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  1. Conversation 1:
  3. Mary Stone: I have been waiting for so long
  4. BUZZ!!!
  5. BUZZ!!!
  6. Mary Stone: i 'm here
  7. james Hershberger: i am here i was having computer problems  geting on
  8. Mary Stone: oh ok
  9. Mary Stone: where are you now?
  10. james Hershberger: at the cafe  i was hopeing there printer had ink but they never got any  i was trying to use my computer but couldnt get it on line here so using theres  there computers are desk top  computers
  11. Mary Stone: what do you need the printer for?
  12. james Hershberger: remeber i will one day make a movie of this so i try to save all our dilog as much as possible  you and i have a interesting enough life to intertain millions of people
  13. Mary Stone: yes thats true
  14. james Hershberger: i  am not a fake  and very serious about becoming rich and famous
  15. Mary Stone: yes i know and we will make it]
  16. james Hershberger: you are not only the love of my life  that no  one but me believes i will get  but  the rest of this amazing storie  that will one day be  amovie
  17. Mary Stone: yes i understand and it would happen soon
  18. james Hershberger: yet  I need you to make this happen  !!!!
  19. Mary Stone: yes i know
  20. james Hershberger: i  beleave in you and know you are vwill to change your life vstyle to be with me
  21. james Hershberger: willing
  22. Mary Stone: i sure believe in you too..
  23. james Hershberger: thats why you are still with me and i am with you   i am not leting money  or  dishonesty  or people  or miles or countrys or anything stop me from having you!!  my love for you is as good as it gets  and  nothing will keep us apart
  24. Mary Stone: thanks love
  25. james Hershberger: we both have made misstakes  but misstakes will not keep us apart because  misstakes can be corrected  !!
  26. Mary Stone: yes thats true, we have to make it happen this time4
  27. james Hershberger: i was lucky i was able to work several hours yesterday just enough to keep me going
  28. Mary Stone: thats good for you
  29. james Hershberger: yes to work helps me not to worry about you  and i like to stay busy and do a good job at what ever i do
  30. Mary Stone: thats many hours did you work for?
  31. james Hershberger: and i do deal with a fair amount of presure at work as the secretary  has a double personality  and can be a real bitch
  32. james Hershberger: 41/2  i had to empty  a 55  gallon drum of hazarous  material into 5  gallon  containers to sell
  33. Mary Stone: good, how much did you get paid?
  34. james Hershberger: 45 dollars which i have 6  dollars left out of that  after gasoline  cat food  coffee  and a hot meal for my pets and i last night
  35. Mary Stone: ok
  36. Mary Stone: i hope you working today
  37. james Hershberger: cost of living is very high here
  38. Mary Stone: yes i know
  39. james Hershberger: i think so as the boss told me to come in   when i had coffee with him last night
  40. james Hershberger: the boss thinks you are a man  but i dont
  41. james Hershberger: whats wrong????
  42. Mary Stone: nothing my love
  43. Mary Stone: why did he think i am a man?
  44. james Hershberger: because you scammed me  and many scammers use Raven rilieys pictures  to get guys  and the cuntry your in is famous for scammers
  45. james Hershberger: country
  46. Mary Stone: oh i understand, did you tell him i am in Nigeria?
  47. james Hershberger: why do you  ask  ??
  48. Mary Stone: just wondering how he knew i am here because you just told me that alot of scammers are here
  49. james Hershberger: he knew that already  he told me Nigeria has the most murders of any country  but is that true
  50. Mary Stone: really? murderers?
  51. Mary Stone: I know know of kidnappers and not in this state
  52. james Hershberger: i  dont beleave that there are cworse places then Nigeria  and you would not be there if it were that bad
  53. Mary Stone: yes thats true
  54. james Hershberger: the omly real reason i nthink yourbthere is for the money  you could be there for good drugs but you dont strke me as a druggy
  55. Mary Stone: Not at all
  56. james Hershberger: amd drugs can be gotten anywhere
  57. Mary Stone: Yes i know
  58. james Hershberger: if your renting a place how do you keep from geting a bunch of stuff  as the longer you stay in one place the more you get
