CuttleDaemonette Attacks!

Mar 9th, 2014
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  1. CuttleDaemonette ATTACKS!!!
  4. Helpful Visualization:
  8. Oh those nasty, NASTY Khornates!
  9. They’re always going around ruining things, aren’t they?
  10. Like here, on this peaceful little backwater world where they’ve collapsed perfectly good homes and terrified, or worse KILLED, all those poor widdle guardsmen…
  11. Luckily, recovering as many taste souls as possible from the effects of such a tragedy is exactly the sort of thing the Daughters of Peace train for, and one of their CuttleDaemonettes has just snagged herself a cutie of a Kitty in her tentacles!
  13. The felinid guardswoman struggled frantically, but quickly learned that the CuttleDaemonette’s snares were too soft and stretchy to snap loose from.
  14. Realizing her fate had been sealed, the girl looked upon the Daemon’s body proper and found herself struck with awe at the site of its generous bosoms.
  16. “Aaaw, what’s a cute widdle kitty like you doing scampering around a big, cold, ugly place like this hmmm~?”
  18. As the CuttleDaemonette spoke, she gentle stroked the guardswoman’s cheek with her hand, before pushing onward to remove her helmet.
  20. “Oh, that Flak vest looks so uncomfortable…”
  22. “Well it is, but-”
  24. The felinid was too slow with her protest, the Daemons deft tendrils had already loosened and lifted the vest of plasfibre strips off the Catgirl’s form, as well as simultaneously removing those heavy boots of hers as well.
  26. “There now, isn’t that better?”
  28. “I guess…”
  30. Returning to her ministrations, the CuttleDaemonette began caressing the guardswoman’s collar and shoulders, until she acted as though she suddenly noticed something.
  32. “Oh dear, your uniform is so filthy!”
  34. “Well it is rather dirty out-”
  36. Before the girl can even finish, the daemon is unbuttoning her shirt with unparalleled speed and precision and, after a moment, opens the vestment to lay bare her kitten’s kissable midriff and modest breasts.
  37. In that same moment, her tentacles worked the guardswoman’s belt open, before she removed both articles with such gentle tenderness it left their former wearer in a daze.
  39. “Wait, how did you get my pants off so smoothly?”
  41. “I usually can’t get my tail through that damn hole without pulling out a whole handful of hair…”
  43. It was now the felinid noticed she stood before the CuttleDaemonette in naught but her undergarments.
  45. “Uhhh…”
  47. The girl entire body broke into a soft blush as she realized the sheer lewdness of the situation she was in, while the daemon closed the distance between the two to only a breath.
  48. Seizing the opportunity, the daemonette began coiling her lower feelers ever so slowly up the Guardswoman’s legs.
  50. “Oh, uh, that actually feels kind of… nice…”
  52. The CuttleDaemonette’s coils continued to wind inexorably upwards, simultaneously passing her hands softly from the girls sides to her back, the tips of both unnoticeably working their way beneath the bra and panty straps.
  53. With a practiced flick of the wrist and a two opposing tugs, both pieces of underwear were snapped off.
  55. “Ahhh~!”
  57. The felinid’s moan signaled the daemon to begin her assault, clutching her between the supple mounds on her chest as she started to rub her nose on one of her kitten’s temples.
  58. Exposed to the CuttleDaemonette’s supernaturally comforting embrace and pleasant body scent, the Guardswoman couldn’t help but release any tension lingering in her form, nearly melting with joy when her assailant took the tip of her ear into her mouth and gently rolling it between her teeth.
  60. “Uuuhh… This… This is…”
  62. It was Heaven, having ones entire self be cradled so lovingly and tender could only be such…
  63. …But something deep within the felinid found itself wanting MORE!
  64. She suddenly began returning her inhuman mate’s affections; One hand groping at one of the massive breasts, the other working it’s way behind the head to bring the lips down further for a deep kiss, hips grinding themselves against the bloated mantle that made up the majority of the daemonette’s lower body…
  65. …Even her toes and tail were tangling themselves around whatever they could gain purchase on!
  66. The daemonette returned these efforts in kind, her multiple tongues dancing with her patterns lone one, and together the two worked every inch of each other’s bodies.
  67. Pleasure gradually built in the guardswoman’s loins until finally she climaxed, but the pair immediately resumed their work.
  68. Again and again and again she came, until finally she could not ever bare to be separated from the CuttleDaemonette again…
  69. …And like that, it was so.
  70. The felinid’s legs flowed into the growing mass of tentacles and flesh that made up the Daemon’s lower half, merging the pair so that their hips could swivel to face one another.
  71. Now so joined to her lover the former mortal’s self gave way to the Daemonic, breasts swelling to match their counterparts, pupils dilating until the eyes became nothing but ebony orbs while small horns burst through her brow and her skin took on the same pinkish tone.
  73. They laid there, the two having become one whole, basking in the afterglow of their uniting…
  74. …Until the felinid half’s ears perked up at a noise.
  75. It seemed as though one of her former squad mates had wandered into the area, and they couldn't help but get excited at the thought of showing them this wonderful feeling they had discovered.
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