now wet diaper to be exact. Her hands shot to her lap as she made sure to cover it, lest her best friend find out about her current predicament.
  309. "Well? Are you getting up or what?" Asked Kagami.
  311. "Uhh yeah, in a minute."
  313. "Why? What's the matter?"
  315. "Umm, ca...can you please leave for a minute while I get dressed?"
  317. "Huh? How come? We've seen each other naked before right? What's the big deal?"
  319. "It's not like that. It's just..."
  321. "Just what?"
  323. Konata just looked away as she tried to find the words to explain. Kagami, who was concerned at this point sat down next to her.
  325. "Is there something wrong Konata?"
  327. Konata gripped the sheets in har lap tightly. There was no use in hiding it now, one way or another she was going to have to tell somebody about her problem, and it looked as though Kagami was going to be the first. Blushing, she threw back her sheets revealing her nightie, and underneath, a very wet diaper.
  329. "Kagami, I... I've been wetting the bed recently."
  331. "So I see. How long have you..."
  333. "Only about 4 days or so. I don't know why it started up again. I haven't wet the bed since I was 8 years old. I've tried everything I could think of to stop, short of medicine or surgery."
  335. "Does your dad know?"
  337. "No. And I don't want him to find out. He's done so much for me, and I don't want him to worry about me any more than he has to. Please, promise that you won't tell him Kagami!"
  339. "I won't. I promise. But, why didn't you tell me sooner? I thought that we were best friends?"
  341. "I thought that you'd make fun of me. That, and I didn't want to trouble you with my prob...."
  343. "IDIOT!!" Screamed Kagami.
  345. "Don't you EVER think that I'd make fun of you for something so trivial. OR that you are ANY burden on me whatsoever." Said Kagami, tears welling up in her eyes.
  347. "Kagamin..." Was all Konata was able to say before breaking down and crying into her friends chest. Kagami softly rubbed her back, soothing her. It took a while, but Konata eventually calmed down.
  349. "Feel better?" Asked Kagami.
  351. "Yeah. Let me get out of this thing and we'll have lunch." Said Konata as she started to pull at one of the tapes on her diaper, only to have Kagami grab her hand and stop her. Kagami clicked her tongue and waved her finger as she started to speak.
  353. "Ah ah. Litle girls aren't supposed to change themselves."
  355. "What?"
  357. "Today that's going to be my job. Think of it as punishment for not trusting me and asking for help sooner."
  359. "But..."
  361. "No but's. Today I'm taking care of you, so you have to listen and do what I tell you ok?" Said Kagami as she grabbed a fresh diaper and wipes from Konata's dresser and headed back over to the bed.
  363. "Kagamin..."
  365. "Lay down." Said Kagami as she helped her friend lay on the bed. She lifted up her nightie and started untaping the tapes. Konata blushed as she felt the relativly cool air touch her warm skin. Kagami noticed this and smiled as she grabbed Konata's ankles and lifted her bottom, removing the soaked diaper from underneath her and placing it off to the side. She grabbed a wipe from it's container and gave Konata's bottom and middle a thorough cleaning before unfolding a new diaper and slipping it under the shorter girl.
  367. "Do you have any baby powder?"
  369. "N..no. I didn't think to grab any when I was at the store."
  371. "That's ok. We'll get some later." Said Kagami as she began taping up the diaper.
  373. "Is it ok if I spend the night? I want to talk to you about some things if thats ok?"
  375. "Sure. Dad's gone on a business trip for 2 weeks, so it's fine."
  377. Kagami finished taping up the diaper and looked over her work. Satisfied, she patted Konata's bottom and helped her sit up.
  379. "So? How does it feel?"
  381. "It still feels a little wierd, but it's better than when I did it myself."
  383. "You'll get used to it. Now, lets get you dressed shall we?" Said Kagami as she started to pulled off Konata's nightie.
  385. "Hey!!"
  387. Kagami went back over to Konata's dresser and pulled out a mint green colored top.
  389. "Arms up." Said Kagami as she walked back over to the bed.
  391. "I can dress myself you know."
  393. "Not today."