  59. Mary Stone: You mean stuffs like drug?
  60. james Hershberger: No  I mean personal belongings
  61. james Hershberger: more clothes etc
  62. Mary Stone: i only got my cloths
  63. james Hershberger: as  to come to me  you can omly bring so much  
  64. Mary Stone: Just cloths
  65. james Hershberger: i have a whole cabin full of stuff and a vstorage a c3rd full of stuff
  66. Mary Stone: Ok
  67. james Hershberger: thats why i need you here as wed have alot to work with
  68. Mary Stone: Yes we do
  69. james Hershberger: i have a fairlynnew printer at home if i had it here all id need to use it is ink
  70. Mary Stone: Ok sweetie
  71. james Hershberger: i need you here badly as my whole life is on hold for you
  72. Mary Stone: I'll surely make it this time sweetie. i love you too and need to be with you
  73. james Hershberger: but i know you wont  come till  your ready   but you needto get hereahead of summer  so we can prepare for next winter  and  can really start living
  74. Mary Stone: Yes sure, I'll do because i need you too
  75. james Hershberger: we can even make some of our own movies as i got a 12 hour battery with my movie camera   which fits in your hand  
  76. Mary Stone: Good for us
  77. james Hershberger: another reason I nwill not have another woman  to tide me over till you get here as i have to much valuable stuff to share with you  and   its like a huge hope chest  if thevworld goes to hell my bhomestead  may be a place of survival
  78. james Hershberger: the vcitys will go before  the coumtry does
  79. Mary Stone: Really?
  80. james Hershberger: and the vview where i live  is the best part
  81. Mary Stone: Sounds good
  82. james Hershberger: i can see for many miles in 3 directions
  83. Mary Stone: Ok sweetie
  84. james Hershberger: you get here well before vsummer  this summer we can go catch and can  many salmon to eat
  85. james Hershberger: i haVE A CANNER AND MANY JARS
  86. james Hershberger: there is so much to see and do here
  87. Mary Stone: No problm
  88. Mary Stone: We will do more than that my love
  89. james Hershberger: yes we will  !!!
  90. james Hershberger: the guy i work for i do work out on a island wherehe has a cabin  and it takes a boat to get to it  !!!  the only thing you will wonder about is why you didnt get here sooner  !!!
  91. Mary Stone: Sounds good, i understand and would be fun when i get to you
  92. james Hershberger: I am not living  till you get here  i am only surviving  !!
  93. Mary Stone: i will get to you
  94. james Hershberger: but how and when  ???
  95. Mary Stone: Soon
  96. Mary Stone: Just believe me
  97. james Hershberger: you reallynknow  more when soon will be  then I do as  younhavevto get to me  I am in a free country  with all the goods here  the car  and believe me  alot of people in this city  are on foot  or bicycles
  98. james Hershberger: I have the roots here and a payed for place  wher no payments or rent  have to be payed
  99. Mary Stone: That's good
  100. james Hershberger: i am not bearyed in bills  like 90  %  of americans  are
  101. Mary Stone: Yes i know and that sounds good to me too
  102. james Hershberger: and i will see we stay debt  free
  103. Mary Stone: Good
  104. james Hershberger: thatvwill get usvto the top quicker
  105. Mary Stone: Yes it will do love
  106. james Hershberger: amd what we get we will own and not owe on
  107. Mary Stone: Yes good
  108. james Hershberger: I have been doing this since 1983 when i frist came to Alaska  since you were 1 year old
  109. Mary Stone: Lol
  110. Mary Stone: How old were you then?
  111. james Hershberger: 30  years old
  112. Mary Stone: Good
  113. Mary Stone: Do you still have pics of you of that time?
  114. james Hershberger: Best of all love I know what I am doing
  115. james Hershberger: Peple think I lost  7000   dollars to you but they do not understand we will get that back 10 fold  !!  you may have had no intention of  being my mate and wentbto nigeria to be safe to get my money but i do not believe  you think that way now  and i may be wrong you may of wanted me all along  but you know i am tuff as they come  and   i have not run out on you  !!   and yes  you have mot run out on me as if you were omly after my money you would not be talking  to me every day like you are now   !!!  like i said earler we have both made mistakes  but are making less  mistakes as we go  and by the time we are together we may mot make any more mistakes
  116. james Hershberger: I love you very much !!!
