Overcast (FEMTO 3.0)

Sep 11th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Overcast
  3. Race: Pegasus
  4. -Pegasus Flight (Passive): Pegasi can fly and get a +1 bonus to actively evade or dodge while midair.
  5. -Cloud Control (Recharge 2): While manipulating weather is a thing Pegasi usually can do, you are more proficient at it than what is commonly expected. You can manipulate clouds as long as there's clouds around to manipulate, and can make a variety of effects that last for a single turn. Aside from the examples listed below, you can create additional effects at your GM's discretion.
  6. ->Rain (DC 6): Shake the clouds to cause a downpour that hampers everyone’s sight, giving a -1 penalty to all ranged actions.
  7. ->Fog (DC 7): Bring down a dense fog that is easy to hide in, allowing everyone to make a free Stealth roll. Stealthing with this roll does not grant Stealth's Autocrit effect.
  8. ->Lightning (DC 8): Strike a cloud to bring down a bolt of lightning, making a ranged attack on a target with the Lightning Elementalist effect.
  10. Talents:
  11. -Static Charge (Passive): Your natural affinity for weather, especially inclement weather, allows you to lend a bit of extra energy to your spells. When an ally is affected by one of your beneficial spells (yourself included), they gain a Static Charge. This charge can be held indefinitely, but an ally cannot hold two at the same time, and cannot be affected by Static Charge for two rounds after they've expended one. A Static Charge can be expended to grant a +1 bonus to any roll, even while helpless, or move Zones and attack in the same round. [Trained Talent]
  12. -You've got a knack for manipulating and predicting the weather, and time spent as a weatherpony only enhanced this. You gain a +1 to rolls made to forecast or change the weather outside, though not for combat purposes. [Special Talent]
  14. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  16. Class/Multiclass: Cleric
  17. -Emergency Care (Passive): Your treatment skills are easily recognizable just from how you carry yourself. When aiding someone or offering your aid, even to an enemy, you are allowed so and will not be harmed or bothered in your treatment. If going into hostile or otherwise unpleasant territory, you will be allowed free movement without hassle as long as you are offering or have offered aid. This effect only applies to yourself, and your party’s actions do not reflect onto you. However if you are caught abusing this hospitality or deceiving someone with it, there will be hostile repercussions. Repeated or an extreme abuse can lead to a bad reputation that may hinder this skill in the future. [Pure Skill]
  18. -Heal (Recharge 1, Spell): Restore a target’s hits to full. On Crit restore a wound. On a Crit Fail, deal a wound of damage. [Free Skill]
  19. -Bolster (Automatic, Recharge 2 after effect is used, Spell): The next time the target would fall helpless, they are instead restored to full hits and do not lose a wound. [Class Skill]
  20. -Consecrate (Spell): Concentrate light magic to strike a target down without intent to kill. This deals 2 more hits of damage than it’s roll would normally do, but it can never render someone helpless, cause wound damage, or kill them. On Crit the light focuses your mind, giving your next action on an ally DC-1. [Class Skill]
  21. -Inure (Recharge 1, Spell): Shield an ally with protective magic, blocking 5 hits worth of damage. An ally can only have one Inure on them at a time. On Crit the shield slows an enemy when they strike it, allowing the Inured ally to retaliate with a Bonus Action of a basic attack that turn against that enemy only. [Class Skill]
  22. -Mend (Recharge 1, Spell): Stitch an body back together with magic, regenerating grievous injuries such as lost extremities, damaged vital organs, and internal bleeding. This also restores a wound on your target, and can act as a recovery roll on a helpless target. On Crit you fix up your target better than they were before, giving them 2 Temporary Hits. [Class Skill]
  23. -Purify (Recharge 1): Bless an ally so they can pierce through any resistance and corruption. The next time they attack, they ignore all modifiers on their enemy (i.e. They do full damage, use standard DC, etc,). On Crit this blessing cleanses their soul or blade, giving them the option to remove a negative effect on themselves, or a buff on the enemy they attack. [Class Skill]
  25. Inventory:
  26. -Wing Charm (Lens Catalyst)
  27. ->Converge (Passive): Your magic condenses onto a single point, boosting your magic. When you successfully cast a spell on an ally, they gain 1 Temporary Hit in addition to the spell’s normal effects.
  28. ->Diverge (Spell): Hold your catalyst high and expel energy to repel enemy attacks. This skill does no damage, but if used against an enemy that attacks you, remove (#-5)/2 hits from their attack and inflict that many hits back at them. If their attack had an additional effect, that still applies even if their attack is reduced to dealing 0 hits.
  29. -Item
  30. -Item
  31. -Item
  32. -Etc.
  34. Appearance:
  35. -A slender, fluffy-looking Pegasus stallion. His mane and tail are well-kept and have an almost gradient-like color, a mix between a light blue and a cool, darker blue. Between that, his silvery-blue eyes, and his light grey coat, Overcast really lives up to his name. Despite the rather cool colors the Pegasus seems to radiate a warm, friendly aura, and his eyes look calm and welcoming. Of note are his wings, which look large, well kept and toned- it's likely he takes good care of them, flies often, and might even be from a family of strong fliers.
  37. Background:
  38. -Background
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