  395. Kagami slipped the shirt onto her friend. She grabbed the soiled diaper and rolled it up before throwing it into the trash next to Konata's desk.
  397. "Aren't I allowed to wear anything else?" Asked Konata.
  399. "Think of it as part of your punishment. I have a few other rules for you as well.
  401. 1. As you may have guessed, the toilet is off limits for you today.
  403. 2. No taking off your diaper or changing yourself. 3. You'll be in bed no later than 10pm.
  405. And 4. Absolutely NO net gaming unless I say so. Ok?"
  407. "Meanie!"
  409. "You want mean?" Asked Kagami as she started walking towards her friend.
  411. "Ah! No I'm kidding! I'm sorry!"
  413. "Too late!"
  415. Kagami grabbed her friends wrist as she tried to run and threw her back on the bed. Konata's eyes went wide as Kagami brought her hands up and started tickling her!
  417. "Noooo! Kagamin, please! Anything but the tickle torture! Ah, ah, ahahahaha!! Stop! I'm going... ha ha! I'm going to wet myself!" Konata yelled as a small wet spot appeared on the front of her diaper.
  419. Kagami looked down and smiled. Happy with herself at what she made her friend do.
  421. "Mou Kagamin... you did that on purpose didn't you!?"
  423. Kagami gave a smug little smirk as she helped her friend to her feet. She fixed Konata's shirt, as it had become tangled and ruffled from their little tussle on the bed.
  425. "If you be a good girl and listen to me we shouldn't have any problems should we?"
  427. "No."
  429. "Good. Cause if you're bad, I'll have to punish you, and I don't want to do that."
  431. "As if I haven't been punished enough."
  433. "What was that?"
  435. "Nothing, nothing! I was only kidding." Both girls made their way downstairs.
  437. "I'm going to head back to my house to grab the things I need for my stay." Said Kagami as she put on her shoes.
  439. "You behave yourself while I'm gone ok? And remember, no potty or net gaming for you."
  441. "Ok." Whined Konata.
  443. "Good girl."
  445. Kagami kissed Konata on the forehead and waved goodbye as she went out the door.
  447. "This sucks, no gaming. I guess I'll just watch T.V. or something." Said Konata as she plopped her padded behind on the couch and flicked on the television. After watching a 3 hour FMP marathon, she started to get a wierd feeling in her stomach.
  449. "Ooooh. I guess I shouldn't have made that sauce so rich last night." Said Konata as she rubbed her stomach.
  451. "I hope Kagami gets back soon, I don't know how much longer I can hold it."
  453. As soon as Kagami arrived at home she raced upstairs to her room to get the things that she would need for her stay at Konata's. She grabbed a few changes of clothes, some books, and toiletries. As she was packing items in her bag, her vision wandered over to her closet.
  455. "Hmmm. I wonder." She said to herself as she opened her closet and began rummaging around. She was so fixated on finding what she wanted that she didn't even hear her sister knock on the door.
  457. "Hey Kagami. What're you looking for?"
  459. "Oh! Hey sis. I was just looking for the box that has all our old baby things."
  461. "Awww! Does Kagami miss her baby blankie? Or does she just want to play mommy?" Teased Matsuri.
  463. "I just want to have a little fun."
  465. Matsuri walked over to the closet and reached for a box on the top shelf. She picked it up and put it on the floor beside her sister.
  467. "Is this what you're looking for?"
  469. "Yeah! Thaks sis!"
  471. "No prob. But, what do you want with this stuff?"
  473. "Like I said, I just want to have some fun."
  475. "Nevermind. I'm probably better off not knowing." Said Matsuri as she left the room.
  477. Kagami dug through the box pulling out items here and there. Anything she thought might fit her little 'Baby'. She placed the unwanted items back in the box and put it back on the shelf before placing the things she wanted in her bag. She zipped it up and headed back downstairs, quickly putting on her shoes and yelling goodbye to everyone before bolting out the door.
  479. Back at the Izumi residence, Konata was moaning in discomfort and frantically rubbing her belly on the couch, trying not to think about what she knew she had to do.