  117. Mary Stone: Yes deefinitely, you are absolutely right
  118. Mary Stone: i love you too
  119. james Hershberger: you may have even been runing away from me beause true love does strange things to people  but somewhwere in all this you have had econd thoughts about me and you realise vmy love for you real and i am the guy you always wanted  I  know  these feelings wont changewhen we are toether  because  you are also tuff and dispite all this you are still therte fore me   theres no douth on my mind we are ment to be together
  120. james Hershberger: second
  121. Mary Stone: Yes we are meant to be together
  122. james Hershberger: and i cantbwait to smile till my jaws hurt  as you will make me that happy!!!
  123. Mary Stone: We will do together
  124. james Hershberger: hope you are here before the kittens are grown
  125. Mary Stone: Sure
  126. james Hershberger: they are so cute and playfull
  127. Mary Stone: Nice one
  128. james Hershberger: sometimes they sound like they  are killingeach other  but they play ruff  LOL
  129. Mary Stone: Lol
  130. james Hershberger: when i go to sleep at night is when my cats come to  life
  131. Mary Stone has signed back in. (1/12/2011 10:01 AM)
  133. james Hershberger: howvare you doing as i see you justbgot booted
  134. Mary Stone: yes i got booted love
  135. Mary Stone: how much time do you have before work?
  136. james Hershberger: i should be going  to  work  as some orders are coming in and i have to get money to get threw the week end
  137. Mary Stone: ok love
  138. james Hershberger: you are doing very good staying  on this time to come on line for me
  139. Mary Stone: yes because you are my everything
  140. james Hershberger: i hope if thers any way you can  get done what needs to be done  so you can get here sooner  i hope you do so  !! I know vwhennyou decide to fly to me  youn will come for real with no more hang ups !!  I want you tonget bthe vnext ticket on your vown and inknow you love me enough to do it and then nlet one person say one thing bad of you and i will be on them like flys  on  shit  LOL
  141. Mary Stone: lol
  142. Mary Stone: well, i hope soon tho
  143. Mary Stone: wish i could get some money to get the paper work
  144. james Hershberger: SO DO I
  146. Mary Stone: sure we wil eat more than that
  147. james Hershberger: yes and how good your love juioe  will taste  !!!!!!
  148. Mary Stone: taste good
  149. james Hershberger: JUICE
  150. james Hershberger: WE THINK  ALIKE  !!!!!
  151. james Hershberger: YOU ARE SO FINE  BABY  DOLL   !!!!!!
  152. Mary Stone: yes we do
  154. Mary Stone: and so you are
  156. Mary Stone: and you too
  157. Mary Stone: i love you
  158. james Hershberger: I LOVE  YOU  FOREVER  !!!!!!!!!  I KNOW THIS IS TRUE LOVE   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  159. Mary Stone: i love you too..
  160. james Hershberger: YOUR 100%  female  I know you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. Mary Stone: thanks
  162. Mary Stone: yes i am
  163. james Hershberger: I WILL SEE YOU ON LINE TOMORROW SWEETIE  !!!!!!
  164. Mary Stone: yeslove
  165. Mary Stone: i love you so much
  166. Last message received on 1/12 at 10:28 AM
  167. james Hershberger: I love you ever so much  !!!!!Bookmark
  170. Conversation 2:
  173. BUZZ!!!
  174. Mary Stone has unloaded the IMVironment.
  175. Mary Stone: Hello love
  176. BUZZ!!!
  177. james Hershberger: I was hopeing you would  come on
  178. Mary Stone: I was having computer issues
  179. james Hershberger: So was I  !! YOu were not on my computer   LOL
  180. Mary Stone: lol
  181. Mary Stone: well, its good to have you online now
  182. james Hershberger: Yes  my day would be hell to start out without you
  183. Mary Stone: Yes i figure and that was why i had to look for a way to make this computer work, just for us because i love you so much
  184. james Hershberger: yes i know you do  asas you have been so far away  and even tho you may not of cared at frist i really beleave you do now  as i know it took alot for you to tell me your real where abouts
  185. james Hershberger: I am not any easier to get then you are  we bouth have to p[ut alot of effort in this to be together  anh i know its been a ride just for me to keep you even tho we are not together yet!!!!
