Growing up (Part 1)

Jan 24th, 2014
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  1. >The cold air from the cracked window awakens Anon from his uneasy slumber.
  2. >The nights were never easy in this place.
  3. >The other kids in this large bedroom were already gone.
  4. >Assholes didn't bother to wake up for school,AGAIN.
  5. >You begrudgingly pull yourself out of bed.
  6. >Put on your "clothes" well they were basically old sheets you managed to fashion into a pretty good looking toga.
  7. >And trudged out of the orphanage towards the only school in Ponyville.
  8. >The sunrise cast the numerous stalls and shop in a cascade of lights and shadows.
  9. >The smell of the Cake's shop was intoxicating at this hour.
  10. >It meant they just pulled the first batch of treats and breakfast commodities from their oven and were now prepping them for sale
  11. >You had tried to get job working for them so you could get first crack at those delicious things but they were apprehensive about a child alien working for them.
  12. >You were 12 for god's sake!
  13. >Curse your height.
  14. > It barely brought you eye level with them.
  15. >Eventually the school appears over the horizon and you unconsciously slow your pace.
  16. >The kids or "fillies" as they are called here were nice enough.
  17. >You even had a few friends.
  18. >But the bully ratio was completely unreasonable.
  19. >"Good morning Anon" A authoritative voice says behind you.
  20. >You jump and spin to see Cherilee standing with a small smile.
  21. >She reaches inside an pulls an apple out for you.
  22. >You take it and munch hungrily as you both begin walking toward the school.
  23. >"I'm guessing you didn't make it to breakfast again."She said more as a statement than a question.
  24. >You nod silently mid bite before continuing to eat.
  25. >Momma ain't raise no slob
  26. >The other fillies give their simple greetings as Cherilee and yourself make you way into the school and finally into class
  28. >Class had the mercy to be warm when you entered.
  29. >As you took your seat a loud SQUISH echoed through the class.
  30. >You sighed in frustration and stood back up.
  31. >Admist the giggles and correct Cherliee was giving the class for laughing you see someone put a rotten banana on your seat.
  32. >You dryly ask Cherilee to excuse yourself which she agrees to.
  33. >You exit the class and make your way down the hall as she begins her lessons.
  34. >It not like you'd miss anything anyway.
  35. >Your role in class was mainly a tutor, well when crap like this didn't happen.
  36. >Much to the relief of Cherliee
  37. >Your education was YEARS ahead of the other students despite them having the same mental age as you.
  38. >Turns out the ponies here only had need of basic math and algebra.
  39. >Anypony wanting to go into business or wanted to know the harder stuff went away to someplace called Cantorlot for that.
  40. >Even so Cherilee made it clear that you could give her a run for her bit if you ever wanted to teach your own class.
  41. >You actually considered the option but put it of till you got older.
  42. >Not like you were going anywhere soon.
  43. >Soon enough you make it to bathroom.
  44. > You drop disrobe and commence scrubbing the gunk from your toga.
  45. >You stand there in you improvised underwear.
  46. >Which was a pillow case.
  47. >You chuckle to yourself, think about how well you improvised when you got her in nothing but your Bunny Pajamas.
  48. >Boy was that an embarrassing moment.
  49. >Soon enought the stain is a barely noticeable smudge and you re-robe and head back to class.
  50. >Cherliee has started on her geography lessons when you return.
  51. >Which mean you now actually have to pay attention.
  52. >If you're make it in this would you gotta know the lay of the land.
  53. >After CHECKING your seat this time you sit down only to find a not on your desk.
  54. >It reads "sorry about the banana hope your not angry. Diamond thought the "MONKEY" need some food. I told her not to but you know how she is" signed. AB
  55. >You smile
  57. >One of the silver linings of this place was her.
  58. > She was real nice..
  59. > Her sister didn't much care for you tho.
  60. >The hoof shaped scare on your butt made that very clear.
  61. > Nevertheless if not for her and her two friends you may left this town a long time ago.
  62. >And probably would have gotten yourself killed.
  63. >You open your notebook and begin jotting down notes as Cherilee continueed on her lesson about a place called the Everfree Forest.
  64. >The place sound interesting even though she demonized the place.
  65. >You make a mental note to try and explore the place one day.
  66. >A Forest couldn't be that big right?
  67. >The bell ringing pulls you out of your thoughts as the everypony packs their things and disperse for lunch.
  68. >You lean your head on your right hand and look left out the window.