  481. "I can't take it anymore! I'm sorry Kagamin!" Yelled Konata as she ran for the stairs, and towards the bathroom. She only made it to the bottom of the stairs before she was doubled over in pain from a cramp. She fell to her knees and cried out as she put her hand on her bottom, and warm squishy liquid filled the back of her diaper. The amount of pressure this relieved also caused her bladder to relax and empty itself. Konata collapsed onto her bottom and hugged her knees to her chest crying.
  483. "Kagamin....." She sobbed out loud.
  485. Kagami smiled and skipped happily down the road as she made her way back to Konata's. She couldn't wait to see the look on her friends face when she finds out what's in store for her for the next while. As she passed a popular clothing store, Kagami thought it would be a good idea to take a quick look inside to see if she could find anything that might look cute on her friend.
  487. "Hello miss. How may I help you?" Asked a cheerful clerk.
  489. "Oh, I'm just browsing for now. Thank You."
  491. "No problem. If you need any help, please feel free to ask."
  493. "I will. Thanks."
  495. Kagami slowly made her way to the womens section where she looked through some racks of cute looking skirts and blouses. After five minutes of browsing without finding anything she liked, she made her way back to the front of the store to find the nice clerk that greeted her earlier.
  497. "Umm, excuse me?"
  499. "Yes? Is there something I can help you with?"
  501. "Yes. I have a friend who loves fleece clothing, and I was wondering if you had any one piece fleece pajama's, or something similar?"
  503. "Yes. I believe that those items are in the youth section. Do you happen to know your friends size?"
  505. "Not exactly, but if I can look at them, I'll be able to tell what size should fit her."
  507. "Very well. Follow me please."
  509. The kind lady led Kagami to the area that the items were kept, and proceded to show her some of the more popular items.
  511. "This particular item is very popular among pre teen and teen girls." Said the lady as she held up a pink, one piece fleece pajama. With feet on them no less!
  513. "Yes! That's perfect! Are there any other sizes?"
  515. "I believe so. Hang on a moment." Said the clerk as she searched through the rack, pulling out four different sizes of the same item.
  517. "I'll take this one." Said Kagami, excited about finding the perfect outfit for her cute little baby.
  519. "Very well. I will wrap it up and meet you up at the till ok?"
  521. "Great."
  523. Kagami made her way back to the front of the store and awaited the clerk's return. A short time later, she returned and handed Kagami a small box containing the item in question.
  525. "Your total comes to 3248yen."
  527. Kagami handed the lady the money and thanked her before exiting the store. Not wanting to waste any time in getting back to her friends place so she could show her her surprise. When she arrived, Kagami kicked off her shoes as she called out for her friend.
  529. "Konata!? Konata I'm back!"
  531. "Kagamin..." Sobbed Konata.
  533. Kagami rounded the corner to the living room and noticed Konata siting at the bottom of the stairs crying. She walked over to her and placed her hands on her shoulders.
  535. "What's wrong Konata?" Asked Kagami, although she already had an idea. The odor in the air only confirmed her suspicions.
  537. "Oh. I'm sorry Konata, I didn't think I would be gone that long." Said Kagami as she drew her friend into a hug.
  539. "Ka...Kagami...please, please change me."
  541. "Sure."
  543. Kagami winced when Konata whined as she was picked up, a hand placed on her bottom moving the squishy mess around a little.
  545. "I have a surprise for you later Konata." Said Kagami as she carried her little girl up the stairs and into her room.
  547. "What is it?" Sniffled Konata.
  549. Kagami looked at her, and at the same time they both said: "If I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?" Causing both girls to giggle.
  551. Kagami laid her friend on her bed, and walked over to her dresser to get the items needed for her changing. She pulled a diaper out of Konata's underwear drawer and grabbed the container of wipes. She also picked up her overnight bag and placed it on the bed.
  553. "I'm sorry Kagamin."
  555. "What for?"
  557. "You know..." Said Konata as she nodded towards her waist.
  559. "Don't be. You did as you were told and didn't take off your diaper. Right?"
  561. Kagami pulled out a container of baby powder from her bag and set it on the bed next to her.
  563. "I still feel bad for doing it though."
  565. "Like I said, you did as you were told. Which is a good thing, cause if you had taken your diaper off, I would have had to punish you."
