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  1. Specific Purpose: To Commemorate Donald Trump
  2. Introduction:
  3. 1)  Throughout history, there have been many proud Americans who claim a large number of talents, specialties, and abilities
  4. 2)  From Edison to Jefferson, and Roosevelt to Musk, there have been countless Americans who have come to the forefront as great leaders in their area or industry
  5. 3)  Foremost among this group in these modern times is none other than our President, Donald J Trump
  6. 4)  Today I’d like to tell you about some of Donald Trump’s successes, his rise to fame and his policies that help make him stand out among these other great figures.
  7. Body:
  8. 1)  Donald Trump was born in Queens in New York City in 1946 to a wealthy family of business owners.
  9. a.  He attended a prestigious private military academy as a teen, though was deemed unfit to serve in in the national draft, later attending the Wharton School  for economics
  10. b.  He began his career with a “small loan of a million dollars” from his father, which he used to help develop the basis for a real estate empire spanning dozens of properties totaling millions of dollars across the globe
  11. c.  Though not always successful, he persevered and never stopped trying to found new businesses and invest in new opportunities
  12. d.  His current net worth is thought to be around $3.1 billion by Forbes
  13. e.  He is currently married to former Slovenian model Melania Trump, with whom he has one son, Barron, as well as having 4 other children from previous marriages
  14. f.  One of his daughters, Ivanka, currently serves him in office as Advisor to the President
  15. 2)  Through hard work and great marketing, Trump managed to make his name synonymous with success and quality.
  16. a.  Many of his ventures were branded with his name, which bolstered his reputation as someone who is highly successful
  17. b.  He produced and hosted a famous reality television show, The Apprentice, where people competed for a place working at one of his companies
  18. c.  Donald Trump became a known as a person associated with luxury and expensive lifestyles partly due to this show
  19. 3)  After numerous hints and false starts, Donald Trump finally decided to run for election in the United States for the 2016 Presidential Election
  20. a.  Though regarded as a long-shot candidate, he gained increasing popularity due to his populist message aimed at disaffected Americans across the political isle
  21. b.  And In a shocking victory, he was able to secure the election and win the presidency
  22. c.  Trump has campaigned on putting America First in both domestic and foreign affairs, and has a tough stance on immigration and foreign policy
  23. d.  Trump has backed this up since taking office, by pushing for the construction of a border wall along the Mexican border, as well as strongly pushing for denuclearization of North Korea
  24. e.  He became the first sitting president to meet with the Chairman of North Korea in US history.
  25. f.  Though his presidency has not been without its fair share of controversy, he continues to serve and direct our nation on the course that he believes is best
  26. Conclusion:
  27. 1)  Due to his upbringing and perseverance, Donald Trump was able to become a famous and iconic figure before he even entered political office
  28. 2)  He continues to serve the country as our President and will be seeking re-election in 2020.
  29. 3)  Regardless of what the future holds, I believe I can say with confidence that the legacy of Donald Trump will be a memorable one. Thank you.
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