Vexd - Chrysalis: A Strenuous Relationship

Jul 1st, 2014
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  3. Was she crying? Queen Chrysalis, the changeling that nearly brought Equestria to its knees, crying? Well, to be fair, most would cry too if they were in labor. In a moment of panic, you had asked if maybe she could hold out, at least long enough to get someone who might be able to help. She turned, presented her “predicament”, and shouted, loud. Now you both were in a panic.
  5. She buried her head between her hooves sobbing; her body wasn’t designed for this. Months back, you started to try and win her over, or so it seemed. In reality, it was her doing the seducing, why work for food when it was coming to her for free? It backfired on both ends, however, when you two got…close, closer than she would have liked. And then, something stuck. Hybrids were unheard of between changelings and other species. Add the fact that she was carry something live when she was part of an egg bearing species, and one could understand her worry.
  7. You could leave her to her fate, let her suffer for what she- No, you shut that thought out of your mind. You can’t leave her, not like this. You carefully kneel down, and placed a hand on her back. Her eyes peaked up from behind one of her holed limbs, wet stream lines still visible. There was a silent understanding in that moment. You may have used each other in the past, but now, there was something more binding you two together. Something you weren’t going to leave behind “I’m not going anywhere”
  9. In that moment, she either got her second wind, or was being fueled by high-octane love. Repositioning herself, she started to bear down again. The amniotic sac bulged, strained, and finally ruptured, revealing two hooves making their exit. She grunted through her teeth and continued, and with a cry and a gush, you shove your hands out to catch your emerging child before it hits the ground, successfully. Carefully easing the rest out, you start to clean the child and examined its, no, her, appearance. She wasn’t quite a changeling, she was missing the signature “cheese legs” her mother had, replaced with green spots along her limbs, yet she still had nubs where her membranous wings would eventually grow in as well as the start of a horn. Chrysalis finally leaned over and regarded her child, her face blank for a moment. Then, finally looked back up to you and smiled “She’s beautiful”.
  11. “She gets it from you”
  13. She chuckled before her face suddenly contorted for a second. You both looked at each other before she looked back at her belly; there was still a sizable bulge.
  15. I think I’m not quite done…”
  17. Part 2
  19. Behold! The queen of the changelings! Slightly messy and a bit disheveled in the mane department…Ok probably not the best way to introduce your queen at the moment. How about a brief recap instead?
  21. You and Chrysalis had a fling (she made you her bitch), you caused a hybrid pregnancy, a love hate (mostly hate) relationship took off from there, and in a moment of high stress you both came together, and managed to deliver your hybrid daughter. One catch though, you just found out another one’s in there.
  23. “You’re going to have to hold onto her a bit longer, dear” she grunted as she stood back up. You paused for a moment, the nicest thing she’s ever called you prior to that was “concubine”. Wait, your brain clicked back on the scene, why was she standing back up? “Wouldn’t it be better if you delivered laying down?” Her face scrunched as another contraction hit; she was making an effort not to cry out. “If I’m ending this, I’m going it on my terms and with some dignity” She then proceeded to take on a slight squat and bore down on her womb, the contents of her slightly sagging belly visibly shifting from the muscular force.
  25. “I can do this” she was fully focused, no tears this time. She stopped for a second to breath, her belly resetting to its hanging state. “I’ve been thrown across a landmass for buck sake!” And with another sharp intake, and a mighty push; the Queen went from “the foal might be in position” to “there is a foal hanging out of me!” in less than 5 seconds. Before you can move to grab it, the Queen’s horn glowed as a telekinetic field wrapped around the child.
  27. “Mind…helping it the rest of the way out?” she asked wearily, you nod and coax the…filly out of its mother to join her sister in your arms.
  29. “Thank…yo-“and with that Chrysalis collapsed…
  31. Epilogue-
  33. The world slowly came into blurry focus as the queen’s eyelids crept open. Looking around, she determined that she was back in her bed chambers on her bed…and felt like someone had shoved a bowling ball out her backside. Wait, what happened, where was- She brought her head up from her pillow.
  34. “You’re awake” The changeling turned her head to the other side of the bed towards you for a moment. You point down “They just fell asleep”
  36. Chrysalis’ eyes followed your hand down. Nestled between the two of you were two little changeling hybrids. The “younger” of the two was almost identical to her sister, save for her spots being a cyan blue rather than green. She was smiling.
  38. “You did it”
  40. She lifted her head “Not without you”
  42. Was she crying? The queen of the changelings, crying? Yes, yes she was. To be fair, she just gave birth, and she was the happiest mother in Equestria.
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