  186. Mary Stone: yes i know and we will make it happen because it takes 2 to tangle and they do say
  187. james Hershberger: Yesterday was very hard for me as i couldnt work so bspent the day geting my va medicine  that they are trying to charge me for when i should get it free !!  so i have to stay on them to correct this
  188. james Hershberger: a friend had to loan me 15 dollars so i had gas and coffee today  he will loan me more which i will probaly need till i can repay next month
  189. james Hershberger: i nneed 5 days work a week not 2 or 3
  190. Mary Stone: oh sorry, when would you get your pay? I thought they do pay you monthly, have you recieved any payment for this January?
  191. james Hershberger: that went om that new computer
  192. Mary Stone: oh i see
  193. Mary Stone: how muc did you bought him?
  194. Mary Stone: bought the computer i mean
  195. james Hershberger: It cost me 330.00  dollars
  196. Mary Stone: thats much, i guess
  197. james Hershberger: its as cheap as i can get a good new computer  a 2010  model
  198. james Hershberger: rember that one i had was a1000.00  dollars
  199. james Hershberger: one day at a time love
  200. Mary Stone: yes i remember..
  201. james Hershberger: at least the smaller one has 7 more hours of battery andfits between my steering wheel in my car  so i can use it in my car if need be
  202. Mary Stone: sounds good for us..
  203. james Hershberger: but i am in another cold snap and will get 5 below 0  tonight
  204. Mary Stone: that would be so cold love
  205. james Hershberger: yes   that causes me to burn more gasoline to stay warm
  206. james Hershberger: i nsave alot living out of my car  but its a bitch dressing in my front seat in the morning !!  I change and put on clean clothes every day
  207. Mary Stone: do you see her eevery morning?? lol
  208. james Hershberger: all clean clothes even my under shorts
  209. james Hershberger: see who  ???
  210. Mary Stone: the bitch that changes her clothes every morning
  211. james Hershberger: no love vthats just a word expression  taking boff all my clothes and puting oon clean ones with 1 dog and 17 cats watching me do a striptease in the front seat of my  car  LOL
  212. Mary Stone: lol
  213. james Hershberger: I have to brush my teeth and  wash myb hair out out side my car with shampoo and a gallon of water  and it is cold!!!  It takes a hour every morning to do bthis
  214. Mary Stone: sorry love, Is there where you could get a warm water for chower
  215. james Hershberger: if youn were here id use a special tent  big enough you cam stand up in it !! it takes 15 min to put up andvbtake down   !!! i nslept in it many times  on snow
  216. Mary Stone: oh ok, would it be cold if sleeping under the tent?
  217. james Hershberger: once you get in the sleeping bags its prettyb cozy
  218. Mary Stone: ok
  219. james Hershberger: not really as if you bnwerevwith me id keep nyou in the warm car  till i had it up  !!!  many women up here have slept in tents in the winter up here
  220. james Hershberger: love i use to sleep out doors on snow in mid winter  and sleepmnbetter om snow then in my car
  221. Mary Stone: ok sweetie
  222. Mary Stone: i think its good got your body
  223. james Hershberger: i was blessed as  i had cgood vattractive parents with beautiful bodys  so i have a nice body band a beautiful butt for a   man  women have told me  many times i have a nice butt
  224. Mary Stone: hehe
  225. Mary Stone: sounds good
  226. james Hershberger: i would love sleeping bwith you in the winter as  id love your body heat  i sleep in my under shorts at night in my car  but with you id sleep in the nude
  227. Mary Stone: thats nice
  228. Mary Stone: i would love to sleep with you too
  229. james Hershberger: you wont need pjs with me unless your mad at meLOL  but a good saying is never go tob sleep nwith your mate  mad at each other always make up before you go to sleep
  230. Mary Stone: lol
  231. Mary Stone: i'll be naked
  232. james Hershberger: doyou think i am stupid enough to be mad at a naked  woman like you in my bed  LOL  No  I dont think so!!!  You want to end a argument with me quick  take off your clothes and Im yours   LOL  now you know my secret  !!!  I love you dearly or I wouldnt of told you my weakness
  233. Mary Stone: yes i gotcha....Its every man weakness thou, i love u too
  234. james Hershberger: yes but i am a much better lover then most men!! I put alot into it so i get alot out of it,  I just dont jump on and get my brocks off and jump off    I love fore play  and after play  I cold write a best selling booknon love making  And beleavevme I read many on this   I wanted to  be the best lover i could be so i practiced alotnin my early   years  you  will know i am not lieing the frist time we make love
  235. Mary Stone: goood
  236. Mary Stone: i can't wait to be with you
  237. james Hershberger: yes u willwonder why you bwaited so long to be with me  !!   I am wondering that now  ???