  69. >You had no lunch.
  70. >You probably wouldn't eat till dinner at the orphanage tonight.
  71. > Or you dumpster dived the Cake's trash bin after it got dark.
  72. >So you spend the next ten mins gazing out of the window while.
  73. >Half listening to Cherillee hum to herself while she cleans the board and prepares for her next lesson.
  74. >Suddenly you are pulled by your arm.
  75. >You turn to see Sweetie Belle pulling you out of the class.
  76. >"You have to come! Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, Applebloom, and Scootaloo are hoof fighting outside. Its getting really bad."She shouts
  77. >That all the reason you need.
  78. >You break from her grip and race out the front door to see the for fillies in a dust cloud.
  79. >You hear shouting and grunting as you enter the fray.
  80. >You mostly get out of separating them unscathed.
  81. >But a hoof from Silver connects perfectly with your face.
  82. >Knocking you out cold
  83. >You awaken an hour or so later in the nurse's office surround by an array of worried faces.
  84. >You try to sit up but Cherillee forces you to lay back down.
  85. >"Anon please don't move. We don't know if your seriously hurt." she says
  86. >You tell her you only got knocked out and that you're fine.
  87. >As you look around the other faces.
  88. you see the CMC and their respective caretakers.
  89. >You also see mister Diamond's father and Silver's mother.
  90. > But before you can speak Silver's mom does
  91. >"I understand you're the urchin that protected my angel from theses ruffians"
  92. >This causes's the whole office to erupt in screaming an accusations from both sides.
  93. >Thankfully It last for only a moment thanks to the efforts of Cherille and yourself.
  94. >After another hour of pointless bickering between teacher and parents its decided that those involved in the fight will only receive a day of detention.
  95. >Everyone begins to take their leave.
  96. >Expect Silver Spoon and her mother.
  97. >"Anon from the evidence i've gathered from the day's events you seem very capable of handling yourself in a conflict" she begins
  98. >You nod nervously
  99. >"I also understand that you live in the orphanage across town. Is this correct?"
  100. >You nod again.
  101. >"Thats all I needed to know come Silver we're leaving.
  102. >And without another word mother and daughter take their leave.
  103. >You readjust your toga and prepare to leave yourself but Cherilee stops you.
  104. >"Anon I'm so sorry about today.Are you sure you dont want me to take you to the hospital?"
  105. >You reassure Cherilee that you're fine and that she need stop worrying.
  106. >"Well SOMEPONY has to" she exclaims
  107. > Ok that one stung a little.
  108. >So you make you goodbye brief.
  109. >You know she means well but...DAMN.
  110. >You try to think about your family back where you came from.
  111. >And as you trudge back to the orphanage the family that are out aren't helping.
  112. >You have been here for two years and you still have no one who really gives a crap.
  113. >The orphanage only cares as much as they need to.
  114. >Cherilee...well ok yea she does care but she said she can't adopt you.
  115. >She said her home is too small for two and that she can barely care for herself.
  116. >So here your are.
  117. >And lonely
  118. >You push the double doors to the orphanage to find all your belonging in a bag
  119. >You run up and ask the receptionist what the hell.
  120. >She doesn't even look up from her paper work as she hoofs you a folder and mouth's
  121. >"You've been adopted.Report to your new residence and good life to ya"
  122. >You stand there, effectively shell shocked
  123. > Hesitantly take the file while asking who it was that adopted you.
  124. >"I dont' know. I was wasn't there during the filling process. If there's any problem with your new residence you can always come back." She mouth hurriedly
  125. >You take the hint and after slinging the you bag of things over your shoulder you exit.
  126. >Once outside you take a look at the Paperwork.
  127. >Whoever signed for you didn't leave a name.
  128. >Just a weird signature you couldn't read.
  129. >The address shows its...NOT EVEN IN PONYVILLE!
  130. >Your jaws drops in disbelief
  131. >Further examination reveals that its not to far from Apple Acres
  132. > You sigh in sweet relief and begin sprinting toward the farm.
  133. >You're excited to say the least.
  134. >It only takes maybe a hour to reach wear the directions say to go.
  135. >You find yourself standing in front a rather large house.
  136. >For a moment you hesitate knocking.
  137. >Who in their right mind or this apparent amount of wealth take in an orphan like you.
  138. >An alien to boot.
  139. >But before you can make the decision to knock or leave the door flies open to reveal..
  145. >SILVER'S MOM?!
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