  567. "What would you have done to me?"
  569. "That's for me to know, and you to find out if you're bad."
  571. "But..."
  573. "No buts. Here." Said Kagami as she pulled out a small pink pacifier from her bag and placed it in her friends mouth.
  575. "A pacifier!?" Exclaimed Konata as she removed it and looked it over.
  577. "Yes, a pacifier. It was mine when I was little. I thought it might come in handy." Said Kagami as she placed it back in Konata's mouth, making sure to take her hand away only when she was sure that Konata wouldn't take it out again.
  579. "Now settle down so I can change you ok?"
  581. Kagami gently pulled at the tapes keeping Konata in her soggy, smelly confines. She pulled back the front of the diaper and waved her hand in front of her face comically, causing Konata to blush a deep shade of red. She used the soiled garment to clean her friend as best she could before moving it off to the side. Next she grabbed some wipes and gave her friends bottom and middle a thurough cleaning before tossing the wipes inside the diaper, rolling it up and taping it shut.
  583. Kagami unfolded the clean diaper and slipped it under Konata's bottom before reaching for the container of powder she had brought with her. She sprinked some on the diaper itself, and then on her friends skin before rubbing it in, causing a cute gasp and more blushing from the blue haired girl.
  585. "Now you even smell like a baby!" Exclaimed Kagami as she brought the front of the diaper up and taped it into place.
  587. "I also brought some cream in case you get diaper rash."
  589. Konata blushed as she looked at the name of the cream. Buttpaste.
  591. Kagami picked up everything off the bed and placed it all on Konata's dresser as to make it easier for future changes. She grabbed the soiled diaper and placed it into a plastic grocery bag, tying it shut and tossing it into the trash. She walked back over to the bed and helped her friend into a sitting position before removing her pacifier and giving her a kiss on the nose.
  593. "There. All done my little miss stinky pants."
  595. Konata stuck out her tongue naughtily at that comment, which caused them both to laugh.
  597. By this time it was almost 3:30, and Kagami thought it would be a good idea to reward her little one for doing as she was told while she was alone.
  599. "Konata? Since you were such a good girl and did what you were told while I was gone, you can play some games for a while if you want. But only until dinner ok?"
  601. "Really? Thank you Kagami! I was starting to get really bored just sitting around watching T.V."
  603. "Just come down when I call you ok?"
  605. "Sure! Thank you Kagami." Said Konata as she hugged her friends legs like a child. With that, Konata waddled her way over to her desk and fired up her computer. Kagami smiled to herself as she headed downstairs to dry and put away the dishes that Konata had washed the previous night. After that was done, she busied herself with cleaning the living room until it was time to start cooking dinner. Matsuri had shown her how to make a very delicious stew a few weks ago, and she was dying to try to make it herself. She cut up some meat and let it cook in a pot while she peeled and cut up various vegetables, deciding not to use the cauliflour as it seemed to have started growing fuzz. It wasn't long before the scent of the stew had wafted up the stairs and into Konata's room, quickly filling her nostrils and making her stomach growl.
  607. "Mmmm, that smells good." Konata said out loud.
  609. "Awwww! but I don't want to leave my game!"
  611. As if on cue, Kagami yelled from the bottom of the stairs that dinner was ready.
  613. "5 more minutes! Pleeeeeease Kagami?"
  615. "No, now!"
  617. "But...."
  619. "Don't make me come up there! You won't like it if I do."
  621. "Ok ok, I'm coming!" Said Konata as she said goodbye to her online pals and powered off her computer before heading downstairs. Kagami had already set the table and was pouring the stew into their bowls. Konata took this opportunity to ask her friend a question.
  623. "When will I get my surprise Kagami?"
  625. "I'll give it to you later. AFTER you've had your dinner, AND a bath."
  627. "A bath!?"
  629. "Yes a bath. It'll be fun, I promise."
  631. Kagami finished dishing out their dinner and walked back over to the table, where she sat down next to her friend. Before she knew it, Konata was pulled onto Kagami's lap and held there.
  633. "Kagami... what're you.."
  635. "Here." Said Kagami as she held up a spoonful of stew. Konata, not wantng to feel anymore like a baby clamped her mouth shut tightly and squirmed in Kagami's arms, trying to get away.