  238. james Hershberger: You are fuel for my fire and i am runing on fuems without you   love!!!!
  239. Mary Stone: yes i understand and we will make it
  240. james Hershberger: doug  and his 90 yearold mother  want you and i to be together  hes the one whontold me if i ran short on money from buying my computer help me out till i repay him next month
  241. james Hershberger: i know them since 1985
  242. Mary Stone: sounds good
  243. Mary Stone: heis a good friend
  244. james Hershberger: i knew his dad to befor he died
  245. Mary Stone: oh sad to hear
  246. james Hershberger: i told his dad i was going to live to be 120 years old and he said i was tuff enough to do it
  247. Mary Stone: really? You still have about 57 yrs more to live
  248. james Hershberger: i remeber all of that like it were yesterday
  249. james Hershberger: when i make it to 120 i may just go for 130 LOL
  250. Mary Stone: lol
  251. Mary Stone: funny
  252. james Hershberger: and it is 63 more years to 120 sweetie
  253. james Hershberger: you will live longer with me  as   i will want you around a long time  !!!!!
  254. Mary Stone: sure i'll do
  255. Mary Stone: how long do you have online before work?
  256. james Hershberger: you could be the oldest living woman
  257. Mary Stone: good
  258. james Hershberger: as long as i want  !!  why do byou have a hot date  LOL
  259. Mary Stone: no i don't have a date/ me
  260. Mary Stone: i just got few mis to be onlie
  261. james Hershberger: I am kiding
  262. Mary Stone: yes i know, i have been online for 2 hours now
  263. james Hershberger: we use to be on line much longervthen this i didntbknow i was limited to 2 hours now  !!!
  264. james Hershberger: Why the strict time now  ???
  265. Mary Stone: oh no...the server needs to be upgraded and it would take a while before it get done and that was why i asked how much time you got before work
  266. james Hershberger: whatv do you mean
  267. Mary Stone: the server needs to be worked i would be disconnected off the internet for a short while
  268. james Hershberger: when  are you planing on coming to me and how are you going to getbthe money tobn pull it off
  269. james Hershberger: I kmow thats a hard question but  we have to think and plan in advance zas i do not want months to turn into years
  270. james Hershberger: you must have some idea    you reallynwant bto be with me dont you  or   does Nigeria own you
  271. Mary Stone: no it doesn't
  272. Mary Stone: well, i am still hoping if i could get help for some money to get the paper work for the transfer so i can be with you
  273. james Hershberger: yet every time you asked for money for anything to get to me  all i got in return wascbroken promises  and excuses
  274. Mary Stone: i'm sorry love
  275. james Hershberger: i need you not dreams thatvarent coming true
  276. Mary Stone: yes i understand and would make it this time.
  277. james Hershberger: how will i know this
  278. Mary Stone: i'm dead serious th tie
  279. Mary Stone: this time
  280. james Hershberger: why didnt you do thisin thevfrist place when i had all that money
  281. Mary Stone: i have been trying but all the money didn't finish it all
  282. james Hershberger: why does it take so much  ??
