Nov 21st, 2019
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  1. 10 Creepy Mind-Control Videos on Youtube – MW
  2. If there's one observation which holds true throughout our development as a species, it's that groups of human beings will try to dominate other groups for their own ends. This search for power has been perfected across thousands of years, and now we do not have look far to see these manipulative techniques influencing our lives, some of them in sinister, unseen ways. These then are 10 Creepy Mind-Control Videos on Youtube.
  4. 10. The Clinton Stare
  5. In an ideal scenario, we would place great trust in our leaders. Those who are charged with keeping our countries safe and prosperous, are supposed to chart a course for us all which is useful and reliable. But we do not live in an ideal world. Some leaders are corrupt, but what if that corruption does not come from a leader's character flaws, but instead is brought about through mind-control? During President Clinton's administration, footage was captured of him before giving a live address to the World. Some mind-control researchers claim that the long absent stare and almost unconscious behaviour of the President is indicative of him being a victim of mind control. There's no doubt the footage is strange, but is it proof, as some believe, that world leaders are being manipulated to set a shadowy agenda?
  7. 9. Receiving Instructions
  8. Many theories of mind control suggest that those using these techniques are intent on affecting as many people as possible. One way to do this, is not just to influence world leaders but is to place ideas into the minds of television presenters so that they may pass on some desired message. Some mind-control advocates suggest this involves using a trigger word or phrase, which then renders a person passive and open to receiving new orders. That's what some believe happened to Al Roker on the Today Show. During a segment, one moment he was happily laughing with his two co-presenters, when one of them said the phrase “leave room for the holy ghost”. Al Roker then seems to go into a strange trance, standing perfectly still and gazing at the camera intently, as though he was being brainwashed.
  10. 8. Technology Controls Us
  11. Some videos on Youtube aren't about controlling a person's mind, but are there to help educate people against being manipulated by types of mind control. In one such video, Steven Hassan gives a TED talk where he outlines how technology is being used, not just to sway us in our ideas, but to control the way we think. What's so disturbing about this talk, is that the prime way technology is being used to do this is through various social media platforms. Steven Hassan's most profound statement as someone who has been involved in helping people out of cults and brainwashing, is that our social media profiles are directly responsible for not only controlling how we feel and think, but are instruments of passing on influential information designed to spread ideas. In essence, we are all guilty of controlling the minds of our friends and families.
  13. 7. Control by Aroma
  14. There are some theories that mind-control techniques are most effective when using aromas to trigger or send information. At first, this may seem unlikely, however, there is a lot of evidence in Psychology and neuroscience, showing the deep connection between memory, behavior, and smell. Some mind-control believers highlight a video of Britney Spears to prove their theory. During this interview, Britney starts to act strange as if she sees something to the side of her. Then, she giggles and says “hello” to thin air. After this, she places her hand to her nose and mentions the smell of strawberries. It's a strange moment for sure, and some argue that this video showcases efforts by shadowy groups to control the behavior of popular artists, in order to disseminate their own information to the public in an underhanded way.
  16. 6. Phantom Hand
  17. Science fiction writers have hypothesized direct mind-control for decades. This idea is that when one person thinks about carrying out an action, another person then performs it. This is subtly different from being brainwashed with ideas. Instead, it's more like a person taking control of your body temporarily. In its most basic form, as shown in a TED talk video in 2015, this technology allows a person to think about moving their arm, and then someone else's arm moves involuntarily. As creepy as this is, the truth is much worse. Tech companies are working on these technologies and hope one day to be able to transfer a thought directly into another person's brain so that they believe it was their own. This begs the question: If the military is always a few steps ahead of what's publicly available, are they already using this technology to control?
  19. 5. The Tibetan Question
  20. The Tibetan Question video focuses on a U.S. State Department representative being interviewed about America's opinion on China's occupation of Tibet. While the man in the video initially skirts around the questions like a trained politician, when the interviewer asks a questions about the self-determination of the Tibetan people, the man begins to act strangely. He looks blankly at the interviewer for some time and then smiles in a sinister way. Some argue that this is an example of a mind-control technique wearing off, and the individual struggling through a confused moment of realization where their own thoughts briefly dominate the programmed message. There are numerous instances of this type of interview, and if even one of them is true, then those using mind-control truly are affecting the way our civilization operates.
  22. 4. The Serum
  23. It's easy to dismiss mind-control theories as being nothing but paranoid thinking. However, there are many real mind-control programs which have been declassified or leaked to the general public. One of the most famous is MK-Ultra. This program involved dosing people with a special cocktail of hallucinogens in order to make them receptive to instructions. The National Geographic Youtube channel has a terrifying video about such programs and the government's attempts to perfect a serum which would turn people into unwitting sleeper agents. A key part of this serum was to induce amnesia after being given the mind control substances, so that there would be no memory of the brainwashing process. Some believe these programs continue to this day, and that many influential people are the victims of a new, perfected serum.
  25. 3. Frozen by Words
  26. This is one of the strangest videos on Youtube, and there's a lot of debate about what's actually going on in it. Some believe it's a prank by those in the video, others that it's been altered during the edit, but many believe the truth behind the video is far from good humoured. During a panel show for TNT, Shaq is seen on the left of a four man panel, and yet he is frozen. He doesn't move an inch, blink, or react to those around him. If this wasn't strange enough, on another episode of the show, he seems to do the exact same again in another video. Some mind-control experts have suggested that when a person freezes like this, it's because they are under the influence of a mind-control technique and are motionless while receiving new information. Whatever the truth behind these videos are, they are certainly bizarre at best and unnerving at worst.
  28. 2. The Eyes Tell All
  29. At the beginning of our list, we highlighted the strange empty stare of Bill Clinton in an unnerving moment while he was President of the United States. But mind control theorists usually argue that it doesn't matter where you fall on the political line – if you can serve those with the power to influence through mind control techniques, you will soon find yourself at the mercy of their powers. For example, in a video from 1992 when President George Bush Sr's wife, Barbara Bush was on television, she was seen to be repeating the same phrase over and over again. Of course all politicians have talking points, but some believe this video goes much further than that, and that Barbara Bush's unblinking stare as she repeats the exact same phrase several times, is proof that she is being influenced by an unseen mind-control technique.
  31. 1. A Dark Secret
  32. Believers in mind control have cited for decades the idea that there is a powerful elite which conspires to shape the world as they please. While many of these theories can easily be dismissed, there are always moments which should give us pause. One such moment was when one of these supposed elites screamed about what she had seen. Her name is Gabriela Rico Jimenez. She is a billionaire, and in an impassioned plea standing on a city pavement in Mexico, Gabriela yelled about how there was an elite group of people involved in a large network. That they were guilty of the most depraved crimes imaginable. Some have suggested that many within this group are victims themselves of mind-control, and that Gabriela's outburst was a rare moment when the curtain pulled back and the mind control failed.
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  64. A Dark Secret
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