  637. "No! I don't want to be fed like a baby!"
  639. "Come on, please Konata? Be a good girl and eat your food."
  641. "No!"
  643. "Please? I know that you must be hungry, you haven't eaten yet today have you?"
  645. "That's not the point."
  647. "Then what IS the point?"
  649. "The point is that it's too embarassing."
  651. "Try to think of it this way, you get to sit back and relax while someone else does all the work for you. All you have to do is sit here and enjoy your meal. Right?"
  653. "Yeah, but.."
  655. "No butts. Now eat up ok?"
  657. Reluctantly, Konata settled into a comfortable position and leaned into her friends hold. Kagami picked up another spoonful of stew and brought to Konata's lips, where it went in unimpeded.
  659. "Hey, this is pretty good."
  661. "Thank you, it's actually my sister's recipe."
  663. "What!? I didn't think that Tsukasa knew how to cook like this!"
  665. "No no, not Tsukasa, it's Matsuri's recipe."
  667. "Oh. That makes sense."
  669. Kagami again placed a spoonful of stew in Konata's mouth, followed by another. This was repeated until the entire bowl was emptied.
  671. "Feel better?" Asked Kagami as she rubbed Konata's belly.
  673. "Alot. Thanks Kagami."
  675. "No problem. Are you ready for your bath?"
  677. "I guess so."
  679. "Ok. Did you want to walk upstairs? Or do you want me to carry you?"
  681. "I'll walk."
  683. Kagami stood up and helped her friend to her feet. She took Konata's hand and led her upstairs to the bathroom, where she began to fill the tub while getting her baby ready for her bath.
  685. "Arms up." Said Kagami.
  687. Konata did as she was told, and Kagami lifted the shirt over her friends head, removing it and throwing it in the clothes hamper. Next she untaped Konata's diaper and tossed it into the trash. Kagami helped the shorter girl into the tub and turned to leave.
  689. "I'll be back in a minute. You be good ok?"
  691. "Yeah yeah."
  693. Kagami made her way to Konata's room, where she laid out the items needed to get her little girl ready for bed. She laid out some clean diapers, powder, and the one piece sleeper that she bought earlier in the day. She also grabbed another item that she had brought from her house, and headed downstairs. She placed the item on the counter and headed back upstairs to the bathroom. She peeked in the door before stepping in, and noticed Konata filling up a small water pistol. Thinking quickly, Kagami thought of a plan to avoid getting wet, and made her way into the bathroom.
  695. "How's the water?"
  697. "It's perfect. You should really join me Kagami."
  699. "Thanks, but no thanks. I had one last night." Said Kagami as she busied herself at the sink.
  701. "Oh Kagamiiiiiiiii." Called Konata while pointing the water pistol at her.
  703. Kagami picked up a bathbrush from the sink and turned around, gently tapping the brush on her hand.
  705. "Yeah?"
  707. "............ Uhhhhhh, never mind."
  709. "Did you want me to wash your hair for you?"
  711. "Sure. Thanks."
  713. Kagami knelt beside the tub and grabbed the bottle of shampoo. She squirted some on her hand and began to massage her friends scalp.
  715. "Mmmm. That feels good." Said Konata as she leaned back against the wall of the tub.
  717. "I know. Whenever I get my hair done I always ask for a shampoo. I even came close to falling asleep once!"
  719. "You know Kagami, I'm actually kind of enjoying this. Dad is always busy with work, and with my mom being gone, it's not very often that someone makes such a fuss over me, or looks out for me the way that you have been."
  721. "So you actually like being a baby? Diapers and all?"
  723. "Wearing them is fine, and I can't say that wetting them is a big deal, but messing them is a different story."
  725. "Well, I'll try my best to change you as soon as I can next time ok?"
  727. "Thanks Kagami."
  729. "No problem, now take a deep breath alright?"
  731. Konata did as she was told and Kagami gently pushed her head underwater, washing away the soap suds which spread along the waters surface. Kagami helped her friend back up and moved the hair from her eyes. She grabbed a nearby loofah sponge and squirted liquid soap onto it, lathering and rubbing it into Konata's skin, it's raspberry scent mixing with the smell of soap already in the air.
