[CASUAL SEX] Anon fucks a timberwolf for science

Dec 15th, 2016
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  1. More old stuff of mine I found in the archives.
  3. --------------------------------------------------------
  5. >"C'mon, Anon!"
  6. "No."
  7. >"But it's for science!"
  8. "No!"
  9. >"Pleeeeaaaase?"
  10. "Twilight, no! I'm not having sex with a timberwolf!"
  11. >A familiar country twang pipes up.
  12. >"Aww, quit bein' difficult, Anon. Y'all know the Princesses want us to see what kinda critters you can make foals with."
  13. >You grit your teeth and tear your eyes away from the whimpering timberwolf Twilight had tied up in her creepy "science" basement.
  14. "Applejack, you know full-fucking-well that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna mean SAPIENT races."
  15. >Applejack just looks at you like you asked her what colour the number 4 is.
  16. >"Sapey-what races, sugarcube?"
  17. >Fuck's sake, Applejack.
  18. >Learn how to science!
  19. "Self-aware, Applejack. You know, intelligent like ponies and minotaurs and griffons."
  20. >Applejack scoffs.
  21. >"Ah might hesitate to say griffons are any type of smart, Anon."
  22. >...was that a racist insult against griffons?
  23. >"And it ain't like y'all didn't already take both of'em to bed, Anon."
  24. >Right.
  25. >The griffon thought your dick was weird because it didn't have barbs on it.
  26. >The minotaur, on the other hand, gave you an address and an invitation to visit in a couple of months.
  27. >Applejack just looks down at the timberwolf with this big, dumb, thoughtful expression on her face.
  28. >She stares long and hard at the captured animal, even going so far as to bring a hoof up and rub her chin.
  29. >Finally, she nods and smiles.
  30. >"Y'all ain't never had to deal with timberwolves before, have you, city boy? These here tree-dogs are a lot smarter than you think they are."
  31. >Goddammit.
  32. >You look around the assembled Elements for support.
  33. >Fluttershy nods serenely; Pinkie Pie looks uncomfortably excited; Rainbow Dash is giving you this look that suggests you're wasting her time; Twilight has a quill and parchment floating in front of her, eyeing you intently; and Rarity flagging you with her tail.
  34. >"What if I were to sweeten the deal, darling? I'll give you a little treat if you help our dear Twilight out with the experiment."
  36. >Half an hour later, you exit Twilight's weird tree-library, buckling you belt and swallowing your shame.
  37. >You try to forget the sounds the timberwolf made when you fucked he-it.
  38. >Fucked IT.
  39. >Not just the sounds; the warmth, the wetness, and the way that those weird vines constricted around your cock, milking it for your seed.
  40. >You left the building when it turned around and tried to cuddle with you afterwards.
  41. >"Anonymous! Anonymous, come back!"
  42. >You stop mid-buckle and turn around.
  43. >Rarity's galloping towards you in the way that only a tiny, knee-high horse can.
  44. >"Anonymous, tell me you haven't forgotten our deal?"
  45. >Rarity sits down and gives you the saddest look you've ever seen.
  46. >"Oh, you have, haven't you?"
  47. >She rears back and throws a forearm over her eyes dramatically.
  48. >"So quickly you forget about moi! After all I've done, all I've sacrificed for you and your clothes!"
  49. >You've seen these dramatics before, so you just stand there and wait for her to get it out of her system.
  50. >A few more emotion-filled lines later, Rarity peeks out from between her hooves and, seeing how unimpressed you are, immediately goes back to normal.
  51. >"Hmph! Oh, very well. Be that way."
  52. >She turns around and presents her winking, onyx marehood.
  53. >"Dig in, darling. I want to howl like that timberwolf."
  54. >Your dignity is more or less destroyed thanks to your latest stint of debauchery, so you don't hesitate to shove your cock inside of Rarity.
  55. >Right in the middle of the market.
  56. >Right in front of everypony.
  57. >To your surprise, nobody around you seems to care.
  59. >Even when Rarity's delighted gasps turn into passionate moans and barely-contained shouting, nobody bats an eye at your display.
  60. >One passing mare even complimented you at your technique.
  61. >"Tail-pulling. I never thought of that one before."
  62. >You're starting to feel the building pressure and pleasureable tugging in your groin when you feel a tap on your shoulder.
  63. >Applejack looks a bit impatient and slightly annoyed.
  64. >"Are you two almost finished, sugarcube? Yer in mah spot."
  65. >That's right; Applejack usually sets up her stall here.
  66. >"P-patience, dear!" Rarity gasps, drooling on the ground.
  67. >"I'm sure we - oh! - will be d-done - right there! - soon, d-darling~"
  68. >As your orgasm overtakes you, you grip Rarity's marshmallow ass and pull her hips as tight as you can against your crotch.
  69. >Rarity gasps and groans as you fill her up with your spunk.
  70. >She stumbles away as you pull out, doing her best not to step in the small puddle of your collective fluids.
  71. >"That was... marvelous, Anonymous."
  72. >She clumsily turns around and leans into your side, nuzzling your chest.
  73. >"Do come by later, won't you?"
  74. >You scratch Rarity behind the ears and tell her that you will.
  75. >She surprises you with a peck on the cheek and then walks off.
  76. >"Rarity!"
  77. >Rarity freezes at Applejack's voice and, with a bit of a sheepish smile, cleans up the puddle with a burst of magic.
  78. >"There you go, Applejack. All better."
  79. >Applejack "harumph"s and goes about setting her stall up.
  80. >"Y'all do yer love-makin' somewhere else, next time. Ah don't wanna hear somepony losing sales on account of you two gettin' in their way again."
  81. >Rarity "hmph"s and walks away with her head held high.
  82. >"I suppose I shall. Goodbye, Applejack; Anonymous."
  83. >Rarity walks away, bow-legged and dripping fluids.
  85. >You are Anon, regular fuck-buddy (sorry; "buck-buddy") of Rarity
  86. >It's been about 3 months since you... did that thing that you did... with the thing in Twilight's basement...
  87. >....
  88. >And Twilight just called you into her library.
  89. >She said it had something to do with your "reproductive experiments" and you hope to god she doesn't have another woodland animal chained up for you to rape.
  90. >Because that's what it is when what you're having sex with isn't intelligent enough to agree or disagree to sex.
  91. >More importantly, it's bestialtiy.
  92. >....said the man who fucks horses.
  93. >Your life is so messed up, you don't even know why you object to normal animal-sex any more.
  95. >You open the door to Twilight's library and step inside.
  96. >Instantly, you're beset upon by a timberwolf.
  97. >You fall to your back and throw out your arms, hoping to fend off its attack...
  98. >...when it starts licking your face.
  99. >What?
  100. >"Oh, Anon!"
  101. >Twilight pops out from behind a bookcase and races over.
  102. >She's looking more excited than you can remember ever seeing her; bar the first time she studied you.
  103. >"Good news! Remember how we were trying to find out what race you can have foals with?"
  104. "Unfortunately."
  105. >Twilight ignores you and turns to face the timberwolf.
  106. >"Roll over, girl!"
  107. >The timberwolf gets off of you and, with a happy little woofle, lays down and rolls over onto her side.
  108. >Your blood freezes as the bulge on the timberwolf's lower-tummy is exposed.
  109. >Twilight jumps up and down in excitement and, when she's done, pats you on the back.
  110. >"Congratulations, Anon!"
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