  283. Mary Stone: it requires me paying the lawyer and so on
  284. james Hershberger: yourvtalking years to get her e as stuff like vthat takes forever
  285. Mary Stone: its ok, if you think i wiull never make it
  286. james Hershberger: why do you say that
  287. Mary Stone: because you think i'm lieing
  288. james Hershberger: if you were serious about me you would not say that
  289. Mary Stone: i'm sorry if it got you mad
  290. james Hershberger: I am not mad
  291. james Hershberger: I dont no  what to do unless i got lucky and won a million
  292. Mary Stone: well, i'll make it love
  293. james Hershberger: i cant even get va lawyer for my apeal and i will have to face a judge  on my own  because i will have a better chance then a lawyer who  could care less to help me  !!how many years have you been trying to get what ever your after
  294. Mary Stone: just tried a couple of months back
  295. james Hershberger: what has to be done
  296. Mary Stone: get the proper paper work done and then would get the money
  297. james Hershberger: from what???
  298. james Hershberger: whatvexactly are you trying to get  ???
  299. Mary Stone: his moneya
  300. james Hershberger: from what
  301. Mary Stone: his work before he diaaaaaaaaaaaaad
  302. james Hershberger: i though your vdad died in californiacand youbwere sent at 11 years old to United Kingdom
  303. Mary Stone: yes , but he worked in Africa too before he died
  304. james Hershberger: why doesnt something line up
  305. Mary Stone: like what?
  306. james Hershberger: whywould where he worked be money for you
  307. Mary Stone: i am a beneficiary to his will
  308. james Hershberger: do you have his will??
  309. Mary Stone: his will is worth of money which i am claiming now
  310. james Hershberger: yes but you nhave tonhave something other vthen your vsay so  ???
  311. Mary Stone: like what?
  312. james Hershberger: paper . proof  howcdid you evenknow of a will ???
  313. Mary Stone: oh thats true, i was contacted
  314. james Hershberger: and a company a guybworks for doesnt do  wills
  315. Mary Stone: who says
  316. james Hershberger: life insurance this vcould be
  317. Mary Stone: i just know its a gratuity
  318. Mary Stone: well, ithink i woud get disconnected from any moment from now
  319. james Hershberger: and how much domnyou nhave to get
  320. Mary Stone: 50, 000 USD
  321. james Hershberger: you have to come up with 50bnthousand dollars!!!!!!??????
  322. Mary Stone: no, i have to come up with 500 dollars
  323. Mary Stone: i thought you asked how much money i want to get
  324. james Hershberger: no how much you needed  abnd to think whatvbi hawked mybgenerator for you could of had for that but youv wanted me to beleave tyou bwere where youb weremt
  325. Mary Stone: i'm sorry love.
  326. james Hershberger: the wasted ticket would of been 1/2 that  
  327. Mary Stone: that was the mistake i made in th first place..
  328. james Hershberger: amd right nowi already have money going out of next m,onths check
  329. Mary Stone: ok
  330. james Hershberger: is there a vtime limit
  331. Mary Stone: I don't know but would long do you think you can be able to make it for me?
  332. james Hershberger: i have no idea  as ifvibloose my apeal i do bmot know if i can apeal againor open a new claim  and does it all nave to nbe vdone in Nigeria
  333. Mary Stone: yes love
  334. Mary Stone: lets chat more tomorrow, its getting late here my love...
  335. james Hershberger: it would be saver and faster for me to get you a ticket from there to here  and write vand sell na movie script  then it will take  to get bthatbmoney there as if you have to be there threw that bwhole process it could be years
  336. james Hershberger: courts take forever
  337. Mary Stone: ok, so how will i get the money to be with you
  338. james Hershberger: i will have to bgetbitbvmorevthen likely
  339. Mary Stone: ok thanks my love....Yu are the best, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND WOULD BE ONLINE TOMORROW.
  340. james Hershberger: I  love you to!!!!
  341. james Hershberger:
  342. Mary Stone: Good night and God bless you
  343. Mary Stone has signed out. (1/13/2011 11:22 AM)
  345. Last message received on 1/13 at 11:22 AMBookmark
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