  733. "Did you want to watch a movie or something after your bath?" Asked Kagami.
  735. "Ok. I just got the first season of School Rumble if you want to watch that."
  737. "Sure, I liked the Manga, so the anime should be pretty good."
  739. A few moments later Kagami was finished and she rised Konata's skin of any remaining soap before pulling the plug and draining the tub. She walked over to the shelf near the door and grabbed 2 towels, one of which she wrapped around her friends body, and the other she used to wrap up the long, wet blue hair of the shorter girl. She picked up her little girl and carried her into her room, where she sat down on the bed and began drying her friend. When she was finished she patted the bed.
  741. "Lay down so I can get you dressed and ready for bed."
  743. "Why are there 2 diapers on the bed?" Asked Konata.
  745. "Well, you drank quite a bit of liquid today, and I don't want to risk having your diaper leak so I'm going to put 2 diapers on you for the night, just in case."
  747. Konata climbed up on the bed and laid down while Kagami busied herself with the items that she had laid out earlier. She removed the towel that was wrapped around her friend and tossed it on the floor. She grabbed the clean diaper and unfolded it before sliding it under Konata's bottom. Next came the powder, which was applied expertly and gently rubbed into Konata's smooth, pale skin. Kagami pulled the front of the diaper up and fit it snugly into place before taping it up and checking it for any potential leaks. She then slipped the second diaper under her already padded behind and taped it into place.
  749. "Close your eyes for a minute Konata."
  751. "Is it time for my surprise?" Asked Konata excitedly.
  753. "Yes, it is."
  755. Konata did as she was asked and closed her eyes while Kagami picked up the box at the foot of the bed and removed the footed sleeper, holding it up in front of her.
  757. "Ok, you can open them now."
  759. Konata opened her eyes and when she saw what her friend was holding, her face flushed.
  761. "Kagamin! Do I HAVE to wear that!?" She whined.
  763. "Aww c'mon, it'll look really cute on you. And besides, no one will see you except me."
  765. "........."
  767. "Please Konata? For me?"
  769. "I guess. As long as you promise that you won't tell anyone about this."
  771. "Of course not."
  773. Konata nodded as her face flushed an even darker shade of red. Kagami slipped the garment onto her friend feet and pulled it up her body, over her diaper and up to her armpits, where she slipped her right arm in first, followed promptly by the left. She reached under and pulled the back of the sleepr up so it wouldn't get bunched up anywhere. It took a minute or so of adjusting before she was able to zip up the soft pink fabric and close the small velcro flap just under Konata's chin. Kagami stood up and helped her friend to her feet on the bed so she could see how the pajama's fit her.
  775. "It fits perfectly! Even with you being double diapered, theres still plenty of room in the back for movement. Not to mention it looks really cute on you. Come and look for yourself." Said Kagami as she helped her friend off the bed and led her to the mirror on the back of her door.
  777. "It's hard to walk like this." Said Konata as she waddled over to the mirror.
  779. "Well, just by looking I can't tell I'm wearing diapers, but it sure feels like it!"
  781. "Don't worry, if it gets too hard for you to walk I'll carry you."
  783. Konata ran her hands along the sleeve of her pajama's and couldn't believe how soft the material felt.
  785. "Let's dry your hair, and then we can go downstairs and watch School Rumble ok?"
  787. "Ok."
  789. Kagami took Konata's hand and led her over to the chair at her desk, where she asked her to sit. She then grabbed a hair dryer that was already on the desk and started drying her friends hair. After blow drying, Kagami picked up Konata's brush and started brushing her beautiful blue hair.
  791. "Did you want me to braid your hair for you?" Asked Kagami.
  793. "No, I like keeping it straight. Thank you though."
  795. "Is there any particular reason that you keep it this way?"
  797. "Mostly because it's easier for me to manage, and because my mom always wore her hair this way. I like the way dad smiles when he sees me with my hair straight. He always says that I look exactly like my mom did."
  799. "Your mom sounds like she was a wonderful person. I wish I could have met her."
