MGE Side III Song of Passion

Feb 5th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Song of Passion
  2. Fuu... Thank you for your concern... Umm, about the power of the “Song of Passion” inherited by our Diva, right.
  3. The power of Nevia’s song is to fan the flames of passion, igniting them.
  5. Passion is vitality, its flames are the driving force for one to accomplish things, and Lady Eustine’s singing ignites those flames in those listening to her.
  6. Some people, the fires of love ignited in their hearts, finally cross the line and unite to express their feelings...♥
  7. For others, their once lost and smoldering love is once more revived as an undying blaze, and they begin to cuddle up with a companion from long ago, entwining their fingers and whispering words of love...♥
  9. Passion is the power to move forward, its flames illuminate one’s path.
  10. Song maidens, novelists, artists... Some have their hearts fired up for what they hold dear, and they begin to embrace the passion that can realize their dreams...
  11. For others, their hearts having given up, devoured by apathy, once more regain their fervor, recalling the passion of those old days and rising up...!
  13. This is what the Song of Passion brings.
  14. Ignite a blaze of love and dreams in those lacking the flames of passion, revive the love and dreams of those whose flame was once extinguished, and then, to those whose flame is already lit, continue to bring the heat to even greater heights.
  15. In Nevia, people hold on to their dreams, and love sprouts everyday...♪
  16. By the time those that have stepped foot in Nevia Theater come out, their flames of love have burst, and a woman overcome with emotion from the very passionate confession of a gentleman hugs him close, instinctively stealing his lips...♥
  17. Some people even come out of the theater while flirting and groping each other’s bodies... Ah, I can’t stand it♥ I just can’t stand it♥
  18. ...Haa, umm, that is... It isn’t limited to love and sensual affairs, artists with a strong passion for things such as art, song, and literature, as well as those who were moved from witnessing Nevia Theater’s stage, often hold dreams in their heart and are born as new artists♪
  20. The Song of Passion, which can be said to symbolize Nevia, is not something that can be sung simply by knowing it.
  21. No matter who they are, man or monster, there is a story to everyone’s life.
  22. Those who sing the Song of Passion must understand, imagine, and get close to that story.
  23. In order to stir emotion, provoke sympathy, and ignite flames in their heart, you must be able to imagine and describe a continuation of that life’s story, and a path to a happy ending.
  24. Truly, it is a song meant to be sung by a Diva such as Lady Eustine, who has played various stories and experienced the life stories of many people as if they were her own.
  26. However, perhaps due to the nature of monsters, the thing that flares up and throbs the most due to her song are the flames of love...♥
  27. When I listen to it as well, it becomes quite the problem♥
  28. Aah, if I remember it, by body gets hot... Aah♥ Around my belly... my womb is... Fufu... Fufufu...♥
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