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Feb 23rd, 2014
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  1. This is strictly what you know IC about the regions of the world.
  3. Aleamond-
  4. Aleamond is something of an enigma, it's the furthest area from you geographically and separated by dozens if not hundreds of petty kingdoms and city-states constantly at war with one another. What little you know is mostly rumor and conjecture.
  5. What you've heard about Aleamond is that it's a vast Empire to rival the Rhynians themselves in grandeur, ruled by humans. It's headed by a Queen descended from the divines themselves according to what you've heard. They have the best army in the world styled after the Rhynian model of professional soldiers and volunteer auxiliary.
  7. Elaudia-
  8. Elaudia is a region to the east of your homeland populated by vast jungles and strange beast. Your people tell legends of the distant past when Elaudia was all controlled by one vast empire of immeasurable power and wealth, growing fat on trade with the Rhynians, but a century after the Rhynians themselves collapsed the Elaudian Empire vanished. One moment it was there, the next traders were stumbling upon abandoned cities. There were no signs of disease or violence, and for almost a thousand years the jungles have stood empty of all but savages and beast.
  9. Nobody knows just how large Elaudia is. Travelers and Aghtaki frequently brave its depths either in search of treasures or to escape the law. However, nobody who's ventured more than a week's distance into the jungles has ever returned. Some say the Elaudians may still survive on the opposite end of the jungle.
  10. Recently, your people have been reclaiming Elaudia. Clearing forest and constructing outpost, forts, and villages. They've found it incredible slow going but persist in their attempts.
  12. Pidjata-
  13. Your homeland! The name literally translates as "Ancestral Lands", though this is something of a misnomer. In truth, Pidjata extends far further than the ancient Hiacian Empire ever did.
  14. Pidjata is divided among two great powers. The Shahdom of El-Amin and the Samrajya of Kulkarni. The two sides are constantly engaged in small scale raiding and territorial disputes but there hasn't been a full scale war in centuries. There is little travel between the two sides. You know that the Samrajya tends to take after what little is known of Ancient Elaudian culture more than traditional Samjan culture.
  15. You hail from the Shahdom of El-Amin, and are much more familiar with its structure and culture. The Shahdom is the direct descendent of the Hiacian Empire. It controls mainly the northern and western portions of Pidjata, although its furthest eastern border does reach a few miles into Elaudian jungle. Its capital is the city of El-Amin, named after the family that has ruled it for the last several hundred years. The Shahdom is mostly a nation of traders and scholars, though every Samja is trained for combat as a child. Children who are deformed, born prematurely, or seem to be mentally deficient are left in the desert to die of exposure. To settle for a less than perfect child is to be labeled a pariah in your culture, although it is seen as generous and kind for the especially wealthy to adopt children left in the desert and keep them as glorified "Pet Idiots".
  16. The smallest social subset of your culture is the Tribe. A man without a tribe is not a man, which is partially why banishment is the most severe form of punishment your people possess. Tribes can be as small as a handful of individuals or as large as several hundred individuals. Multiple tribes will often join together for large scale projects; assembling trade caravans, building cities, or hunting Palaka worms in the deep desert. These tribal coalitions will often form alliances with other tribal coalitions, and each of these alliances pay lip service to the Shah. Internal warfare is endemic but if it ever gets out of hand the Emperor's personal retinue, a force feared throughout the world, will step in and brutally put an end to both sides.
  17. The Pa'vala, or Deep Desert, is the ancient homeland of your people. It is said it was once the heart of the Hiacian Empire. Through some means unknown to you and yours, the once fertile and lush soil was turned to sand after the collapse of the Hiacians. Your people say that if one finds their foot caught in a sink hole between the dunes, they will fall all the way to the center of the world. Thus they call it the Deep Desert. All manner of mysterious beast roam these lands, but the most prominent are the Palaka worms. Great worms that can grow up to a mile long. If they are not regularly culled they will try to push their way out of the Deep Desert in search of food and territory, churning the soil into sand in their wake and spreading the blighted lands.
  19. Petty Kingdoms-
  20. To the north and northeast of Pidjata are the petty kingdoms that have been scrabbling for territory and resources ever since the fall of the Rhynian Empire. They're mostly ruled by humans, but to the north east there is a chain of islands and a small peninsula that bridge the Great Sea. These are the lands of the Elves. As long as people have been putting pen to paper and recording history, the elves have been fighting in the mountains and valleys of their homeland. They fight over ear length, skin tone, language, accent, cuisine, art, sports, almost every aspect of culture is a point of contention the elves will commit genocide over. Oddly enough, they're rather tolerant of other races. They only seem to hate each other.
  21. Your people are an offshoot of the elves that fled the endemic wars of genocide and settled in the desert, adapting over thousands of years to their new environment. A popular theory amongst your people is that the humans are similar, except they fled north instead of south.
  22. The non-elven kingdoms are a grab bag. Some of them detest your kind, while others find you curiosities to be paraded around like some sort of exotic animal. The deciding factor seems to be proximity to Pidjata.
  24. Other Regions-
  25. You've heard vague rumors that a ancient race has been stirring in the north, raiding and pillaging along the far northern coast lines. You've no idea if this is true though, reads like a children's story.
  26. To the north of Elaudia, or to the northeast of Pidjata, are a vast mountain range. Your people have long considered them too daunting to cross, but a few mining villages and outpost have been set up along the northeastern border.
  27. In the far, far east. Whispered by your people as rumors from centuries ago, there is said to be a great empire. Large enough to put shame to the Rhynian Empire. Most consider these unsubstantiated rumors.
  28. There is supposedly a kingdom to the far south, past the Pa'vala, but nobody is sure where these rumors came from and rarely do they consist of anything more than the kingdom's existence.
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