  801. "She was, and I'm sure that she would have loved to have met you too."
  803. Kagami finished brushing Konata's hair and placed the brush on her desk.
  805. "There, all done. You ready?" She asked while holding out her hand.
  807. Konata took Kagami's hand as they headed downstairs.
  809. "You pop in the DVD while I make the popcorn ok?"
  811. "Deal." Said Konata as she waddled over to the DVD player and put in the first disc. Kagami blushed at how cute her little baby looked trying to walk while so heavily padded. She shook her head clear and procceded to make the popcorn. After Kagami had cleaned up the mess she made when the popcorn maker had overflowed, she wandered over to the couch and plopped down beside her blue haired friend, pulling her closer. This was the scene for a few hours, until they got to episode 13. Just as it ended, Kagami spoke.
  813. "Are you still hungry Konata? Or thirsty?"
  815. "I'm not so much hungry as I am thirsty."
  817. "I'll get you something to drink. Why don't you put things away and head to your room. I'll be there in a minute."
  819. "Awww! I want to watch more of School Rumble!"
  821. "We can finish watching it tomorrow."
  823. "But I want to watch it tonight."
  825. "No, it's almost your bedtime. I promise that we'll watch more tomorrow ok?" Said Kagami as she ruffled Konata's hair.
  827. "Alright." Whined Konata.
  829. Kagami walked over to the counter where she had placed the item that she had brought with her earlier. It was a baby bottle. Her old baby bottle to be exact. She opened the fridge and grabbed the container of milk, pouring some into the bottle and screwing the lid on tight. She put it into her pocket and headed back into the living room. She blushed heavily and smiled brightly as she saw the cute sight of Konata's bottom wiggling back and forth in the air as she was on her hands and knees putting away her DVD's. Konata finished what she was doing walked over to her friend, turning off the lights along the way.
  831. "Ready?" Asked Kagami.
  833. Konata nodded her head, and before she knew what was happening, Kagami picked her up and started carrying her up to her room. Once there she was going to sit on the bed, but noticed something in the corner of the room that she hadn't before. It was a rocking chair. A very nice, very heavy looking one.
  835. "Where did that come from?" Asked Kagami.
  837. "Oh that. Dad needed to make room in his study for some things so he asked if he could put it in my room."
  839. "How come I've never seen it before?"
  841. "Probably because my dad had it covered with a blanket so it wouldn't get damaged. He made that for my mom just after he found out that she was pregnant with me. It took him almost 8 months to finish it. He said that he'd never seen my mom so happy about a gift. She used to rock me to sleep in that chair when I was a baby."
  843. Kagami smiled and said: "You still are a baby. MY baby."
  845. Kagami walked over and sat down in the chair. She shifted Konata so that she was cradled in her arms.
  847. "What about my drink?" Asked Konata.
  849. Kagami smiled and pulled the bottle of milk from her pocket.
  851. "I should've known." Said Konata.
  853. Konata relaxed and let Kagami slip the nipple into her mouth, where she began to drink down the cool liquid. All the while Kagami was smiling at her and gently rocking back and forth in the chair. It wasn't long before the entire bottle was gone, and Konata's belly was once again full. Kagami got a mischivious grin on her face and put Konata over her shoulder where she patted her back causing her to burp loudly, much to the embarassment of the younger girl.
  855. "Good girl!" Exclaimed Kagami, causing Konata to blush even more.
  857. Konata yawned and rubbed her eyes cutely as she was laid back into Kagami's arms, where the pacifier was once again placed in her mouth.
  859. "Shanks fer efwyting Kagami." Konata lisped behind the pacifier.
  861. "Shhh. Try and go to sleep ok?" Soothed Kagami as she rocked back and forth, patting Konata's bottom. Konata looked up at her and smiled before closing her eyes. The gentle rocking motions, combined with Kagami's heartbeat and warm hold were enough to lull Konata to sleep in minutes. Kagami smiled as she slowly stopped rocking and stood up, Konata's arms draped over her shouler. She walked over to the bed where she laid her baby down and drew the covers up to her chin.
  863. "Sweet dreams my baby." Whispered Kagami as she placed a kiss on Konata's forehead.
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